Friday, March 22, 2019

Life Coaching In Malaysia

Something is not right somewhere. Something like, if I am to speak about coaching in Malaysia. I may be wrong if I cluster all Malaysians in one big group, but obviously, as far as my own collectible data is a concern, quite a number are lost on who is a life coach and what do life coaches like me do. Honestly, I seemingly also can't put two and two together what's with the confusion. Unlike in Western or other countries in other parts of the world where coaching is not new in the market or industry. Even in Malaysia potentially? Those of you who are already exposed to coaching within its broadest spectrum? You know what I am talking about right? Still, like I have already told you, Malaysians are rather confused each time I hand over my business card or I tell them I am a life coach. They? Dadadada!! Of course, the onus is on me in patiently explaining. In fact, if you can recall, have we not spoken about coaching before (Life Coach. Who Is A Life Coach)? Then again. I guess, repeating is not going to hurt you, me or anyone for the matter? I suppose we have to if we want to make it crystal clear for clarifying the doubts Malaysians have about life coaching.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color 2g Shimmer

My lips. Yes. Yes. Mine alright. My lips which has come a long way, by being part of me for the last 55 years. Honestly everyone, lemme profess. As much as I constantly try not to deny my lips care and attention? I suppose, the other is, we can't stop the ageing process? However and whatever, ageing taking a toll on our lips for not remaining as rosy and unspoiled as when we first crawled out of our mothers worm? Also, we without realizing, sometimes taking our lips for granted. Nevermind. Nothing is too late. No. Not at all if you are asking Navak K because we can still camouflage our lips by applying lipstick, or what are lips balms for? Personally for me, unless when special occasions are warranted for, I actually prefer lip balms for casual outings or even at home for keeping my lips moisturized and hydrated.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Shyet-Li's Kopitiam (Jaya 33) Petaling Jaya

Back to learning and knowledge thirsting at 55. Not easy. Absolutely not trust me. In fact, two weeks before classes started.? Oh-god! Nerves literally wrecking me and butterflies aimlessly swimming in my stomach. Let alone! Can you imagine how it would be like the night before the first class? I hardly slept hack. Then again, when we have already decided? I guess, by hook or by crook, we gotto brave it and face it? Pretty much. After all. Age in front or at the back of us shouldn't be a stumbling block for learning? Pretty much lifelong learning. Whether we learn by returning to class or we learn from failures and falls? Sure. My 9 to 5 class on this particular day? Despite the hiccup to being stuck in a 2 hours jam all the way from Shah Alam to PJ and walking into class 20 minutes late. Nothing no regrettable. Class started favorably and of course, one of the best things about adult learning? Food. Assured. You will be well fed. Morning tea break and evening tea break, and seriously, I didn't expect lunch will be included. What's there to complain about anyway? Why on earth should you? Neh! For the better of course. Complimentary or cost already taken up in your fee?  

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Malay Style Udang Sambal

Yes. Of course. There is infinitely, as far as I know, various types of Udang Sambal or as per say, Sambal Udang (Sambal Goreng Udang Pete). Udang Sambal obviously, if you are asking me, is a popular Malaysian dish and specifically the originality of Malay cooking. And I? Do I have to repeat myself again and again? I just so love Malay food and sambal (Sardine Sambal & Sambal Tumis Telur)? Oh my sambal! Trust me, a spicy Malaysian delight, perhaps I must include Indonesian various types of sambal as well (Ikan Cabe Ijo) and Malay Style Udang Sambal? Truly, such an authentic cooking style, but somehow not the same as the Chinese style or Indian style Udang Sambal. For Indian Style Udang Sambal, its mostly curry powder and curry leaves, whereas Chinese Style Udang Sambal (Sichuan Chilli Prawns), specifically a Nyonya style, more or less, pretty much to a certain extent, can be trended somewhat to Malay Style Udang Sambal (Nyonya Okra Sambal). Still, I will vouch that nothing can out-beat or over-take a Malay Style Udang Sambal (Sambal Belimbing Ikan Bilis). Malay Style Udang Sambal! The absolute full-flavored, greatest good tempting power house. Alright foodies. Grab this recipe of Nava K.

