Saturday, March 28, 2020

L'Oreal Gentle Cleansing Milk (200ml)

Listen up please. Will you please? Will you please also believe me? I know you have been, but now, its gonna be, perhaps another reminder, like I have told you before. Well. Point blank said. If you can't be bothered in cleansing your face, at least, least to least once a day, better of course will be before or while at showering at the end of the day, you shouldn't care two hoots about wanting to look presentable and please, you should also put a full stop, yea, fullest stop, to complaining about your lifeless and dull skin. Furthermore, for god's sake or even Nava K's sake, don't even bother in looking for the smallest amount of sympathy by saying, you can't afford a cleanser. I have. Mind you. I have. Have I not introduced a string of cleansers to you (Garden of Eden Cleansing Milk)? Ranging from? Right (Clinique Liquid Facial Soap & Clinique Cleansing Balm). The high end to those really affordable ones, and those really affordable ones, you can pick up at any, most, hypermarkets? Without a doubt, I know I have (Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Milk).

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Kari Kambing Malaysia (Malaysian Mutton Curry)

Hi beautiful lovelies, recipe time, recipe moment right now. The recipe to? Yea. Kari Kambing Malaysia, aka, Malaysian Mutton Curry. Why, if you are asking me, why to a Malaysian version mutton curry? Oh-Well-Well-Well! I could have named this recipe as, Nava Sanam's or Nava Sutra's Kari Kambing or Mutton Curry. Then again. Because of my undivided love for my country, though "Malaysia My" can be crappy and complicated life style as well, aha, as in other countries as well, I decided to honor my born and bred and in no way, I will migrate to another country, my Malaysia.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Jaipur, Rajasthan (North India) - Part 1

Heart sank. Yesss! Mine. Mine, mine, mine. My, my one and only fragile heart. My heart gradually sinking, as if, to the lowest and deepest, plunging into Ganges River. Or maybe. Sinking like, the fast or slow sinking of the "Titanic". Trust me. Wasn't easy. When I have to say, when I to bid bye-bye to Varanasi (Varanasi Part 3). I felt, as though,I'm leaving behind a part of me in Varanasi. Varanasi which touched my Hindu Indian sentiment so profoundly until, I wanted more of Varanasi (Varanasi Part 2). One more day, one more night and what more, furthermore of Varanasi (Varanasi Part 1). Then again. The reality was otherwise. Because? Pretty much. We have already covered, if I am not mistaken, the lock, stock and barrel of Varanasi and coming with it, the quintessential Varanasi sightseeing spots.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Indian Vegetarian Brinjal (Vegetarian Kathirikai)

The Indian Hindu Nava K? Yes. Of course. The vegetarian Nava K? No. Of course not. Except, the vegetarian Nava K on Fridays (Vegetarian Tofu Sambal & Vegetarian Potato Sambal). Why on Fridays? Well. For reasons or reasoning of my Hindu religionism, I don't think I want to share with any of you. The rest of the days in a week? Free and easy. The free and easy Nava K, the human omnivore and not carnival or animal omnivore. Aha! Basically, anything goes for me, but not beef, neither creepy crawlies, nor am I a big meat eater. For me, I adore basic food and the basic has to be eggs, and I simply love, adore salted food like anchovies/ikan bilis, salted fish and salted egg. My source of meaty protein every now and then, on the other hand? Chicken and pork. What about mutton? Sure. Every, maybe, once a month.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Activa Double Action Mask

I don't know about you. Really. I don't. Know, know and know. Neither? Should I, must I, can I, or would I like to assume. Assumption? You know what is assumption? Well! Assumption by the way is the major mother of "F-Up". What is "F"? Go figure while I move on to tell you that, I, yes, me alright, I care. I care about my skin. I also double care or triple care how people perceive me by looking at my skin. Of course. So true. Because? The beauty reality is that? Whether you like it or not? Whether you accept it or not? Whether you give too hoots or not? People do judge us by our appearance. Either by staring, glimpsing or sneak- peeking at our skin. Vis-a-vis whilst communicating with us, or, of course, when there is a glow glossiness on your skin, people will admire.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Varanasi - North India (Part 3)

