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Friday, May 31, 2024

Bread Flower/Kesidang Plant: An Enchanting Beauty for the Senses

Nature is truly captivating. It fills our lives with joy and peace. But nature also needs our help. As climate change makes the weather hotter and more unpredictable, we depend more on air conditioners, even for our babies. Yet, people miss the benefits of urban gardening. It can cool our homes and naturally relieve stress (Bay Leaves Healing Therapy). Urban gardening helps the environment and fills the air with the soothing scent of flowers, offering a peaceful escape from the stress that harms us.

Enter Ms. Nava, the founder of Nava's Zen, a true enthusiast of urban gardening. Today, she introduces us to the enchanting bread flower, also known as Kesidang, Kerak Nasi, Tikar Seladang, or Vallaris Glabra (Ylang Ylang). These white, star-shaped blossoms have a scent that evokes pandan leaves or the aroma of cooked fragrant jasmine rice. Whenever they bloom, Ms. Nava takes a moment to stand in Nava's Zen and inhale their delightful fragrance. It's her natural way to calm her senses and enjoy a bit of tranquility (Rangoon Creeper).

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Rangoon Creeper: Cultivating Zen Blooming Bliss

Rangoon Creeper, also known as Combretum Indicum, goes by many names like Drunken Sailor, Akar Dani, Chinese Honeysuckle, and Red Jasmine. It's like a breath of fresh air in Nava's Zen. Can you believe it? Even at 60, I find myself climbing the ladder to prune and trail my Rangoon Creeper. This lovely plant is native to tropical Southeast Asia, especially Burma (now Myanmar), where it got its common name, "Rangoon Creeper," in honor of the former capital, Rangoon, now known as Yangon. I remember when I visited Myanmar about 8 years ago; I didn't even notice any Rangoon Creeper. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, who knows?

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Bay Leaves: Healing Manifestation Therapy

For the many individuals reaching out to us about yoga fitness, nearly 70% are seeking manifestation healing therapy. Manifestation involves bringing desires or intentions into reality through thought, belief, and action. Despite our explanation that we offer manifestation healing therapy through coaching and counseling, many are primarily interested in someone healing them, seeking manifestation for various life challenges. The list is extensive, ranging from, mainly health problems, apart from financial constraints and aspirations for success, position, and power.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Nava's Zen: A Harmonious Haven for Nature's Melody

Birds naturally gravitate toward Nava's Zen, already a mini eco-world (Eco Living) in a residential area where squirrels, butterflies, and even stray cats coexist with nature, adding to its natural charm. The charm lies in the beauty of the universe, consisting of nature, animals, and of course, humans.

The presence of birds and their chirping is such an amazing sound. Listening to the crisp chirping breaks down mental barriers and brings a soft rush of calmness to the mind, acting as natural therapy (Quieting The Mind). The presence of bird nests in your compound indicates that your environment is in harmony with nature, portraying a healthy and inviting ecosystem. This is considered a positive omen, symbolizing the renewal of life and affirming that your surroundings provide a safe and suitable environment for nesting and raising offspring.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Eco Living: Small Changes, Big Impact in Nava's Zen Philosophy

Ms. Nava, the visionary founder of Nava's Zen, has been a vocal advocate for sustainable living, green practices (Eco Friendly Delights On Banana Leaves), and the urgent need to save our planet. While urban gardening remains a powerful tool in the fight against climate change (Human Impact On Climate), there are numerous other avenues for individuals to make a positive impact. It's time for everyone to play their part in preserving our environment, and one compelling option is adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Eco living encompasses a broad spectrum of choices, and a simple yet effective change is opting for walking over driving whenever feasible. Not only does walking contribute to savings on petrol, but it also saves time spent searching for parking spaces and promotes personal fitness. Of course, practicality should guide this decision, taking into account the achievable distance and weather conditions.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Gongura/Roselle Recipes: A Nutritional Powerhouse in Culinary Delights

Gongura, also known as roselle or sorrel, stands out as a nutritional powerhouse, offering a spectrum of health benefits that cater to various aspects of well-being. Renowned for its digestive properties, gongura aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system, promoting optimal gut function.