Friday, March 1, 2019

SAFI RANIA GOLD Moisturising Day Cream SPF25++IR

I maybe be assuming or  it could be somewhat true that, you must be asking if life coach Nava K a big fan of Safi Rania Gold Brand (Safi Rania Gold Youthful Radiance Face Mask)? Am I? Honestly, I myself am not really sure. Not being sure, by the way, believe me, is perfectly okay because there are possibilities we may not be sure about everything all the time? After all, in this case of mine, it's just a matter of preference for a certain brand (Safi Rania Gold Beetox Scrub) and not mind over matter, mind breaking matter in life? Still, one thing is possibly certain if I am to speak about Safi Rania Gold brand. A brand sort of like a magnetic force for drawing my attention each time I am at the pharmacy (Safi Ranis Gold Eye Contour Cream & Safi Rania Gold Scrub). At the pharmacy for picking up a skin care product and not because I am one of those who indulge in retail therapy for no apparent reason.  

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Vegetarian Potato Sambal

Vegetarianism and Nava K. Oh pleaseeee!!! Please don't put us side by side. Honestly everyone, vegetarianism is definitely out of the question for me. Neither will I force it on me for the sake of doing it or just because others are willingly or blindly jumping into the back wagon of vegetarianism. Seemingly, I may be wrong, but obviously, people are under the impression that if you are a vegetarian, you are a symbol of healthy living. For the Hindus as well, if not all, at least the rest, they are under the impression that abstaining from meat is a sign of holiness (Mushroom Curry/Kaalan Puli Kulambu). Really? I am not going to say anything further. Hindus, believe me, they are really sensitive if you talk about their religion. Anyway, whether you are a healthy grain or holy grain or not, there is such a thing as being a part-time vegetarian right (Vegetarian Nyonya Laksa & Nasi Minyak)? Why not? Whenever we feel we should or we want to instead of allowing others in pressuring us?

Friday, February 15, 2019

Fraser's Hill - Pahang

From Bentong to Frasers Hill. At our own speed. No, no. Please don't get me wrong. We weren't like strolling or nuisance driving. Basically, we didn't see a need for rushing or bulldozing our way through. After all, like I have told you before or maybe I didn't, inbound country road trips or even those across the continent. For a matter of fact. Wouldn't you agree should be easy going instead of wanting to prove a point to others we super heroes who are conquering one place after the other for the sake of showing off? Or, you might as well tell me as well. What is the point of travelling if we return home feeling bashed up, trashed out or worn out? Instead, shouldn't we hail or appreciate travelling as a relaxing frame of mind? As it is, like, we don't have enough of our day in day out daily grin I am sure you agreeing is already killing us softly? Must we also load up more stress by getting all worked up or paranoia in the name of travelling? Think about it, while I slowly take you through my travelling story. Out of Bentong, somehow, along the way, don't ask me why and what not, we somehow ending up Teras. 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Personal Cooking Coach

Of course. Without a doubt. No two ways about it. All of us can cook. Sure, we can. In fact, many of us I think have already crowned ourselves as the top leading “Home Chefs”. Moreover, correct me if I am wrong, we may even have gone to the extent of proudly professing to whoever it may be, we are a priceless piece of super home chefs. Some of us, right, have also included our great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers and the rest of our family members in the category of the best cooks in the world? You should. I'm definitely not saying no and I won’t deny either because heritage, heirloom recipes handed down from generation to generation are forever a food treasure, soul food close to our mouth. In fact, many of us I believe learn to cook from, if not from our grandmothers, at least from our mothers. Additionally, in this digital era we are living, when we speak about recipes and cooking tips on the whole? Endless. From master chefs who have won many accolades or like I already told you, people who have self-crowned themselves as prominent home chefs? 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Ikan Cabe Ijo

Cooking at home or eating out? Which is cheaper? Yes please. Would love your opinion, but for the time being, if you are asking me, I must say that its quite a confusing matter as per say. Why? Because our opinion differs. Of course. To each our own. We decide what is best for us. Still, I can or I shouldn't discount that eating out may be cheaper for a single person. Provided you not a fussy eater and you are eating for the purpose of filling up your hunger. Basically, you won’t mind any kind of food from anywhere. A basic meal from coffee shops or road side stalls most probably? No harm done. I'm not saying anything more because we eat according to what we can afford instead of burning our money bridge. How about we now address the matter to eating out for a family of four? Mum, dad and two kids. Still cheap if we are talking about a basic meal again? Minimum, we paying most to most, we can cap the amount to within RM20.00 for each meal each time?  

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Restoran Sing Kee Wong (Seri Setia) - Sungai Way

Residence of Sungei Way and even those of you who are living within, around or a distance from Petaling Jaya. I may be wrong, but I can't help assuming you may have heard of Restoran Sing Kee Wong? Or you must at least have noticed their signboard whenever you drive pass the narrow road of Seri Setia/Sungai Way and quite a close distance from Kopitiam Under Big Tree. What about me? Sure. I too have notice their signboard due to me passing by this area whenever. But somehow, strange. All these years. Though the intention was always there for dining in Restoran Sing Kee Wong, yet, somehow, tell me about it? What we intend to do and what never materializes. For reasons we know or we don't. Finally, on this particular week day at the suggestion of my two friends who frequent Restoran Sing Kee Wong if not often, at least every now and then. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Life Coach. Who Is A Life Coach?

Life Coach. Shall I, must I or should I assume you know who is a life coach? Well, for a matter of fact, many of us, correct me if I am wrong, in one way or rather must have heard of life coaches? Correct? Unless otherwise? You are not really sure who life coaches are and what we do. Nevermind. Its really okay. Let me assure you that it is really okay if you only have a tiny bit of clue or no clue at all who is a life coach. What am I for anyway? As a life coach myself, the onus is on me. I should be the one who must tell you. I am by the way a life coach for business and personal development. Of course, life coaching by itself, is a broad or the broadest spectrum. You name it, you can engage a specific life coach for your specific spectrum or purpose. I on the other hand have decided in staying true to my expertise. Why? We are best at what we know best, wouldn't you agree? Based on our expertise, skills, abilities, knowledge and of course, as well, our hard earned credentials are our supporting assets. The question now is? What is my role as a life coach?

Monday, January 14, 2019

Nivea Body Lotions

Body lotion, body milk, body moisturiser, body balm or however. However you like to call or however a body cream is known to you. Obviously though, body lotion, is, yes is, for keeping our skin supple, moisturized, hydrated, healthy and comfortable  Of course, without a doubt, I am awarding all the yesses under or above the skin beauty world. Yesses? Are you right now, going like what are all the yesses for? The yesses are for affirming the fact that we all definitely need a body lotion. We sure do. We must in fact. Don't you think so? I'm sure you are agreeing? Otherwise, I rest my skin beauty case on you (St.Ives Body Lotion). But for the rest of you who are agreeing, thank you darlings. I suppose you are agreeing because you are absolutely certain that skin on our body must be a beauty package in tandem to our top to toe beauty? Honestly, tell me please. Who on earth will be proud or honorable if skin is dry, flaky or like fish scale? Moreover, lets not forget that dry skin is the road to disaster. The disaster to the possibilities of, over time or in due course, to skin slowly cracking up, bleeding and trust me, can cause infection as well.  

