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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Vegetarian Fruity Bread Pudding: A Guilt-Free Delight

Let's take a flavorful journey into your kitchen, where bread isn't just a staple - it's a cherished necessity. In my home, it's not just for breakfast; it's the star of our light dinner meals. Picture this: two slices, perfectly complementing the savory curries or veggies we enjoyed for lunch. It's a simple joy, made even easier these days. Thanks to bread makers that churn out loaves effortlessly.

But what about those leftover slices? Ah, fear not! They can be frozen for future use, ensuring that no crumb goes to waste. Simply wrap them snugly in plastic or foil, or pop them into resealable bags to preserve their freshness. It's a small step towards mindful, sustainable living.

Now, before those bread slices bid adieu, why not give them a delicious encore?

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Malaysian Potato Croquettes

Indulge in the universal allure of potatoes, a beloved staple found in kitchens worldwide. From the bustling streets to gourmet eateries, potatoes take center stage in diverse culinary creations. In my own home, they reign as a cherished favorite, whether added into comforting curries or delightful side dishes. Yet, what truly captivates the senses is the enchanting allure of Malaysian Potato Croquettes, a recipe close to my heart.

Why Malaysian, you may wonder? It's a nod to the fusion of flavors and traditions that define Malaysian cuisine. These delectable croquettes, lovingly shaped and fried to perfection, hold a special place in my Malaysian kitchen. The recipe embraces versatility, allowing you to craft them into any shape you desire, each bite bursting with savory goodness.

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Curry Mee Vegetarian: Zen Bliss

The buzz around vegetarian cuisine is simply astounding. Before delving into this culinary world, let's explore the diverse landscape of vegetarianism. Some are lifelong vegetarians, deeply committed to their choice. Others, like Ms. Nava, aren't strictly vegetarian, but they appreciate the flavorful delights of veggie dishes. As time progresses, more people are embracing vegetarianism. What's driving this shift? Perhaps it's a quest for a healthier lifestyle, a spiritual awakening, or newfound dietary sensitivities. Some even take the plunge into veganism.

But while they navigate their journey, let's relish in the exquisite delight of Zen Curry Mee Vegetarian. This isn't just any curry - it's meticulously crafted from scratch with coconut milk, tamarind, and fragrant lemongrass. Imagine it: tender noodles, crispy brinjal, tofu, and spicy green chillies, all bathed in a rich curry sauce. It's a symphony of flavors, a culinary journey to holistic wellness. So go ahead, savor each spoonful, and experience the Zen of vegetarian cuisine.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Fried Kembung (Mackerel) With Assam Sauce

Cooking with Fried Kembung (Mackerel) and Assam Sauce evokes a journey of flavors and nostalgia. Have you ever wandered through the bustling wet markets or strolled the aisles of a hypermarket, catching glimpses of the humble boiled kembung? Perhaps you've even taken home this unassuming fish, its potential yet to be unlocked in your kitchen.


There's a certain beauty in the simplicity of this dish - a beauty that lies in its uncomplicated nature and the rich flavors it offers. Boiled kembung, or mackerel as Google kindly translates, is a fish steeped in saltwater, readily available at local markets and hypermarkets alike. But before diving into the cooking process, a gentle rinse and thorough pat-dry are essential to maintain the fish's integrity during frying. Careful attention to these details ensures a crisp exterior without sacrificing the tender flesh within.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Egg-cellence Unveiled: Zen Cuisine Delights

In this segment of Zen Cuisine, we're putting eggs in the spotlight. Intriguing, isn't it? Let's dive into the world of eggs, a truly magical ingredient that's a staple in our household, and perhaps in yours too. Our pantry simply feels incomplete without a carton of eggs. We relish eggs prepared in a myriad of styles and flavors. 

But the question arises: how many eggs should one consume in a week? Share your insights in the comments, considering factors such as overall health, dietary preferences, and individual nutritional needs.

Monday, March 25, 2024

No Cook Carrot Yogurt Salad: Wellness Delight

Amidst the rapid pace of modern life, there's a notable focus on wellness. However, in the midst of the hectic rat race, many have lost sight of genuine wellness. In contrast to the past, where wellness (Moringa Stir Fry) was reflected in people's attitudes, behaviors, characters, and health, today's society often values material wealth and grandeur, relegating wellness to a secondary concern.

Factors such as stress, the soaring cost of living, and the pressure to outdo others have contributed to the neglect of wellness. Additionally, the prevalence of dining out due to time constraints, parents working long hours, children glued to screens, and the relentless pursuit of academic and career excellence have further distanced us from simple, wholesome living (Turmeric Wrapped Fish).

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Vegetarian Delight: Indulge in Coconut Creamed Spinach

There's a common saying that inner beauty outweighs outer beauty. Yet, when faced with hole-ridden spinach, doubts arise (Spinach Lentil). Allow me to clarify - these holes signify freedom from pesticides, a testament to natural produce. Despite this reassurance, some remain hesitant, while others embrace it (Brazilian Spinach Stir Fry).

The irony of comparing inner and outer beauty becomes apparent. Interestingly, pesticide-free produce not only boasts rich nutrients (Malay Style Vegetarian Coconut Milk Spinach)but also offers a delightful taste. Next time you shop for leafy greens, consider whether you prefer flawless, glossy ones or those with imperfections, signaling authenticity (Spinach Cottage Cheese & Spinach Turmeric). Now, shall we delve into yoga mindfulness (Quieting The Mind).

Monday, March 11, 2024

Plant-Based Salads: Sustainability from Pantry to Plate

Back in the early days when I ventured into blogging to share my recipes, I used to purchase numerous new ingredients, often intended for a single recipe. This was especially true for baking and when experimenting with recipes shared by others. These ingredients would accumulate in my pantry and fridge, sometimes forgotten until I checked, only to find them expired (Pakistani Vegetarian Briyani).

Friday, March 8, 2024

Mushroom Magic: Elevating the Classic with this Flavorful Mushroom Omelette

There's a magical allure to eggs (Egg Sambal) that makes them an everlasting favorite. Whether fried, boiled, or enhancing instant noodles, eggs add a touch of pride to our meals (Drumstick Egg Masala Curry). In my repertoire of egg recipes (Thai Green Egg Curry), I've elevated the classic omelette by incorporating canned mushrooms, a pantry staple for impromptu cooking. While the mushrooms come from our provisions, the garden-fresh spring onions, easily cultivated, add a delightful homegrown touch.

Let's embark on making this Mushroom Omelette:

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tofu Treats: Plant-Based & Vegetarian Delights

Tofu, an excellent plant-based protein source, caters to vegetarians, vegans, and non-vegetarians alike (Tofu Manchurian). While tofu itself may appear bland, its mild, neutral flavor is advantageous, allowing it to readily absorb diverse tastes (Tofu Bean Stir-Fry). This versatility makes it ideal for crafting various dishes, from spicy to savory, sweet, and sour - a palate cherished by a typical Malaysian like myself. Tofu is a household favorite (Tofu Scrambled Eggs), gracing our table at least twice a week with delightful dishes rolled out from my kitchen (Indian Tofu Curry).

Notably, 50% of these ingredients hail from Nava's Zen sustainable development organic urban gardening produce (Cultivating Green Living).

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Turmeric Eggs: A Holistic Culinary Wellness

Turmeric, a vibrant yellow spice widely embraced in Indian culinary traditions, has earned acclaim for its diverse health benefits, primarily attributed to its active compound, curcumin. Within its myriad advantages, the aspect that resonates profoundly with me is its robust antioxidant capabilities - an all-encompassing tonic for the breath, body, mind, and soul. Beyond its culinary significance, powdered turmeric stands as an indispensable element in Indian kitchens, diligently procured and stored for its versatile applications (Turmeric Black Cumin Rice). 

In the realm of cooking, reaching for turmeric powder has become second nature - not just for its rich flavor but also for its remarkable ability to neutralize odors, particularly from poultry and meat (Mutton Bone Marrow Curry). It has undeniably become a culinary staple (Spinach Turmeric Stir Fry).

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Yam Pla Krapong/Thai Spicy Canned Fish Salad

Embarking on a culinary adventure infused with the essence of Nava's Zen elevates my passion for cooking to new heights. The joy derived from working with organic ingredients, meticulously sourced from the vibrant tapestry of Nava's Zen, is unparalleled. Crafting Yam Pla Krapong/Thai Style Spicy Canned Fish Salad, I proudly declare that 70% of the ingredients are not just any herbs – they are carefully nurtured organic herbs from my very own garden. This culinary endeavor transcends a mere exercise in flavor; it's a soulful experience seamlessly integrated into my therapeutic gardening routine. Cultivating these herbs becomes a mindful practice, nurturing not just the body but also the mind and soul.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Gongura/Roselle Recipes: A Nutritional Powerhouse in Culinary Delights

Gongura, also known as roselle or sorrel, stands out as a nutritional powerhouse, offering a spectrum of health benefits that cater to various aspects of well-being. Renowned for its digestive properties, gongura aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system, promoting optimal gut function.

Moreover, this versatile plant contributes to heart health, assisting in managing cholesterol levels and supporting overall cardiovascular well-being. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a valuable addition for those seeking natural ways to alleviate inflammation within the body.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Mandarin Orange Recipes: Reviving Leftover Sustainable Eats

The festival season and our current Chinese New Year, marked by communal meals and expressions of love, often leave us with delightful leftovers. Even the fruits, integral to these celebrations, like mandarin oranges and others, may find their way into the surplus. So, what do you do with these remnants?

Before delving into creative recipes, let's take a moment to consider those around the world who may not have enough to eat. This reminder prompts us to embrace sustainable living, a crucial aspect of sustainable development. As a first step, consider freezing or storing both the leftover dishes and fruits, as I'm about to guide you through some fantastic recipes to make the most of them.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Moringa Stir Fry Magic: Enjoying the Superfood Blend

Nature, with its gentle touch, generously shares treasures, cradling those who marvel at its wonders. A testament to the perpetual dance of growth and care emerged when a robust moringa tree replaced one lost to strong winds. Beyond its abundant fruits, moringa unfolds leaves brimming with the nutritional richness bestowed by nature (Cultivating Green Living).

Wrapped in antioxidants, these leaves act as guardians against life's subtle stresses, providing essential nutrients crucial for orchestrating our bodies' balance. Promising to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, moringa extends a friendly hand to health-conscious individuals.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Turmeric Wrapped Grilled Fish Platter: An Experience in Culinary Mindfulness

Mindful eating is all about savoring each bite as an expression of love for food. While the saying "we are what we eat" holds true, it doesn't mean settling for bland meals. Indulge in delightful, mind-loving, and delicious food with just a touch of mindful thinking. Crafting wonderful meals becomes part of your mindful eating journey.

Consider this Malaysian platter: 

A modest portion of steamed basmati rice 

Grilled aubergine mixed with raw shallots, chillies, and lime juice

Turmeric-wrapped fish marinated with fresh turmeric juice, a dash of salt, a hint of chili powder for a spicy kick

Our local Malaysian herb, Ulam Raja, also known as King Salad. 

Monday, January 22, 2024

Malaysian Vegetarian Korma Curry: A Culinary Harmony of Homegrown Flavors

Can I express how the aromatic wafts of Korma Curry permeate my home with a delightful warmth? Well, it's not merely about preference; it's a culinary delight, especially for my significant other, who has an insatiable craving for curry. Thus, approximately every two months, I embark on crafting a Korma dish, each time experimenting with a different twist (Muglai Style Vegetarian Korma). The variety comes not from drastic changes but subtle tweaks to the ingredients, creating a unique Korma experience on every occasion.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Plant-Based Nasi Ulam/Herbs Rice: Culinary Sustainable Living at Nava's Zen

In the current global shift towards healthier living and sustainable practices, the spotlight on plant-based foods has intensified. Beyond our collective concerns for Earth's well-being and the urgent need to address climate change (Human Impact:Climate Crisis), plant-based living has emerged as a pivotal aspect of this transformative movement. This dietary choice (Lemongrass Rice) not only aligns with ethical and environmental considerations but also embodies a profound commitment to personal well-being.

Monday, December 11, 2023

Creative Cooking: Pumpkin Fish Curry

Have you ever considered adding pumpkin (Vegan Pumpkin Soup) to your fish curry? It might sound unusual, even outlandish, but trust me, it's a culinary experiment that's worth trying (). I ventured into uncharted territory with my first attempt at Pumpkin Fish Curry, and the results were nothing short of fabulous (Pumpkin Salted Fish Curry). The inspiration for this dish? Well, it simply popped into my mind during one of my culinary musings.

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Curry Leaf Chutney - A Delightful Accompaniment

Growing and caring for my curry leaf plant has been quite a challenge. Despite its lush growth, pesky black bugs often take shelter between the leaves, causing damage. I've tried various methods to get rid of them, but with limited success. So, I resort to pruning the affected parts and allowing the plant to regrow. During one of these pruning sessions, I decided to utilize the bug-free leaves to make some delicious curry leaf chutney.

Curry leaves offer numerous benefits and their delightful aroma is simply irresistible. They are a favorite ingredient in Indian dishes (Kerala Pepper Chicken Curry, Turmeric Cumin Rice & Spinach Lentil). Creating this chutney is surprisingly easy and straightforward. It pairs perfectly as an accompaniment with rice dishes, or as a dipping sauce for idli and dosa. You can enjoy this flavorful curry leaf chutney right away or store the leftovers in the freezer for later use.

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