Varanasi. Yes. Of course. Precisely. Varanasi. So far. So good. Nothing much, honestly, no much I should complain about. In fact. A promising, fulfilling start I must state. Except maybe. The setback? Hotel Silk City. Mmmm!! Like a dungeon. Furnitures, fittings and the overall set-up? As if you have checked into an ancient old, war-torn hotel. To tell you the truth. I didn't know how to react the moment I stepped in. Sadly. Not at all to my taste infinitely. Then again? When you didn't pay for a  5 star  or even 4 star hotel? Keep quiet. Don't act, or behave like a standard mudguard please. Just make do with it. Yep. I had to remind myself.  Over and over, again and again. On a better note? Bathroom. The blessings to a clean, spic and span bath and toilet area. Thank god. The only bingo. The only bonus seemingly.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Phostreet - IOI Mall (Bandar Puchong Jaya)

Every now and then. In fact. These days? The every now and then has become quite rampant regularity actually. Why? Well. This "My Fifty Five Life" which has and is still kicking me so hard on my butt and brain for indicating that? Instead of, like all these donkey, monkey and cow years, whereby I have been putting my marriage to the forefront, or even my family commitment as my main priority. No more. Enough. I now. Honestly. To tell you the truth. I have snatched my rights to my Indian woman rights to living. Not easy mind you. Then again? I don't care. I am still going to have my rights to my time, me time, by finding time for those things that promisingly pleases my inner and outer senses. In other words. Basically, Me ditching everything aside at home, especially the endless household chores, and also, my man, for my day out.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Varanasi - North India (Part 2)

Varanasi! Alright. From Delhi. Flight up, up and away in the air, before safely landing us in Varanasi. Thereafter. To the hotel and lunch (Varanasi Part 1). Up next? What else? Varanasi sightseeing. Pretty much. I mean, sightseeing must begin right? Of course. Without a doubt. Where to? As per our listing on our Varanasi itinerary card? For kick starting or jump starting our tour? Shri Viswanath Mandir. Aka, Viswanath Temple, New Viswanath Temple or Birla Temple. Temple located in Banaras Hindu University. Dedicated to Lord Shiva. Known for its tallest temple tower in the world and when holiness is a righteous or rigorous matter in Varanasi or even holiness "Holy Art Thou" in other parts in South India (Chennai & Bangalore) as well? Oh-sure. For us Hindus? Prayers and praying. Or apart from seeking god's blessings, we fulfilling our vows we have prior prioritised. What about Nava K? Good question? Remember? I think I have told you before? Me nor not definitely the most holiness Hindu grain. Yet. Sincerely. Honestly. Needles to say. I am a strong and firm believer of god, in god and towards god. Whichever god. Any god. Any god from any religion or ethnicity for the matter. But. Definitely. I will forever remain as the number one Indian Hindu holiness.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sambal Ikan Asin Kurau (Salted Fish Sambal)

Salted fish in sambal. OMG! Both of them. Salted fish and sambal in one, or in tandem or both akin synchronised together. Believe me. both of them, also, like match made in heaven, or the perfect combination in hell. Pretty much. Needless to say. Sambal Ikan Asin Kurau (Salted Fish Sambal). The power house mouth packing, mouth watering, spicy salty Indonesian (Terong Balado & Ikan Goreng Bumbu Sambal) or Malaysian side dish. I am, yes, me, myself and I alright, mind you, let me admit. Yes, yes, yes, all the yesses in the food world, I am the number one sambal queen (Sambal Goreng Udang Pete & Sambal Tumis Telur). Any kinda sambal (Nyonya Okra Sambal) for your information. Strange though. I can't help but wonder. What went wrong where. By right, I should be hailing, clapping, praising and jumping high up for Indian food (South Indian Fish Curry & Mushroom Sour Curry). Me the born and bred Indian who should, by right, be loving Indian food. Indian food. On the other hand. Aha! The food love of the man I have been married to for donkey years. Logically then, mostly, in fact, all the time, its Indian food on my home ground. For the sake of my marriage love, or maybe best said as marriage responsibility or commitment, or, like I am forced to believe as well, cooking with love for marriage housekeeping. Otherwise? I beg to differ. What the consequences will be. Maybe. Just saying. My marriage may have rocked, shattered and fallen apart.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Varanasi - North India (Part 1)