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Nyonya Okra Sambal

Nyonya me (Vegetarian Nyonya Laksa). Nyonya you (Stir Fried Jicama). Right. Me the home chef who can share my expertise on Nyonya cuisine (Mee Siam Kuah Vegetarian). Willingly of course. As an add-value for my professional as a life coach. Why can't I not or why  shouldn't I by the way? My Nyonya recipes (Ayam Masak Keluak) speaking for themselves and me having belted quite a good number of years to Nyonya cuisine cooking in my kitchen (Nyonya Acar Fish). Obviously, there are no short. No short? That's right. No short of Nyonya recipes (Nyonya Hot and Sour Fish Noodles) in this precious space of mine which, again said, is like a bonus for my clients and anyone for the matter.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Bentong, Pahang (Nava K's Discovery)

Bentong and not Betong. Betong (Thailand Nava K's Tripping). Yep sure. I admit. Honestly, I never knew Betong existed. Not anymore though. I can now confidently tell you the highs and lows or even spill the whole truth to Betong (Betong Episode 3). Bentong on the other hand? Of course. To a certain extent due to Bentong in Pahang is country known fact and also due to me having headed to Bentong. Lets say maybe like 4 to five times so far. However, nothing much really explored because when you head to Bentong for functions and like return home immediately. Regardless, after this weekday trip of mine towards Bentong discovery alongside my two friends. An unhurried, without putting any deadline pressure to driving for a stress relieving trip. Really, we didn't want to rush and we really yearning for, lets take our time in discovering Bentong. No itinerary whatsoever. Neither did we book our overnight stay. Basically, a going with the flow, free and easy trip and we agreeing that we shall decide on the next course of our travelling action once we arrive in Bentong.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Sardine Peratal

Sardine Peratal? Sort of the next door to Sardine Varuval. I might as well include Sardine Sambal too. Plus, if I can, I would definitely love fresh sardines which are by the way quite an affordable our local catch. Then again, on the days I really can't push myself to marketing? Canned sardines. Sure enough. They are usually included as part and parcel of my provision buying. At least two cans are bought and stored in my pantry and these are, definitely the handy ingredients when, like I have told you, I have no time for marketing. Various dishes trust me, can be converted out of canned sardines. Including this Sardine Peratal (Tempoyak Masak Lemak Sardine & Sardine Masak Lemak Cili Padi). Even  Nadan Meen Curry is the produce out of canned sardine mind you. Alright, let's get down to the business of cooking Sardine Peratal. Nothing out of this world, yet, truly satisfying to our hunger. The minimalist when we speak about the ingredients and of course, easily and effortlessly put together dish.  

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Restoran Wai Kei - Old Klang Road

Restoran Wai Kei! Where? Very easy. If you are standing in front of Scott Garden (Restoran Meng Kee & Wong Kok Char Chan Teng), Wai Kei is on the right hand side. Just within a distance of less than 5 minutes walking and the first few amongst the row of the run down shop lots. My reason why I ended up in Wai Kei? Life! My life. What a life. Running errands. Endless. Constantly. From one end to the other and on this particular day, another important matter in Scott Garden and at the recommendation of the person I had to met. Accompanied by my other half-half as well, we walking into Restoran Wai Kei by 11.30am. Restoran Wai Kei. Seemingly quite a prominent food figure which has already made its mark amongst the nearby and maybe even far away customers. Been in the same location I think for the longest time and has also received very favourble food reporting from the media. Not bad. Wouldn't you agree? For such an unassuming restaurant. No frill and nothing really outstanding in terms of ambiance and offering quite a good bit of choices of obviously, Chinese style to food dining.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Murungai Keerai Poriyal

Murungai Keerai/Moringa leaves. Obviously. Harvested from murungai/moringa tree and my supply of murungai keerai? The tree outside my house. Yep. Tree which grows by itself without fertilizer, neither any tender, loving care. Except of course, you gotto water during hot weather for keeping it alive. Otherwise. All will be fine and good and within time, not only the leaves will be showing up, you will also be noticing drumstick/murangai sticks/fruits (Drumstick Sambar/Dhal Curry). Murungai/Moringa! Been our Indian from ancient years wellness (Vazha Koombu Thoran). An open secret definitely amongst us and these days, mind you, even the Chinese. They are not leaving murungai/moringa alone. What are they doing by the way? Seeds of moringa sticks dried and powdered and being marketed for, obviously wellness again. Smart idea of theirs or the lost for us Indians who never considered doing the same? Still or not still, trust me, nothing like a dish out of the leaves or sticks (Meen Muringakka Kulambu). Take this Murungai Keerai Poriyal as an example. Nothing much actually. Just a couple of ingredients and Murungai Keerai Poriyal, believe me you, will be so best appetizing and a pride delight side dish for your rice meal.  For a vegetarian version, do I have to say? Say no to dried shrimps. What can you pair Murungai Keerai Poriyal alongside? Sambar, Rasam, Sodhi or as you like or wish (Mor Kuzhambu).

