Monday, March 11, 2013

River Sun Cruise (Ayutthaya) Thailand

Interesting and trilling way of ending the Ayutthaya tour( Ban-Pa-In PalaceWat Mahathat  and Wat Na Phramen & Wat Lokayasutharam), instead of returning to Bangkok in the coach, I loved the whole idea of cruising along the Chao Phraya river while lunching on board as well. (Melaka river cruise and Venice cruise). Quite a good mix between Western and Thai dishes, though nothing lavish, I quickly helped myself because food was finishing off fast.

After the meal, almost everyone went to the upper deck to enjoy the view, lined with temples and landmarks on both sides. Mostly foreign tourists,  we got to know each other and continued standing around. But within the next half an hour, with the scorching weather, we returned to the lower deck, had coffee and continued looking at view for the next 1 1/2 hours prior to getting down and returning to our respective hotels.   

Up next - Calypso Cabaret Show (Bangkok)  

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  1. Beautiful ms.nava :) i wish someday i could travel like you and enjoy different kind of food..

  2. I'm so jealous with how much you travel, Nava! Wish I have the time and money to do that too! :)

  3. Not had a day cruise for ages. The past few ones were at night. Not sure about you but my greatest fear on board a cruise is dropping the camera or phone:P

  4. I would love to go here my friend, looks lovely :D


  5. This place looks cool. Your pictures are too good especially those salads


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