South India! Oh-My-God. Hallelujah. Finally. After all these years. Me in this earth for 55 years. Finally. I achieved. I achieved a fair share of South India (Chennai). 3 months ago. Having said that, there's still, still, a good number of places in South India, yet for Nava K to be seen and explored. Those places. Aha! Call me the earliest worm for putting my globe trekking in place, those places have already been plotted and projected as part and parcel of my, towards 3/4 of year 2020 travelling itinerary. Furthermore. If all goes well, hopefully, as I badly want to, this coming South India holidaying of mine. Yes please. Back to solo. All by myself in an arranged tour. Solo travelling personally for me? To tell you the truth, I've been missing it. I do, mind you, long for solo travelling every now and then. Why? Well. Obviously. I can do as I like. At my own whims and fancy. My free and easy time. Plus, I tend to embark on soul searching on my future each time I travel alone. 

Friday, January 3, 2020

Antipodean Central Market (Kuala Lumpur City Centre)

No. No. Not over yet. Not yet. Yet. Well, can't possibly be. Especially when Central Market has already been gazetted on our list, as the major central mission of the day? Of course. Otherwise. Like what? Coming this far, especially for someone like me who hardly head to the city from where I reside in a really quiet neighbourhood in Shah Alam. You know what? Sometimes I feel, I am actually living in a dead, lifeless, far end zone. Pretty much. Therefore, thus, hence, the mission possible of making it a point in coming this far to Central Market must be accomplished right? Of course. And so. We did. Leisurely walking all throughout Central Market after lunching (Ginger Thai Restaurant), and this, followed by pampering our feet and legs in ManjaKaki Central Market outlet. Duh! Nang! Not the best pampering because I have had better moment to the "greatest goodness" pampering my feet and legs in other reflexology centres before. Nevertheless. To a certain extent, ManjaKaki can be regarded as an appreciated mean and mode to lazy chair sitting back and closing our eyes. Simultaneously, the moment to our time, for relaxing resting our legs for an hour.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

ID.AZ Derma Dermastic GOLDEN-FIT Mask

The burn-baby-burn, burning, beauty desire of mine. Duh! So intense, so profound and so overwhelming. For? All for a gold mask. Yes. The beauty desire that actually walked my legs to various drug stores, beauty stores, shopping malls, pharmacies and even checking online. Damn! Nothing nor got me anywhere. In fact. It took me round, round, and round in circles. Akin merry go around the mulberry bush or coconut trees or curry leaf trees. No. Wasn't a fruitful beauty mission at all. Either, gold mask not available or they are too pricey for my budget. Those available online? Neh! Didn't neither captivate nor convince my attention for one particular reason. Price. Pricey price. Especially those quality or those qualified for my beauty desire. In the end. Finally. Having no other choice. I settled for ID.AZ Derma Dermastic GOLDEN-FIT Mask during one of beauty trips to Watsons. Not cheap too. Almost close to RM19.00. In fact. For a fact. The most expensive sheet mask purchase of mine. Then again. When your  beauty desire for a gold mask has skyrocketed till it has pierced the sky, moon or sun? Well. I guess? Yep. Nava K paid for this made in Korea and imported into Malaysia mask. Even so, I couldn't comprehend what's with the pricing. Because I have bought other Korean masks before which definitely were very much cheaper. Within like, between RM5.00 to RM10.00.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Ginger Thai Restaurant - Central Market (Kuala Lumpur)