Monday, December 10, 2018

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment

Night Cream! We did speak about before (BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Bounce Essence Cream)? Not once (Olay Total Effects Night Cream)? We also took this beauty night matter till the height and weight of sea or ocean wave length (Garnier Night Restore Cream)? We sure did. Now, a question from me to you. Is it, is night cream now part and parcel of your beauty routine? Really up to you. But remember something. There is a difference between day cream and night cream. Then again, for a matter of our beauty fact, no one can stop you from using your day cream at night. Even I won't dare. Yet, if you are asking me, I will still go ahead and recommend a night cream. Especially if you have hit the "Big 5" like me, but definitely there is no age limit when you should start using. As long as? You personally feel its about time, go ahead and keep going.  

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Tomato Rasam/Thakkali Rasam

Rasam! Much have been spoken about before and much much I have also personally said about Rasam (Pepper Garlic Rasam). Rasam (Garlic Tomato Rasam). Of course. I vouch is our magical soup and one which is like a customary must have at least once a week. In fact, these days, I actually make in bulk. In other words, I make a bigger portion of rasam (Pineapple Rasam) and then, I separate into smaller portions for freezing. Time saving indeed. Rasam by the way can be kept outside because? Are we not talking about spices and our pantry friendly ingredients for rasam? We are actually (Egg Rasam). But somehow, call it my habit, I still somehow feel storing rasam in the fridge is a save bet. Of like I already told you, into individual containers and freeze. Tomato Rasam. Tomato naturally is one of the ingredients, but this my version of Tomato Rasam? The traditional (Home Rasam Podi Rasam). The handed down recipe. Grandma to mum and to me of course (Nandu/Crab Rasam). Though a tiny bit of pounding is involved, otherwise, all will be tasty, delicious and more importantly, appetizing for this Nava K's Tomato Rasam. Oh, in case you would like to try the instant version to an instant rasam (Instant Rasam), I'm attaching the video as well.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh - Bandar Puchong Utama (Puchong)

The piggy pig bak kut teh in me? We are inseparable. For a fact. My all time favourite and I need my fix of bak kut teh if not regularly, at least every now and then (Siong Juat Bak Kut Teh Port Klang). But this thing to bak kut teh is quite an impossible mission. Why? Because you can't put my other half-half and pork together. Outrightly, he is anti-pork. Of course, I still have a choice. What are the coffee shop stalls for? Then again, trust me. Nothing like a bak kut teh communal meal with friends (Ming Kee Bak Kut Teh, Old Town). Like minded bkt lovers dining together and getting down to our own analysis if it was worthiness (Kepong Heng Bak Kut Teh) or pretty much just another Chinese pork soup.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Kaalan Puli Kulambu

Kaalan Puli Kulambu. Kaalan = mushroom. Puli = sour/sourness. Kulambu/Kuzhambu = curry. Easy explanation right? Kaalan Puli Kulambu or our Indian style mushroom sour curry and a vegetarian version as well. Mushrooms? They are quite a food pride in my house. We love mushrooms (Mushroom Rolls) and amongst the various types, somehow, we have a food love tendency for oyster mushroom which is really affordable. In fact, a packet of oyster mushrooms will only cost you a couple of dollars. Of course, you can use any other mushroom or even mushrooms in can (Creamy Mushroom Soup) too, but personally, I don't think I will or can suggest Shiitake mushroom. Why? Tried before and the taste does not jive and dance well pretty much in Indian sour curries.  

