Friday, June 10, 2016

The Spa - The Club Saujana Resort

Take the moment. Be Selfish. Take your moment. For once, ignore everything, everyone and stop worrying whether the world will come crashing on your head. Trust me, a life of routines, sameness and monotony eventually is the hidden road to internal unhappiness, correct me if I am wrong. Oh, all right, whatever said, breaking free even for a few hours aptly is the key to rejuvenating the body, mind and soul. In that sense, whenever I feel trapped in my own cage, nothing is more fulfilling akin splurging in a blissful spa treatment. Having had my fair share of previous indulgence in a number of reputable spas, for some reason or rather, I am yet to explore “The Spa” at The Club Saujana Resort.  

Unbelievably a perfect timing, just as I pondered over “The Spa” for relaxing my sore muscles due to the day-in-day-out unlimited hours facing the laptop, I couldn't refuse this sponsored review. Henceforth, prior to fixing an appointment with The Spa, I checked their website for the spa menu but with the least information provided, I couldn’t avoid the lengthy phone chat. Since I was keen on a spa package instead of a treatment from their a'la carte menu, the Hydrating & Anti-Aging Mineral Treatment (RM310 - 120mins) indeed sounded fabulous.

Despite arriving at the familiar ground of Saujana Resort, I was unaware I can drive to the other end of the car park closer to where the spa is. Instead, I took a 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel lobby while passing by the rooms and courtyards, before setting foot into The Spa. Undoubtedly, this award winning luxury spa is truly an oasis of paradise. Nestled in the tranquility of evergreens natural splendor all the way to the eight private villas, large in size with a rustic wooden d├ęcor and set around a tranquil infinity pool surrounded by tropical rainforest, The Spa is a spot-on beauty.  

Attended to almost immediately at the reception, within the next few minutes I was ushered by the therapist into the equally jaw-dropping villa – absolutely stunning as a place you want to remain forever, away from the everyday stress of the real world. 
For a moment or two, I couldn’t take my eyes off from admiring the ambiance, and then I changed into the disposable panties, wrapped my naked body with the sarong, and kept my belongings in the cupboard before starting with the 15 minutes sauna bath. But within the next few minutes, I couldn’t tolerate the sweating even after the heat was turned to the lowest point. As it is, I sweat for no apparent reason all the time, the sauna was too much to handle.

Walking out of the spick-and-span sauna room, at that moment of standing in front of the attractive volcanic stone bath tub, my request for the “Uplifting Floral Bath” was accommodated. Though the bath will add another RM50.00 to the bill, honesty, I didn’t care for the value of money. Simply said, soaking in the Cleopatra like bath with warm water, rose petals, mineral oil and shower gel was so good to relax the mind and boost the mood. After the 15 minutes bath, I had a quick shower and to continue the good vibe, my always neglected feet was pampered in a concoction of warm water, rose petals and drops of oil.   

Thereafter, 100% surrendering on the bed for the full body exfoliating and mineral anti-aging treatment to restore suppleness by removing dead skin cells, as the bath salt grains were slightly harsh on my body, I told the therapist to slow down on the rubbing and she certainly obliged. Finally, the moment I have been waiting for - the Balinese massage which included palm pressure, stretching, and acupressure. Amidst the elbow technic which didn’t go down on me, the massage by the experience and such a darling therapist helped to relieve joint pain and stiffness by improving circulation and soothing inflammation.  

Returning to the reception area to settle my bill, only then I knew about the whole list of services offered at The Spa, which by right should also be on their website. Wonder how they expect customers to know unless if you are the guest in the resort or you are a walk-in customer, I also voice out on providing shower caps instead of  wrapping my hair with a towel. Unsure if the trainee understood my concern, I left The Spa feeling a whole lot better mentally and physically.   
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  1. ahh, i need a spa day
    keep in touch

  2. You are so right. We need to let go of life's stresses and make it a habit to find time to relax. This looks like a great spa experience.

  3. Wow, that sure is a day well spent! Looks like a great place to relax and come out refreshed.. I like the idea of the foot soak and the ambience is beautiful!

  4. You seem to have the best of both worlds...njoi Navneetham

  5. wonderful place.. looks like a really relaxing place:) i am sure u had a good time:)

  6. Great place to de stress which is essential fr me. Its great to see that you take good care of yourself. Its important for gaining confidence and energy

  7. I have never been to a spa dunno if i wud go bcoz i m nt a fan of them.. hp i change my mind soon.. perfect to de stress n calm down from the regular monotony of life as u rightly put..

  8. I need a spa session right now :-) Looks so cool!


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