Heartbeats of Nava's Zen


At Nava’s Zen - Your Zen Yoga Holistic Wellness, we greet your Zen heart with Namaskar, bowing in humility and respect. Why "Welcome Home"? Because within these walls, you'll feel the comforting heartbeats of a true home. Nestled among the row of double-storey linked houses in Kemuning Greenville, Shah Alam, our Zen stands out. Our passion for Green Living, both indoor and outdoor, sets us apart from other yoga centers in Kota Kemuning and Shah Alam. 

At the core of Nava’s Zen lies Zen yoga and green living, guiding you towards sustainable self-bliss. Our clients and collaborators are consistently amazed by the harmonious blend of urban convenience and green living Zen, alongside the Zen yoga we offer.


But that's not all - prepare to be captivated by our unique rainwater therapy, where the gentle sound of nature quiets your mind, syncing with your breathe, body and heart. All of this is driven by the passion of our founder, Ms. Nava.

Meet Ms. Nava (Nava Krishnan) - an “Aging with Dignity Wellness Entrepreneur” who founded Nava's Zen at 58.

The path to becoming an "Aging with Dignity Wellness Entrepreneur" was unexpected, driven by her passion for yoga. She discovered yoga at 50, while grappling with the challenges of health, realizing that true wealth lies in well-being.

She earned several yoga credentials, including the International Yoga Instructors Credentials at 58. Her professional background includes 16 years as a lecturer, rising to the position of Senior Lecturer, and a diverse administrative career before that.   

With a firm belief that age is not a barrier, she exudes a vibrant spirit, infectious laughter, and an unstoppable Zen for life. Is age a boundary to our limitless and thriving Zen future?


Advocating Zen yoga holistic wellness and cultivating her love for Green Living, a visit to Nava's Zen reveals her dedication to her philosophy. Ms. Nava is the heart and soul behind this impactful Zen endeavor.


Would you like Ms. Nava to assist you with deep inhales and exhales to discover your Zen Self-Bliss? 

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