And. And. And. After all these years. The many years behind me. Me tripping to Central Market. Central Market. Back then. Used to be a wet market. The real deal smelly wet market. Mum and myself, from Brickfields, heading to Central Market during the 70's and early 80's era for our weekly marketing. Of course. Today. Central Market is no longer what it used to be. Today. Central Market is one of the major attractions in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city and it is where you will see the pride and proud stuffs of Malaysia. Our Made In Malaysia handicrafts, plus, what not Malaysian made, also, of course, Malaysians favorite pastime, eating and eateries definitely must be included.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Yu Noodle Cuisine (Jalan Sungai Burung, Bukit Rimau) Shah Alam

Yu Noodle Cuisine. Who? Yu. Yu Noodle. Yu in Sungai Burung. Their 11th outlet. Wowwwww! What an achievement! Yu Noodle and their achievement in the Chinese noodle segment which I believe we should and must applaud. Furthermore, we should also make it a point in finding out what is their critical success food factor by dining in their outlet. Don't you think so? Of course if you are asking me. And so. Pretty much. Obviously. I did it. Alright. How? How and how not. What and what not in Yu Noodle Cuisine for our early lunch? At about, let's say, 11.30am. We walking in, and by then, half of tables already taken up, plus, more customers streaming in once we were seated. All of them. All. Chinese. Except the two of us. The only two dark skin Chinese. Hehehe!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Vegetarian Potato Varuval (Urulaikizhangu Varuval)

Pure, authentic, traditional, exciting or even sex-citing like Nava K, "Vegetarian Potato Varuval, Urulaikizhangu Varuval, Potato Fry or Potato Simplicity.  Vegetarian Potato Varuval. Oh yes please. Such a delight to or in your mouth. Yes. Of course. Believe me. And potatoes, also known as "Aloo" in Hindi (Dum Aloo, Saag Aloo & Jeera Aloo). Aside to vegetarian potato varuval now, potatoes by themselves? Remember, I told you before? The kilos I buy weekly and no matter, how you cook potatoes? Potatoes as in, being the central, core or main highlight in a dish (Indian Potato Balls) or into other dishes (Mutton Meatball Soup, Egg Potato Curry & Spicy Potato Anchovies) and curries (Mutton Chukka & Indian Masala Chicken Curry)? My-My! Nope. Trust me. You can't go wrong with potatoes.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Chilli Sardine

Sardines. Whether canned sardines (Sardine Peratal & Sardine Sambal) or fresh sardines (Mathi Achar & Nyonya Acar Fish). Ahhhh! Sardines. They are, believe me you, they are my biggest savior in my kitchen. Pretty much, or logically, why, the reasoning to me having rolled out a string of sardine recipes this far (Tempoyak Masak Lemak SardineSardine Varuval, Naden Meen Curry & Sardin Masak Lemak Cili Padi). Furthermore. Sardines. Usually. Generally. Especially canned sardines? One of my greatest cooking support, stocked up in my pantry. Albeit, if not every often, whenever, fresh sardines are available, they must and they will somehow return home alongside me from the wet market or hypermarket (Nyonya Hot and Sour Noodles In Fish SoupNasi Ulam/ Malaysian Mixed Herb Rice & Penang Assam Laksa) and to a certain extent, when my "My Fifty Five Life" cooking style is a concern (Sardine Rolls)? Sure. You can and you must put your trust towards Nava K's easy style to cooking as well. Today, my dearest ladies and gentlemen, my dearest supporters, I am featuring another style to simplicity sardine dish. Chilli Sardine. Pretty much, yea, canned sardines alright and as for the rest of the ingredients, please don't start sweat dripping now. Because, these ingredients are part and parcel of our pantry friendly ingredients. Right. Let's cook. Cook with Nava K.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush

My Baby Lips. Oh my baby lips. No. No. Not baby anymore. In fact. For a damn fact. My big lips. Absolutely! They have come a long way. A long way alongside "My Fifty Five Life" and they, sad to say, sadly, are not buttery, sugary, "Miss Pinky" no more. Why? Because? Lemme slyly and conveniently blame it on my coffee drinking culture and me, before reaching the "Big 5" my age, I couldn't care less, neither I cared least about my lips. In other words. I didn't shower my lips any tender, loving care. Remember? I told you before? (Metholatum Lip Crayon LipBalm, Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm, Metholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color Shimmer & Sephora Rouge Lip Tint)? As far as I know, I surely did. Unless otherwise. Memory failure of mine. Not intentionally though.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Sri Ganapathi Mess (Seksyen 1, Petaling Jaya)

The mess! I love the mess. The hand messing to a banana leaf meal. Trust me, nothing is more profound when you mess your hands into a, the or your banana, ooops, no, should be, your banana leaf meal. Simply said, banana leaf meal and hands. They jive, they dance and they are in tandem for a delightful wholesome banana leaf meal. Of course, you have a choice to using fork and spoon, but, for an Indian like me. My hands must lead the way, my hands must show the way. Having said that, lets not forget one thing. Mannerism. Whether its a banana leaf meal or not, and I for once, can't stand those who make hell of a noise when eating, plus, have you noticed the ugly eaters? Damn. What an ugly sight. Especially for a banana leaf meal. Can't understand. I just can't understand how food can spill out of the banana leaf and leaving the bones and what not on the table after eating. So gross right? I know.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Safi Rania Gold Beetox Esen Emas Keremajaan (100ml)

Can you, should you, must you put your trust in Safi Rania Gold Beetox Esen Emas Keremajaan? Yes. Why not. You may. After all, this halal essence. Made from finest natural ingredients. Furthermore, free from alcohol and gelatin. I, yes me alright, I am one of those who now prefer halal products. Why are you asking me? Well, as far as I am well-versed, halal products are mainly made from natural ingredients and are pretty much also, if I am not mistaken, free from alcohol, SLS and paraben. Alcohol primarily for me. Right. Of course, without a doubt, certain beauty alcohol, supposedly beauty favorable for our skin, yet, whichever it may be, somewhat, believe me, drying for my skin.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Chennai (South India) - Nava K Explored

Chennai! Welcome to noise, pollution, traffic jam honking and honking non-stop, and the crazy hustle and bustle of daily life. Chennai! Where smile is like a rare commodity as well. Duh! What a life. The cut and dry Chennai culture. Unlike in Malaysia. Though, I must admit, its a mad life in our Malaysian cities too. Yet. Chennai life. Far out, the shocking shocker rocker, which really shook me and believe me you, never ever will I even consider uprooting my Malaysian roots to be planted in Chennai, or anywhere in South India (Madurai/Trichy). Of course, without a doubt, Chennai has made its mark as a popular holidaying and shopping destination amongst Malaysian Indians. Especially the shopping obsession in Chennai. As if, come of it guys, as if we are short of those things you can buy in Chennai and mind you, sometimes, some things are actually cheaper in Malaysia due to our Malaysian traders importing in bulk. In return, we paying a better price. Then again? Why bother putting sense to those who think they know better? I won't anyway. No doubt, maybe for certain items, like sarees, there's millions of choices in Chennai. Otherwise? I rest my case.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Masak Lemak Sayur (Malay Style Vegan Coconut Milk Stew)

