Saturday, July 13, 2024

A Taste of Burma: Masoor Dal and More Lentil Delights

Lentils and dal are essential staples in my kitchen, celebrated globally (PERTH CULINARY EXPERIENCES) for their versatility and nutritional value. These legumes are always stocked in my pantry, used widely in kitchens worldwide and cherished in South Asian cuisine for their protein, fiber, and nutrients (CHANDIGARH URBAN MARVELS). In Myanmar, they have been integral to Indian communities since ancient times, their presence strengthened during the British colonial era with significant settlements in Yangon and Mandalay. While exploring Myanmar, I unexpectedly encountered samosas with dal gravy - a delightful fusion of Indian and Burmese flavors that thrilled my adventurous foodie spirit. 

Friday, July 12, 2024

Classic, Marble & Lemon Butter Cakes: Baking Satisfaction

Baking butter cakes is deeply fulfilling for me - how about you? There's something heavenly about their rich, buttery taste and subtly vanilla-flavored crumb. Their moist, tender texture makes them a comforting delight, perfect for any occasion (CHEESECAKE INDULGENCE).

Butter cakes have evolved over time, offering a myriad of varieties beyond the classic. They're adorned with beautiful butter and sugar icings, often in demand for weddings and birthdays alike - though these decorations can come at a cost (EASIEST BANANA CHOCOLATE CAKE).

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Understanding Mental Well-being: A Personal Perspective

Ms. Nava, a former lecturer with over 22 years of experience, including 13 years at Curtin University of Technology Perth, Australia, Degree Twinning Program, is now the founder of Nava's Zen. A certified yoga instructor, coach, and counselor, she brings a wealth of expertise to her current endeavors.

This article explores the complexities of mental well-being, particularly through the lens of personal experiences and the practice of yoga. Despite increasing awareness, the practical application of actions to improve mental well-being remains insufficient, often hindered by societal and cultural factors. The author delves into the personal impact of career changes and societal pressures on mental health, highlighting how negative social interactions and gossip can deteriorate mental well-being.

Through a detailed case study, the author recounts the journey from a challenging work environment and societal expectations to finding solace and resilience through yoga. Emphasizing the profound benefits of yoga beyond physical health, the article argues that consistent practice can lead to lasting mental well-being by fostering self-awareness and mindfulness.

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Cantonese Yee Mee: Chinese Style Noodles Simplified

Making Cantonese Yee Mee might seem like a culinary revelation (MEE SIAM), but it’s actually quite simple. While some may treat cooking as a grand affair (MALAY STYLE PRAWN NOODLES) Ms. Nava takes a more straightforward approach. It's not about impressing others with complex techniques; it's about making delicious food effortlessly (FRIED NOODLES ESCTASY). So, let's skip the stories and dive straight into Seafood Yee Mee. The key to this dish lies in the stock. Once you have a good stock, everything else falls into place. Here’s how you can prepare the essential stocks.

Vegetable Brown Stock

For a vegetarian option, which also works for Seafood Yee Mee, you can make a vegetable brown stock. Sauté carrots, oyster mushrooms, onion and garlic in some butter or oil. Then, add water and let it simmer over low heat to extract the flavors. This creates a rich brown stock.

Friday, July 5, 2024

Penang, Malaysia: Discover Sightseeing Destinations

I've visited Penang seven or eight times now, hopping between hotels in Butterworth like Ixora Hotel, Light Hotel, Pearl View Hotel, Sunway Hotel, and Aroma Hotel, as well as staying in Penang itself at Flamingo Hotel, Rasa Sayang, Equatorial Hotel, and E & O Hotel. When it comes to sightseeing, Penang, famously known as "The Pearl of the Orient," certainly lives up to its reputation.(NORWAY & PERTH)

But regardless of my purpose for visiting Butterworth or Penang Island (PENANG THAIPUSAM), there's one activity I never miss: taking the Ferry Ride. Whether I'm crossing into Penang from Butterworth or returning, I've done it about 7 times already, and each time brings a renewed sense of exhilaration. There's a unique serenity to being out on the water, feeling the gentle breeze against my face - it's like a refreshing reset for my breath, mind, body, and soul (PULAU KETAM: SERENE ESCAPE). 

And when it comes to sightseeing, I've had my share of experiences, and let me begin now.

Panty Shopping Made Easy: Your Ultimate Guide

We’ve already explored the variety of panties available (PANTY PICKS), and now it’s time to dive into some practical tips for choosing the perfect pair. Ready to explore? Let's go shopping!

