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Malay Style Turmeric Rice/Nasi Kunyit

Malay Style Turmeric Rice, the comforting to the soul dish, has been available on my YouTube channel for the last two years. But you see, the thing is? Not everybody prefer video recipes. Some, I believe, prefer a written recipe. Pretty much, summing up, why people like Ms.Nava are still blogging. I am and I stand by my opinion that recipe blogging is still relevant. Relevant and relevancy in my opinion. Correct me if I am wrong. Of course, you can correct me. Please go ahead. Meanwhile, while waiting for your reply whether you agree with my opinion or not, please allow me to proceed with the said recipe. Thank you millions.
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New Delhi - Nava's Travel

Back in New Delhi ( New Delhi to Shimla ). Not my first time, because Delhi was also the same in and out route during my previous North India trip ( New Delhi - North India ). Let alone, I was again back in Hotel Sohi Residency, Karol Bagh, which seemingly is the ideal location for those who, do or die, must shop in Delhi. Specifically, in "Karol Bagh Shopping Market". Ah, this shopping thing in India. Amongst the Malaysian Indians? The shop till your drop concept. For a matter of fact, even in other parts of India, including  Chennai ? Seemingly a major hype. Unbelievably it is. Sorry loves, I know I shouldn't judge others, but, I still can't comprehend. I'm lost for words actually, because for someone like me, you mean you only can buy India's goods in India? They are not available in Malaysia? Or have people not digested the reality to, you can shop for India's products online, which can be cheaper? I shut my big fat mouth now. I surrender. 

Chandigarh, North India - Nava's Travel (Part 2)

Hopefully, hope is life by the way, my biggest hope on the second day in Chandigarh? Please, a big full-stop to health issues please. Arrr, as it is, sightseeing didn't materialize the previous day ( Chandigarh Part 1 ), and in case health cases are back to square one? Dang! Anyway, come or go whatever, going by our itinerary, we must return to New Delhi by tonight. Thankfully, so far so good. No "health is not wealth" casualties. Meanwhile, breakfast was broken by the usual hotel buffet breakfast. On my dead palates. Literally dead due to eating the same type of food for the last 6 days, for almost every other meal. Ahhhhh!!! ( Kullu Manali & Shimla ).

Chandigarh, North India - Nava's Travel (Part 1)

New Delhi , Shimla , Kullu Manali and ......?  Chandigarh. The capital of the northern states of Punjab and Haryana. Ohlalala! Another travelling feather on my travelling hat. Of course, I was all fired up and down for "Here I am Coming For You Darling" Chandigarh. Nevertheless, in the midst of the approximately 6 hours journey from Manali, the unexpected became the expected, because tour members, one after another had fallen ill. Most probably, for reasons only they know best? If by chance you are asking me why, let me spill their ugly eating truth. Hate me now if you want to, yet, I believe it was due to constantly pigging at hotel buffet breakfast, also, at the late hours complimentary dinner meals in hotels too. Oh-well. the sly me who have been slyly watching them from the corners of my eyes. Doink!!

Ms. Nava's Late 50s Social Entrepreneurship Journey - The Pull Factors

I'm assuming, I know, assumption is mother of major........? Then again, in such instances, I still will go ahead and assume that, you must have read about my push factors ( Ms.Nava's Push Factors )? Please do me a favor, if you have not. Please do. Otherwise, you probably won't be able to put the whole picture together, by considering my pull factors, to why I took the steps in becoming a social woman entrepreneur. Pull factors, precisely today's subject matter. Pull factors are basically the other compartment of entrepreneurship topic, like push factors. Another sizzling topic, which has been researched and presented at academic forums and in academic journals. Likewise, an on-going topic till this day. If not by itself, at least, least to least, in the literature review section. 

Ms. Nava's Late 50s Social Entrepreneurship Journey - The Push Factors

Yes, I am the one. I am Ms.Nava and my social entrepreneurial journey began last year, in my late fifties. Specifically at my ripe, hahahaha! age of fifty eight (58). What a daring and bold journey, starting a business at this age, you must be wondering? I know. I myself can't believe it. Honestly, I had my doubts as well. I admit I had hundreds of doubts. Then again? As the saying goes? You never try, you never know and no risk, no gain. Let alone, I'm someone who is gamed for new challengers, come whatever it may be. Interesting right? Indeed. Interesting. The question now is, why did I start my entrepreneurial journey? Well, to answer this question, allow me to to relate and correlate my journey to the push and pull factors. The findings to the push factors, obviously, has already been made known in academic journals. For your information, I myself was an academician for 22 years and in my last job as a Senior Lecturer, I lectured and tutored in Small Business and Entreprene

Kullu Manali - Nava's Travel (Part 2)

If its Kullu Manali ( Kullu Manali Part 1 ) it has to be Rohtang Pass. Of course. Why you think I came this far ( Shimla Part 2 )? One of the top spots, one of the most spectacular nature delights in India, Rohtang Pass is indeed a major attraction for people of all walks of life. The gateway to fun, happiness, excitement and soul touching high altitude nature, ah, ah, ah, without a doubt, Rohtang Pass is truly a mesmerizing sight. Snow blanketed mountains, snow paths, streams of luscious and melting snow, and these being the winter essence of Rohtang Pass. Nevertheless, nothing new for me, neither not something I have not experienced before. Because I have had similar winter highlights in Turkey , Hokkaido/Sapporo & Norway . Having said that, for the majority in the tour group, they were all at their highest degree in love for the heights of the mountains and snow in Rohtang Pass.