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In addition to Zen FAQ, we offer a Zen Guide that benefits everyone, whether you are our client, considering joining us, or simply interested in Zen Yoga. This guide is designed to enrich your Zen Yoga journey with us, reflecting our commitment to transparency and guidance. We believe in the value of the information provided in the Zen Guide, and there's much more to discover as you embark on your “Sustainable Zen Lifestyle” with us.

Before we continue, let's begin with the Yoga Essentials in our Zen Guide.

Zen Self-Confidence

Many individuals, regardless of their social or financial status, grapple with self-confidence issues, often resorting to behaviors like belittling others or engaging in gossip to compensate for inner doubts. This lack of self-assurance deters them from embracing Zen yoga, fearing it may expose perceived shortcomings. However, self-confidence is not fixed; it's a journey of self-discovery.


Through Zen yoga, individuals cultivate inner strength and awareness, uncovering the root causes of their insecurities. Ultimately, self-confidence begins with self-awareness and acceptance, paving the way for personal growth and fulfilment.

Zen Health 
The value of your health is reflected in the benefits you gain from practicing Zen yoga. Neglecting this important health practice puts your well-being at risk. While a successful career is important, ignoring yoga can lead to expensive medical bills and ultimately harm your career. 

Remember, your health is your responsibility, and prioritizing work over yoga may have long-term consequences. This is the health philosophy we emphasize to everyone.

Zen Mind

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining your mental health is crucial. Neglecting your mental well-being can result in issues like insomnia and overthinking, leading to anxiety, panic attacks, and other serious health problems. 

Thanks to Zen yoga, our clients have come to understand the importance of keeping their minds calm and healthy. It's essential to prioritize practices like yoga to maintain mental well-being.

Zen Food

We believe moderation is key to a balanced diet. While there are countless supplements and herbs marketed for health benefits, it's important to recognize that these may not offer significant benefits. Visiting medical centers reveals the prevalence of health issues across all age groups. 

Instead of relying solely on medications, consider yoga as a natural remedy for holistic wellness, avoiding unnecessary expenses on treatments that only alleviate symptoms without addressing the root cause.

Zen Approach 
Gentle Guidance

In our Zen yoga, instead of advanced yoga poses, we prioritize equally effective poses that provide quality stretching, enhancing your flexibility, strength, and overall well-being. We aim for simplicity and depth as we guide you through your Zen Yoga journey.

Shedding Ego and Superiority 
We encourage you to let go of ego and superiority complexes during your practice, fostering a mindful environment.

Equality for All 
In our Zen Yoga approach, everyone is treated equally, regardless of background. We value mutual respect among all practitioners. 

Zen Yoga Vs. Exercise 
It's important to distinguish between Zen Yoga and exercise. While some may be familiar with exercise, Zen Yoga offers a unique experience that goes beyond physical activity.

Zen Yoga Breathwork 
Breath through your nose.
Remember to inhale and exhale gently, avoiding forceful breaths. 
Why the focus on soft, quiet breathing? It's to safeguard your body, inside and out. It's about nurturing the connection between body, mind, and soul."

Zen Yoga Meditation 
Focus on your breathe, paying attention to how you breath.
Breathing calmly helps you feel relaxed, reducing stress in your body, mind, or soul. 
Choose where to focus - your body, mind, or soul, or try moving your focus gradually from mind to body and soul.
Stay true to yourself for genuine benefits
If focusing on your breath feels challenging, try visualizing patterns or scenery at the center of your eyebrows.

Zen Yoga Poses 
Be Kind to Yourself 
Try not to push your body too hard during Zen Yoga Poses/Asanas.

Listen to Your Body  
If you start to feel uncomfortable or in pain, it's important to take a gentle break and listen to what your body is telling you. Pushing through discomfort could lead to injuries, so it's crucial to prioritize your well-being.

Overcome Fear 
Don't let fear stop you from experiencing the wonderful benefits of yoga poses.