Moreover, this versatile plant contributes to heart health, assisting in managing cholesterol levels and supporting overall cardiovascular well-being. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a valuable addition for those seeking natural ways to alleviate inflammation within the body.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

"Sustainable Elegance: Pandan Leaves as Culinary and Decorative Wonders"

Over time, the evolution in my home has been a conscious departure from plastic flowers and decorations. Cleaning them posed a constant hassle, and they merely accumulated dust. As an advocate for sustainable development, with a deep commitment to preserving the Earth and nurturing nature (Cultivating Green Living), I firmly believe in relinquishing old habits tied to plastic, a material contributing to pollution and waste.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Moringa Stir Fry Magic: Enjoying the Superfood Blend

Nature, with its gentle touch, generously shares treasures, cradling those who marvel at its wonders. A testament to the perpetual dance of growth and care emerged when a robust moringa tree replaced one lost to strong winds. Beyond its abundant fruits, moringa unfolds leaves brimming with the nutritional richness bestowed by nature (Cultivating Green Living).

Wrapped in antioxidants, these leaves act as guardians against life's subtle stresses, providing essential nutrients crucial for orchestrating our bodies' balance. Promising to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, moringa extends a friendly hand to health-conscious individuals.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Nava's Zen: Cultivating Green Living in Urban Zen

The passion for sustainable living (Cultivating Sustainable Living) seamlessly transitioned into the heart of my nature-inspired fitness zen, Nava's Zen. This time around, I expanded the concept to embrace the essence of green living. Bringing this vision to life required significant self-financing, involving a substantial portion of my savings and a contribution from my husband. The transformation began with the porch of our zen, nestled in a double-storey link house adjacent to our home. This space underwent a complete makeover, with the contractor's fee, soil addition, and various other necessities being covered to convert it into a haven of green living (Cultivating Convenient Gardening).

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Turmeric Wrapped Grilled Fish Platter: An Experience in Culinary Mindfulness

Mindful eating is all about savoring each bite as an expression of love for food. While the saying "we are what we eat" holds true, it doesn't mean settling for bland meals. Indulge in delightful, mind-loving, and delicious food with just a touch of mindful thinking. Crafting wonderful meals becomes part of your mindful eating journey.

Consider this Malaysian platter: 

A modest portion of steamed basmati rice 

Grilled aubergine mixed with raw shallots, chillies, and lime juice

Turmeric-wrapped fish marinated with fresh turmeric juice, a dash of salt, a hint of chili powder for a spicy kick

Our local Malaysian herb, Ulam Raja, also known as King Salad. 

Monday, January 22, 2024

Malaysian Vegetarian Korma Curry: A Culinary Harmony of Homegrown Flavors

Can I express how the aromatic wafts of Korma Curry permeate my home with a delightful warmth? Well, it's not merely about preference; it's a culinary delight, especially for my significant other, who has an insatiable craving for curry. Thus, approximately every two months, I embark on crafting a Korma dish, each time experimenting with a different twist (Muglai Style Vegetarian Korma). The variety comes not from drastic changes but subtle tweaks to the ingredients, creating a unique Korma experience on every occasion.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Cultivating Sustainable Living in Urban Spaces: A Personal Journey

We take immense pride in our contribution to sustainable living as the founder of Nava's Zen. It is not merely a business concept for us but a core philosophy embedded in our ethos. Our commitment to nature-inspired fitness and zen living extends beyond our business - it's a reflection of our unwavering love for the environment. Before Nava's Zen evolved into a sustainable fitness zen, my passion for gardening spanned two decades (
Cultivating Convenient Garden). 

