Zen Wellness Ms. Nava

Ms. Nava (Nava Krishnan) embodies the very essence of Nava's Zen. As a Zen Wellness Entrepreneur,  her journey with Nava's Zen began at the age of 58, fueled by her profound passion for yoga.

Discovering yoga at the age of 50 amidst health challenges, where vitality seemed distant, Ms. Nava realized that true wealth resides in well-being. Her journey led her to attain several yoga credentials, including the International Yoga Instructors Credentials at 58

Ms. Nava began her working career immediately after completing her form five, accumulating a decade of experience in administrative roles before transitioning into academia. With two decades of experience as a lecturer, including as a Senior Lecturer at Curtin University of Technology and University of Wollongong, Australia Degree Twinning Programs, along with a diverse administrative career, Ms. Nava exemplifies the belief that age should never hinder one's aspirations.

Returning to studies at 28, juggling the duties of a wife and mother, she pursued her first credential, a Diploma in Management (MIM), setting a precedent for lifelong learning.

Ms. Nava firmly believes that continuous learning enriches one's knowledge and value, ensuring relevance and progress. Is age truly a barrier to your limitless and thriving Zen future? Ms. Nava inspires everyone, particularly those in their late 40s and beyond, to embrace age as a meaningful way of life.

Advocating Zen Yoga holistic wellness and Green Living, a visit to Nava's Zen unveils her passion for her philosophy. Ms. Nava stands as the driving force behind this impactful sustainable Zen lifestyle.

Would you like Ms. Nava to guide you through gentle deep inhales and exhales to discover your Sustainable Zen Lifestyle?

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