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Betong, Thailand (Nava K's Weekend Tripping) - Episode 3

End of Episode 2 (Betong Episode 2), followed by? Obviously must be Episode 3 right? Of course. From Betong Hot Spring to Namtok Inthason Waterfall. What’s with waterfall? Because I insisted. Me so loving water seeing and hearing, and water as my healing therapy for cleansing my body, mind and soul. Moreover, since we had to pass by the route Namtok Inthason Waterfall is located, why not? No harm done. Mountainous water cascading from a few levels higher up and flowing at its own sound of music. However, as far as I know, Namtok Inthason Waterfall is not a prominent water figure of Betong (Betong Part 1) and if I am not mistaken, have not been maintained for maybe the longest time.
Maybe that's there was no one was around except us even during this weekend. Can be quite eerie mind you. Then again, for the brave hearts, nothing can or should stop you from picnicking and water dipping. We on the other hand? 10 minutes most to most before heading to Winter Flower Garden. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Sardine Sambal

Sardine Sambal or Sambal Sardine. Both the same anyway. Its just a matter of whether you want to put sardine in front of sambal or sambal in front of sardine. Sardine Sambal. In fact, for a matter of fact, I really have lost count on the number of times I have already made (Sardine Varuval) and I know there will never be a full-stop. What is Sardine Sambal? Our Malaysian spicy side dish which is like the best food wonder when eaten alongside rice and you must, potentially, include Rasam (Pineapple Rasam), Sodhi (Malu Kirata) and Sambar (Udupi Sambar). Shall we grab the recipe now? Me unveiling my version of Sardine Sambal and you giving it a go? You should. Pretty much a simplicity in cooking, the easiest version by far and you just need a couple of our pantry friendly ingredients. Put your trust in this recipe of mine and? You will not be disappointed in any which way.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Kopitiam Under Big Tree (Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya)

Under The Tree, or The Big Tree or as my close friend calls it, Under The Yum-Yum Tree. Officially, known as Kopitiam Under Big Tree as per Google listing and it is where my friend is a regular customer, and he literally. I don't know like how many times already, been asking me to join him. Finally, we couldn't escape and out of curiosity as well, we agreed. From Shah Alam to his house in Kampung Tunku and then to Under Big Tree where people park at their whims and fancy within or around the whole stretch of road. Malaysians! We sort of prefer to escape from paying for parking even if its only two dollars? Only two dollars at the closest open car park. Yet? We rather complain hell of a lot when we see a summon under our car wind screen? I guess. Some things will never change in Malaysia? Our Malaysian mentality of causing inconvenience to fellow Malaysians by parking as we wish? Madness. What about us? We paid prior to walking into Under Big Tree. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Safi Rania Gold Youthful Radiance Face Mask

What's the story? The beauty story to Safi Rania Gold Youthful Radiance Face Mask? My hope? Major hope of bouncing back to my yesteryears? Back to my youthful years by pumping up the volume to youthfulness and that's why I bought Safi Rania Gold Youthful Radiance Face Mask? Are we kidding ourselves? Of course, without a doubt, beauty mask hope is the hope for keeping our skin clear and clean. But reversing our beauty gears to 10 years or even 5 years back then? Actually, come to think it, not impossible if money is ever willing for undergoing nip and tuck or the other logical option admittedly is aesthetic beauty enhancement. Otherwise, can we like get the real deal? The deal to beauty practically? In fact, we must. Listen. If women like me in my fifties who go through hell of a lot daily, or these days, even the younger ones are potentially the beauty victims in battling all sort of stress, if we can trash tiredness aside from our skin by keeping our skin nourished and vibrant, its already millions of likes and following by ourselves. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Big Baba - Taman Desa

Big Baba! Who is Big Baba? I don't know if Big Baba is a person or just a name coining. But rest assured. Big Baba is where you tuck into a Nyonya Meal. Any particular reason why we dined in Big Baba? Nothing really conclusively. Just that after running or walking some errands within the vicinity of Old Klang Road, hunger bells rang for lunch. Why then specifically Big Baba amongst the rest of the restaurants which popped up online at my search? Let.s just say that, due to me being a big fan of  Nyonya food and also, since I have already crowned myself as a big time or small time Nyonya home chef, I wanted to personally find out if Big Baba will outrightly be a Nyonya food pride. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Betong, Thailand (Nava K's Weekend Tripping) - Episode 2