Self-Love Journey 
View yoga as a continuous journey of self-discovery and growth, filled with self-love and acceptance.

Zen Yoga: Beyond Comparison 
Avoid Comparison 
Comparing yourself to others in yoga sessions may pressure you to keep up, risking overexertion. Remember, each person's body and journey is unique, so focus on your own progress.

Patience is Key 
Take your time during Zen Yoga practice and be patient with yourself. Honoring your body's capacity and progress over time is crucial for a sustainable practice.

Appreciate Instructor Differences 
Each yoga instructor brings their own unique knowledge and personality to the mat. Instead of comparing them, appreciate their individual strengths and styles.

Zen Yoga Boundaries 
Respecting Your Preferences 
You're empowered to decline poses that may cause discomfort. Asserting yourself gently but firmly is key to your well-being and mutual understanding.

Our Supportive Stance 
During our sessions, instructors refrain from physical contact for several reasons: 
Some clients prefer not to be touched.
Others believe it affects their energy. 
Zen yoga values independence, allowing individuals to explore poses on their own. 
This fosters flexibility and strength development. Avoiding physical contact helps prevent misunderstandings and promotes comfort, especially in mixed-gender sessions. 
We prioritize a safe and comfortable environment by honoring personal boundaries and individual comfort levels.


Zen Practice of Awareness

Our yoga sessions commence with a practice of awareness, aimed at aligning the breath, body, mind, and soul with the present moment, allowing for focused engagement in Zen yoga. Without anchoring our minds to the present, various emotions and distractions may hinder us from fully experiencing the benefits of Zen yoga.


Zen Yoga Nidra

Concluding our Zen yoga sessions with yoga Nidra offers an opportunity to appreciate the benefits garnered from our practice. By cultivating a sense of calmness in our breath, body, mind, and soul, we leave feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the day's challenges during morning sessions, or enjoy uninterrupted, peaceful sleep after evening sessions.

Zen Yoga Environment


In our Zen Yoga space, we prioritize pristine hygiene. Our floors are regularly mopped to ensure a spotless environment, free of dust and stray hairs. Our nature bathroom exemplifies cleanliness for your comfort. We believe the ambiance profoundly impacts yoga's effectiveness; practicing in a clean space avoids health issues.


Air Quality

Our space offers superior environmental quality. Natural sunlight and fresh air grace our hall, with sustainable cloth blinds regulating heat. A rotating fan completes the ambiance, ensuring unparalleled air quality indoors.


Open-Air Yoga

While outdoor yoga is appealing, it poses risks like insect bites and allergens. We encourage reflection on the benefits of nature while considering health concerns. If hazards outweigh benefits, indoor practice is preferable.



Creating a tranquil environment is central to our Zen Yoga philosophy. Faded walls and dim lighting detract from focus, while vibrant surroundings foster spiritual immersion. Mirrors aid in refining asanas, enhancing posture and confidence, reflecting inner strength.


Zen Online

While we offer online yoga sessions for convenience, it's crucial to establish a connection with your instructor beforehand for a fulfilling experience. Building this connection increases the likelihood of maintaining interest in online yoga. During online sessions, consider turning on your camera to allow your instructor to see you, and unless necessary, it's wise to keep the volume off. 

Keep in mind that instructors must exert more effort during online sessions by demonstrating poses before guiding you through them. Therefore, whether it's online or in-person, expect to pay a similar amount for the sessions.

Zen Practice Principles 
Zen Punctuality 
Being on time is essential for our practice. Sessions start promptly to respect everyone's dedication to yoga. 

Zen Discipline 
Regular attendance is key to reaping yoga's rewards. Commitment leads to growth in body, mind, and spirit.

Zen Respect 
Respectful communication is at the heart of Zen Yoga. We value your respectful interactions and strive to reciprocate.

In summary, our Zen yoga provides a sustainable lifestyle, allowing you to experience meaningful benefits for your breathe, body, mind, and soul. It promotes holistic wellness for both the present and the future.


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