Of course. Anything is possible. Including a Malay style vegan coconut stew. Who said you can't?  Who? Who is saying. No. Not me though. In fact, this recipe of mine, evidently? Pretty much, proven. Our Malay or Malaysian vegan or vegetarian coconut milk stew (Sayur Lodeh VegetarianGado Gado Vegetarian & Vegetable Kurma). Coconut Milk (Vegetarian Nyonya Laksa, Vegetarian Nasi Lemak  & Vegetarian Mutton Rendang). Oh yes! Once said as the disaster for our health. But today, the same smart ones are professing that coconut milk or even, because coconut oil has been re-branded as "virgin coconut oil", these are for our healthiness. As if, like, our Malaysian coconut milk (Curry Mee Vegetarian) and coconut oil has never been virgins. Damn! How ingredients theories can be twisted and turned. By the way, for your information, I'm not a virgin or even "like a virgin". Hehehe!! I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Tadaa!!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Chinese Style Eggplant

Eggplant. Sure. Truly and sincerely. A favourite in my house and eggplant, the edible fruit which, by far, as far as I know, pretty much really affordable as well. Like, you can pick up two or three eggplant, for, let's say, RM3.00 and the other I must say is that, you can convert eggplant to various types of dishes (Eggplant Tikka Masala, Japanese Eggplant Saute, Thai Style Eggplant & Indian Style Fried Eggplant). Of course. I know better because, if you are looking for eggplant recipes, look no further. Whether eggplant by itself, or into curries or gravies (Goan Prawn CurryNadal Meen/Fish CurryVegetable Kurma & Dhal Mutton Curry). Also, either as a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal tucking in. Eggplant. Yes. They are, mind you, from same purple or green family. Eggplant, or brinjal (Terong Balado Pedas ManisEnnai Kathrikai Kuzambu/Brinjal Curry, Baingan Bharta & Brinjal Stir Fry) or aubergine (Thai Green Fish Curry & Thai Vegetable Curry).

Saturday, November 2, 2019

South India - Madurai/Trichy (Nava K Explored)

How's the going been so far? Pretty much. Interesting and exciting. Of course, there's room, mind you, of course for bitching. Bitching about those things that didn't take off promisingly or didn't fall in place as expected. Still, in all fairness, I must credit this South India tour travelling of mine. Now, what about, the characters I have been travelling alongside so far? Aha! You meet all sort of characters in life, likewise, in a tour. The ones you can click with, the ones who can get on your nerves, the ones who love to complain for no apparent reason, the ones who think they are the smartest in the world and who not. Then again. Even when family travelling together or best buddies travelling together? I know. There will always be bitchy bitches bitchiness? Or males like pussycats, or pussy in boots? Unless, of course if you solo travel? Which by the way is my traveling call as well. But. South Indian solo me? Noooo!! I didn't dare and I won't dare as well in the future. The reason why I hopped into this tour (Mysore/Coimbatore & Bangalore).

Monday, October 28, 2019

Bitter Gourd Omelette

Says it all I suppose.  Bitter Gourd. Either, you love bitter gourd or you don't. Of course, there's no two ways about it. However, trust me, believe me, when age comes popping in front of us or we decide to put put age behind us, we will somehow embrace bitter gourd. We will. And why it is so? Well, for a fact, we have digested the fact that, anything bitter is the healthy, bullet truth to health is wealth (Pachai Sundakkai Kulambu/Fresh Turkey Berry Curry). After all. The biggest fear as we grow older. I don't know about you, for me personally, nothing is more important than keeping my health so, so, so close to my body, mind and soul. Bitter gourd. As you know or don't, already classified as the health is wealth unique vegetable-fruit, and bitter gourd, you must believe me, can be converted to various types of dishes. Whether you prefer all the bitterness, as bitter as bitter gourd can be, or you prefer to remove some of the bitterness by soaking sliced bitter gourd in salt water prior to cooking.