Knowing when to replace your panties is crucial for comfort and hygiene. If your current pairs are loose, faded, or stained, it's time to buy new ones. Some people buy new panties on a whim, while others purchase only when necessary, as and when they feel they should. Ultimately, the decision to replenish your panties should be based on comfort and the condition of your current pairs.

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Fashionable and comfortable Popilush Shapewear for a Lifetime of Unforgettable

Many people add the use of shapewear to their daily clothing collection, as they help to find the desired figure in a few seconds by aligning and maintaining the harmony of the body's curves. 

So, your energy for body positivity is fueled by the resources of a dress with built in shapewear for example, because it flatters any size and shape. In general, it is possible to construct many image figures to express personality and sophistication through a more polished appearance. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Sujee Cake Elegance

Baking isn't exactly my superpower, but hey, diving into it is a fun ride. It’s all about the experience, right? Let me tell you, baking demands heaps of patience, precision, and time. On this particular day, with time on my side, I decided to whip up a sujee cake. Easy peasy, right? Well, sort of. Having tasted sujee cakes made by others, I had a decent idea of the texture and taste I was aiming for. 

Now, here's a funny thing: have you ever met those women who brag about their baking skills, but when you taste their creations, you're left speechless? And not in a good way. Yet, they’ll insist you rave about their so-called ‘fabulous’ baking. They crave validation and praise, and trust me, telling them the truth can lead to some intense glares or even outright hatred. So, sometimes, it's best to just zip your mouth and nod along.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Yoga’s Role in Adolescent Mental Health: A Call to Action

Ms. Nava, a former lecturer with over 22 years of experience, including 13 years at Curtin University of Technology Perth, Australia, Degree Twinning Program, is now the founder of Nava's Zen. A certified yoga instructor, coach, and counselor, she brings a wealth of expertise to her current endeavors.


This article explores the potential of yoga as a proactive intervention for addressing mental health challenges among adolescents. Drawing on existing research and qualitative insights, it examines the pressures faced by adolescents today, including academic stress, peer influences, and the impact of social media. Additionally, the pressure to excel and succeed imposed by parents (The Role of Yoga in Adolescent Mental Health), highlighting the multifaceted challenges adolescents navigate in contemporary society.

Yoga, rooted in ancient practices of physical postures, breath control, and meditation, offers a holistic approach to enhancing mental well-being. Evidence suggests that yoga can significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while promoting emotional regulation and overall health.


Despite its proven benefits, there remains a lack of awareness and integration of yoga in adolescent health initiatives. This article advocates for increased awareness among parents, educators, and policymakers, emphasizing the role of yoga in supporting adolescent mental health. By fostering a culture of yoga in educational and community settings, we can empower adolescents to navigate life's challenges with resilience and well-being.

Monday, July 1, 2024

Fried Fish with Soy Sauce

Home-cooked food holds a special place, especially considering the time taken by our careers and the hours spent driving in city traffic. Whether it's men or women doing the cooking, eating out or ordering takeout has become common due to hectic careers that leave little time for cooking. Despite these challenges, many still cherish the simplicity and satisfaction of a homemade meal - even a single dish with rice and a side of salad or sliced cucumber can provide a sense of comfort and fulfilment.

Given the value placed on homemade meals, let me share a recipe that embodies this simplicity and flavor: fish (SOUTH INDIAN FISH CURRY) with soy sauce. As the fish fries, the preparation of the remaining ingredients is straightforward. Only ginger requires slicing; the rest are added to enhance the dish's taste and aroma.

Penang Thaipusam: A Journey of Faith and Discovery

Truth be told, the foundation of Hinduism, I’m not your typical holy Hindu or devotee (MASI MAGAM PANGKOR). Performing poojas or hosting prayers at home by inviting a priest is not part of my routine. Fasting and following a vegetarian diet, even on Hindu festivals, are practices of the devout Hindus I know. These individuals have taught many lessons about faith and spirituality despite their contradictions in attitude, character, and behaviors (VARANASI NIGHT PRAYERS & CHANDIGARH MARVELS). 

Still, I had a reason for making a vow, not for myself, but for something else which I prefer not to share. To fulfill this vow by carrying the Paal Kudam (Milk Pot) during Thaipusam, I went to Penang. This was my third time attending the festival, though previously I had only observed the celebrations. This time, it was for the Paal Kudam vow.

A Taste of Burma: Masoor Dal and More Lentil Delights

Lentils and dal are essential staples in my kitchen, celebrated globally ( PERTH CULINARY EXPERIENCES ) for their versatility and nutritiona...