Welcome To Zen Home

At Nava’s Zen - Your Zen Yoga Holistic Wellness, we greet your Zen heart with Namaskar, bowing in humility and respect. Why "Welcome To Zen Home"? Because within these walls, you'll feel the comforting Zen heartbeats of true home. Nestled among the row of double-storey linked houses in Kemuning Greenville, Shah Alam, our Zen stands out.

Our passion for Green Living, both indoor and outdoor, sets us apart from other yoga centres in Kota Kemuning and Shah Alam. Even our washroom embraces a nature setting, and our indoor space for Zen yoga is designed for coziness and ultimate comfort.

At the core of Nava’s Zen lies Zen Yoga and Green Living, guiding you towards Sustainable Zen Lifestyle. Our clients and collaborators are consistently amazed by the harmonious blend of urban convenience and green living Zen, alongside the Zen yoga we offer.

But that's not all - prepare to be captivated by our unique rainwater therapy, where the gentle sound of nature quiets your mind, syncing with your breath, body, and heart.

All of this is driven by the passion of our founder, Ms. Nava. 

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