Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Port Dickson - Negeri Sembilan Getaway (Day 2)

Port Dickson (Part 1) Sightseeing. What an experience. Pheww! Walking non-stop, climbing up and down, sweating like a dog in the blistering sun and I think for the first time in my entire life, I actually literally begged for water. Frankly speaking, when I returned to the hotel after the few hours of touring Port Dickson, I was not only dazed in tiredness, I also felt as though my legs are going to automatically fall apart. No doubt, going from one place to the other was a treasured experience in further strengthening my backbone for bravely exploring places on my own, yet, I still had a tiny element of fear inside me. The fear I can’t let go despite having travelled to near (Penang) and far away places (Hilton Niseko Village Hokkaido & Pretoria South Africa), mainly fear of being mugged, robbed, accidentally losing my phone or handbag, or collapsing out of sheer exhaustion. Among these, the worst is fearing the fear of uncontrollable heart beat due anxiety and nervousness (My Fifties). 

Thankfully, Port Dickson sightseeing ended well without any unwarranted incidents, thanks as well to the professional Indian taxi driver who patiently drove around prior to dropping me off in one piece. Quenching my thirst with gulps and gulps of water, simultaneously I couldn't stop dramatically and excitingly relate my adventure to my other half-half who in return grinned happily. I then showered to scrub-a-dub sweat and dust from top to toe, including there and there. Later, at about 7.30pm, we came down to the dining area for the bundled with our stay dinner. Per say, dinner was "Ok" and "Ko" too. 

Okay because there were ample choices of quite tasty dishes to go around, ko because it was a misery seated elbow to elbow among the groups of people who were at this hotel for training. I really can't tell what are they being trained for, obviously I don't think these tank built people cared about dining etiquette and mannerism. Pushing and shoving, greedily piling up food and majority actually didn't know the meaning of courtesy. We definitely didn't want to sit around. Finishing off our meal within approximately 30 minutes, we then chatted for while at the lobby prior to shutting down for the day. Breakfast the next morning wasn't any better. In fact, worst I think. Food disappeared as quickly as it was refilled, another mad rush and if you are hoping others will give way, you will standing with an empty plate for the longest time.  

Anyway, nothing shocking for me. I have seen and I have experienced it all. So, I shouldn't nastily name call Malaysians "pigging" out (Super Star Cruise, River Sun Cruise Ayutthaya, Sen Tay Ho Restaurant Hanoi, The Flam Railway Norway, Colombo Sri Lanka & Noboribetsu Hokkaido) because it is seemingly the same ill-mannered lacking in mannerism behavior across the board. I've concluded. As educated and as advanced people are in preaching virtues on social media. it is shockingly shattering shameless in real situations. Unfortunately.

Now, after quickly tucking into whatever we could grab, I left to the room to rest and relax. Thereafter, timing was spot-on for a spa moment (Chi Spa Shangri La Penang, Tanjung Wellness Spa Malacca, Super Star Libra Cruise Spa, Deluxcious Spa Penang & The Spa Saujana). Santai Spa, located outside across the huge car park was akin a known or unknown hidden gem. Walla! All praises. Discounted spa package, great service and really organized ambiance for my two hours of Cleopatra time. Facial, body scrub, milk flower bath and stress relieving aroma massage as the finale. On all counts, Santai is a winner.  

After my spa treatment, we drove to the Chinese eateries across the road. Nope. Crossed out. I won’t recommend for Malaysians. We were left unattended for 20 minutes because Westerners/Mat Sallehs were the kings and queens, gulping beer after beer while gawking food. What a shame. Pathetic. Really, since we couldn't take it anymore, we returned to the hotel. No regrets. Deliciousness. Assam Pedas teamed alongside rice, salted egg, jeruk and papadam, simultaneously both hands high up for wanton mee. Halal yea. So, stop asking if you can have some char siew or siew yoke over the plate of noodles, mushrooms, prawn wonton and green veg.      

Back to the room, why would I be bored when wifi was super speedy Gonzales, whereas men as always can immerse in poking game till the sky drops down. For dinner, we drove to PD town. Can’t recall the name of the restaurant, no worries though, there’s only so much of shops across the roundabout. Our Chinese meal consisted of Chilli Crab, Razor Clams Soy Sauce, and lazily fried onion omelet, eaten with rice and washed down with Chinese tea.   

Conclusively, it was a decent pricey meal. Around RM100 plus, looks like food in PD has skyrocketed as well. Day 2 basically drew the curtain after this dinner. Buffet breakfast the following day was a whole lot better. Glad we were that Monday blues didn’t leave behind the big groups of hungry people. Thus, we took our time instead of being pressured to give way to the waiting in line guests. Later, we headed to the beach to dip inside the salty seawater which according to the Indian friends will cleansed away evil. Really? Wonder if. Even so or not, it was good fun. Overgrown kids giggling and water playing. By 12.00pm, we checked out for the drive back home. Now, I can’t speak on behalf of others, I surely had an enjoyable weekend getaway. How about you? Been to Port Dickson or planning or you still insist on traveling across the red sea and black sea? Tell me please. 

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