It all began in my home, where I dedicatedly invested in creating a therapeutic space for breath, body, mind, and soul. The journey started with the installation of a pergola and substantial investments in plants, soil, and all essentials for sustainable living.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Vegetarian Nasi Ulam/Herbs Rice: Three Unique Twists

Hey there! Have you noticed more people ditching meat and going for vegetarian diets? Are you wondering why? Well, folks are doing it for all sorts of reasons – from wanting to be kinder to the planet to boosting their health. A simple diet change can make you feel better and do good for the world at the same time. But, on the flip side, have you noticed people seem to be getting nastier, all in the name of success, fame, and fortune? Sorry for being blunt, but it's the harsh reality.


Here's a little secret: while a vegetarian diet might be great for your body, it’s your mind and soul that really count. Are you being true to yourself and others? Ouch! I won't dive deeper into how some humans are getting uglier inside, but let’s get to the fun part: a tasty recipe!

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Embracing the Fiery Passion: The Indispensable Chillies in Malaysian Cuisine and Gardening

In Malaysia, the love for spiciness runs deep in our culinary culture. Chillies, with their fiery punch, are an essential ingredient that adds a delightful kick to our dishes or serves as a zesty accompaniment. As Malaysians, we simply can't imagine our meals without that familiar spiciness. Whether it's a dash of sliced chillies mixed with lime juice and soy sauce or vinegar-soaked chillies, the craving for that distinct heat on our palates is insatiable. Join me as I share my experiences of seeking chilies abroad, the joys and challenges of gardening them, and the intrinsic connection between chilies and our well-being.

Monday, September 4, 2023

Embracing Roses: Lessons in Resilience and Growth

Those who've been following my social media and blogosphere journey are likely aware of my deep passion for gardening (The Enchanting World Of Bunga Kantan/Torch Ginger). Gardening is not just a pastime for me; it's my pride, my joy, and the heart of my fitness sanctuary, Nava's Zen. I have a special affection for herbs, plants, fruit trees, and, more recently, roses. Initially, my attempts with roses were less than successful, but I dedicated myself to mastering the art of rose cultivation. Now, I take pride in the thriving blooms that grace my garden. Roses, with their exquisite beauty and enchanting fragrance, have found a special place in my heart.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Bunga Kantan/Torch Ginger: Urban Farming's Culinary Gem

Have you ever caught a whiff of Bunga Kantan, also known as Torch Ginger or Torch Lily? If you have, you'll know the thrill it brings. And if you haven't, you're in for a treat. Beyond its enchanting scent, growing this plant is like adding a vibrant burst of green to your garden. Its simple elegance truly lights up any space. And when those torch-like blooms start to emerge, it's like witnessing a whole new level of natural beauty unfold right before your eyes. As an urban gardener passionate about cultivating local scents, my first attempt at growing torch ginger didn't quite go as planned. But let me tell you, the journey is just as enchanting as the destination.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Nature's Oasis: Transforming Spaces for Inner Peace and Wellness at Nava's Zen

Welcome to Nature's Oasis: Nava's Zen, where spaces are transformed into something truly extraordinary. As the founder of Nava's Zen, I want to share with you the remarkable connection we've forged with nature. We often think of nature in terms of expansive landscapes and outdoor sanctuaries, but at Nava's Zen, we've taken that magic indoors. Step into our world and be captivated by the blend of lush greenery and carefully placed plants. Our studio comes alive, invigorating your senses with the calming influence of nature's embrace. However, what truly sets us apart is our ability to transform unexpected spaces into havens infused with nature's essence.

Exploring the Versatility of Brazilian Spinach: A Hidden Gem in the Culinary World

Discovering new ingredients is always an exciting journey, and my encounter with Brazilian spinach, about four years ago, was nothing short of a delightful surprise. Prior to that, I had never even heard of this leafy green vegetable. Its origin remained a mystery, intriguing me to delve deeper into its background. Today, I not only grow Brazilian spinach myself, but also relish its diverse culinary applications. Join me as we explore this fascinating ingredient and its simple yet flavorsome Malaysian-style stir-fry recipe.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Growing and Cooking with Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers

The Butterfly Blue Pea flower, also known as Bunga Telang, is incredibly easy to grow. