Monday, March 11, 2013

River Sun Cruise (Ayutthaya) Thailand

Interesting and trilling way of ending this Ayutthaya tour( Ban-Pa-In PalaceWat Mahathat  and Wat Na Phramen & Wat Lokayasutharam), but due to waking up at 5.00am, I was rather worn out. The killer hot weather also melted my powdered and sun-blocked face until I looked as if I have not slept for a few days. Still, its been a great on my own exploring day, alone in Bangkok, this being my second day. Now, instead of returning to Bangkok in the coach, I loved the whole idea of cruising via Chao Phraya river while simultaneously lunching on board (Melaka river cruise and Venice cruise). Lunch was on the verge of finishing off, a good mix between Western and Thai dishes. Nothing lavish, I had to quickly help myself before I had non.

After filling up my tummy, hungry like crazy, all my energy used up for walking, I braved myself to join the rest of the people at the upper deck. I met a couple of interesting characters, some guys from Italy who got all excited. They wanted to picture with me, I obliged but due to language barrier, we couldn't really communicate. I can imagine what would have been in store if we spoke. Aha! Some fun, though I was not hoping for dirty trills and frills. Would have been nice getting to know people from other parts of the world to exchange views. I continued standing with them to view both sides lined with temples and Bangkok landmarks. Some of it I have covered this morning, 

Thereafter, I had to return the lower deck. Sun was extremely burning. I sat with the Swedish lady whome I made friends while touring Ayutthaya, we spoke about the independent way to travelling and she told that she has been to Bangkok 8 times on her own and to Russia where dictionary was her communication arm. Wow! Sipping into coffee, within the next 1/2 an hour, we arrived at Bangkok. The tour agent drove me back to Pathumwan Hotel

Up next - Calypso Cabaret Show (Bangkok)  

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  1. Beautiful ms.nava :) i wish someday i could travel like you and enjoy different kind of food..

  2. I'm so jealous with how much you travel, Nava! Wish I have the time and money to do that too! :)

  3. Not had a day cruise for ages. The past few ones were at night. Not sure about you but my greatest fear on board a cruise is dropping the camera or phone:P

  4. I would love to go here my friend, looks lovely :D


  5. This place looks cool. Your pictures are too good especially those salads


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