Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mochakottai Karuvadu Kulumbu (Field Beans Salted Fish Curry)

Sincerely and honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I must, no holds barred profess that I think I am leading as the biggest number one fan of salted fish (Salted Fish Pickle & Beans Sprout Salted Fish Stir Fried, Pumpkin Salted Fish Curry & Potato Salted Fish Sambal). Salted fish - aiyo appa! Given a choice, at least a tiny bit of salted fish is such a splendour for my every day meal (Ikan Masin Tempeh Sambal, Salted Fish Vegetable Soup, Crispy Kailan Salted Fish, Salted Fish Mango Sambal  & Ikan Masin Masak Lemak). That's why, you name it. I have already broken the salted fish world and Malaysian records. That so loved, saltiness however by far is not all that healthy for me because age has caught up. Then again, looks like I have not slowed down, though I am far pacing salted fish. Its now maybe every once a month or sometimes I cheat by having it three times in a month because salted fish is my food booster.

As it is I am such a small eater, saltines (Salted Egg Yolk Fish) does do wonders for kicking in my hunger, but prior to cooking salted fish, I soak and rinse it throughout so that its not that all that salty. Whether for curries or just crispy fried, soaking is a must (Pineapple Salted Fish Curry & Murungakkai/Drumstick Karuvadu Kulumbu). Alright, lets now get down to the business of making this Mochakottai Karuvadu Kulumbu (Field Beans Salted Fish Curry). Classic, and authentic curry (Potato Green Peas Curry, Mutton Devil Curry, Keerai Kottu, Cauliflower Curry, Thai Massaman Curry & Lamb Yogurt Curry), akin the black and white Tamil movies and recipe handed down from generation to generation, I of course must do my own style. Salted fish cooked alongside beans, potatoes and spices, Mochakottai Karuvadu Kulumbu (Field Beans Salted Fish) is a fiery, knocking and lashing your taste-buds irresistible curry. What else do you need? Rice is a must (Garlic Coriander Rice), maybe thrown in as well a typical Indian side dish (Long Beans Turmeric, Cabbage Dal & Tapioca Poriyal). 
For the beans
1 cup mochakottai/field beans
1 tsp turmeric powder
A pinch of salt
Water - as needed

Other ingredients
400g threadfin/kurau salted fish with bones - soaked for 10 mins and rinsed. 
2 potatoes - cut into medium size pieces (yes please with the skin on)
1/2 tbsp chilli powder
1 tbsp fish curry powder
** mix both with water for a thick curry paste
1 tsp fenugreek/halba seeds
1/2 tsp ginger paste
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tbsp red onion paste
2 tbsp thick tamarind juice
Sprigs of curry leaves
5 tbsp oil
Salt for taste
For the beans
Simmer beans with turmeric and water till soft.
Drain off water and keep aside.

For the curry
Heat oil and fry ginger, garlic and onion paste for 1-2 mins.
Add curry paste.
Stir and cook till aromatic and oil splits.
Add potatoes, pour about 1 liter of water and simmer till potatoes are 3/4 tender. 
Put in salted fish, pour tamarind juice and season with salt (if needed).
Simmer to cook salted fish (about 3-4 mins)
Add boiled beans and curry leaves.
Stir, simmer for another 2-3 mins and remove from heat. 
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  1. wow! This is a difficult dish to make!! =)

  2. the curry does look finger licking good..too tempting dear

  3. I have never tried mochai with fish, looks super yummy! Will try this sometime!

  4. Nice twist to the already delicious fish curry....

  5. lovely food....ahem am attracted at the claypot...where did you buy it? nice la

  6. That's one fabulous-looking curry. I love the combination. Beans go wonderfully well with any kind of fish. Also love the container that holds the curry!:)

  7. The fish curry looks so tempting.. Thanks fr sharing the lovely recipe.. :)

  8. A different dish to try........with a different combination..... :)

  9. looks so creamy and delicious...hope it is delicious with the beans

  10. This looks delicious and packed with flavour- thanks for sharing the recipe!

  11. Your curry looks addictive for fish lovers everywhere :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. Not sure if I've tasted field beans before but it sure looks great in a curry. Fish would be an added bonus and I can sense how flavoursome this would be. The colour is so lovely!

  13. This curry makes me nostalgic.. my grandmother used ti make it. So craving for some..

  14. a Traditional recipe looks amazing....looks real tempting and delicious ! enjoy ur holidays !

  15. I have had karuvadu kulambu but not with mochakottai.

  16. this has tempted me again to come and comment here


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