Friday, October 25, 2019

South India - Kodaikanal (Nava K Explored)

Kodaikanal! The high up altitude. Yea. High up. Up there. 2,000 meters above sea level, also, a city in the hill of Dindigul district and obviously, sure, Kodaikanal as a nature grandeur. Of course. Of course. Me and nature? Nava K the nature loving and hailing person, though, lemme admit, no, nature walking or nature hiking is not my interest. Pretty much. Nevertheless, I am sincerely with any one of you who are into admiring nature and coming with it sightseeing. Henceforth, the moment we departed from Coimbatore (South India - Mysore/Coimbatore), I was already geared up for embracing nature in Kodaikanal. After all, throughout the years, much I have read and digested about Kodaikanal in the virtual world and should I also must mention all those Kodaikanal sharing on social media? No need right?

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Koi Thé Bubble Tea Variations in Kuala Lumpur

Koi The in Kuala Lumpur is a popular international chain that serves bubble tea. And it is perhaps one of the most famous and popular bubble tea stores in Malaysia. They advertise their product as handmade artisan tea. And a lot of people also agree with this. The ever-soaring popularity of Koi The stores in Malaysia is perhaps a testament to their craftsmanship. A very good thing about their bubble tea is the consistency in taste, texture, and flavor.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel

My skin. Oh hell hack! This dry skin of mine beauty story. Period. I don't think I want to cough out over and over again. Enough said supposedly (Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream) and dry skin pretty much all over my body (Nivea Body Lotions). Now, what not, tell me, the  various types of body lotions I have not tried (St.Ives Body Lotion). Throughout the many years and of course within my affordable budget. Especially mainly once I stop dripping blood once a month down there. All in the good faith of, if not permanently or totally ditching my dry skin aside, at least for some improvement. Then again, coupled by, if you are not a lady of leisure like me. Water touching home affairs chores which can dehydrate and strip our natural oils. Let alone no air-con we can't sleep and hot baths or showers, also stealing away our moisture.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

South India - Mysore/Coimbatore (Nava K Explored)

From Bangalore/Bangaluru, approximately, give in and take, our 4 hours drive landing us in Mysore. The start in Mysore/Mysuru? We being driven up the hill via the tight narrow route to Chamundeswari Temple (New Kantharaj Urs Rd).

Friday, October 11, 2019

MAC Lightful C + Coral Grass Vibrancy Eye Cream

MAC Cosmetics. Of course. Back then. When money was sunshiny (MAC Compact MAC Mineral Eye Cream). When I had a full time job compared to working from home, working for myself and earning lesser now. Anyway, not at all a regret. Why are you asking me? Well, because when you earn less, you are more prudent in spending, furthermore, you only spend on what is necessary, and when necessary. Having said that, no matter what, the reality is, we still have to spend on skin care regardless right? Certainty. I mean, our skin care products can last forever? Of course not. Pretty much summing up why I invested in MAC Lightful C + Coral Grass Vibrancy Eye Cream. And MAC Cosmetics by far? Sure. I can vouch been quite favorable on my skin. Then again, price-wise? Rather pricey mind you! At least for someone like me and imported products like MAC Cosmetics. Aha! Exchange rate. Our Ringgit Malaysia against products imported from countries whereby dollars and cents are higher? Let alone, don't forget that, the cost of exclusively packaged products, as far as I know, already included in the price we pay.

Monday, October 7, 2019

South India - Bangalore/Bengaluru (Nava K Explored)

Finally! Oh My God! Must be the blessings showered upon me from afar, from the gods in South India. After years of faulty failures to planning and literally coaxing my other half-half for years as well. Hah! In the end, I gave a damn to every damn thing aside. Let alone this man I have been married to for donkeys years who wouldn't move his butt in accompanying me for a trip to South India. His reason. Mmmm! Plain simple and nothing new. Work commitment. Nevermind I told myself and instead of still keeping my fingers crossed, hoping things will change on my home front, I gave up. I went ahead by joining a tour. Tour of 8 people and mind you, except for knowing one person, the one who organised this tour, the rest unknown. Like it mattered to me anyway? Like you are friends needy for travelling and me, already crowned as a solo-traveller.
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