Did I? Did I sleep? What should I possibly? Say? Loud knocking and slamming of doors until almost 6am, and me at first like, wondering if Betong hotel devils are playing sparks. Not until later, once I put two and two together conclusively? Oh! The tale of Betong. The prominent tale to alcohol and after effects of clubbing or even maybe? Strip Shows or Tiger Shows taking a toll on human devils. Human devils not as in males only. Even the horrifying giggles of women? Remember, I told you (Betong Thailand Episode 1)? Betong is? The sex land for men. Can Betong be the sex land for women? You figure it out for yourself. Whatever! Hopping out of bed by 6.30am after like sleeping, maybe 4 hours most to most, I showered and down to the lobby. My two friends? They are always the earliest birds. They in fact had already embarked on a mini tour within the nearby area and we later, going with the flow of Betong streets for, where can breakfast be. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Lankan Cafe - Taman Petaling, Petaling Jaya

Lankan Café! Was Lankan Café like a stumbled upon by chance food discovery? Nope! I in fact had already prior read and for me personally, I am more incline in finding out about eateries from Google Maps. Yep. Google Maps where foodies actually share honest and sincere reviews. Unlike on blogs and online media? Look, I am not saying all blogs and online media are full of crap. I myself am a blogger by the way, but potentially, what can you expect when you eat for free or you are paid to write and video share on social media as well? You tell me and even if I am proven wrong, I will still stick to my guns in trusting reviews on Google Maps which by far carries more weight mostly and after reading the favorable reviews on Lankan Café, I decided. Lankan Café must be food tested out. After all, yours truly, she quite know it? Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan cuisine already much explored (Colombo & Negambo) and to certain extent, I myself am quite a Sri Lankan home chef in my kitchen too. How did my other half-half react when I suggested Lankan Café? He had no qualms whatsoever. Basically, no objection. Why should he anyway? Comparatively, Sri Lankan food is all things spicy nice like Indian food and of course we must look up and down to coconut milk or even fresh coconut when we speak about Sri Lankan cuisine on the whole? Without a doubt.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Milk

Trying my level best in staying true to my budget sometimes can go mayhem. Does happen mind you when you least expect or one of those things which can possibly throw you off guard. Of course, there have been instances I did it right by buying skin care products (Bio-Essence Collagen Essence Cream) within my budget or the best buys, but sometimes, the unexpected seemingly is the expected. For my makeup dolling myself up products, it’s pretty much quite straightforward. I have no qualms settling for the off-the-shelves, mid-range affordable ones (Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm). But when my skin care is a concern, I am dead serious because skin care must deliver what they promise me. In other words, they must deliver care for my 54 year old skin and when I speak about cleansers and cleansing on the whole, I am only keen in an all-in-one cleanser (Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm). Been like that for as long as I can remember.  

Friday, October 12, 2018

Tang Pin Kitchen - SS2, Petaling Jaya

For whatever reason it may have been, it fact I myself can't comprehend why I decided to take on the roads all the way from Old Klang Road leading to SS2. Though I can't exactly nail what's with me and SS2 specifically on this particular day, one thing however was absurdly certain. I wanted to badly have a meal. Hunger basically waving and calling me loudly and SS2 by far for me? Still memorable and unforgettable till this day. How can I possibly forget because SS2, as well as Sea Park Apartment were my territories for 18 years in my mid-twenties to late thirties and before uprooting in 2013 for giving myself a promising new lease of marriage life in Kota Kemuning. SS2. Even back then? A mini power house food paradise. Of course where the birth of the first ever Murni took place, I might as well include Chow Yang and Nasi Kandar Kayu which most probably are still the prominent food leaders in SS2, and also the hawker stalls across the police station when clubbing and wee hours supper were in tandem for me. SS2, more or less outwardly still the same, of course traffic and parking madness has further mounted and there are now aplenty choices to eateries.   
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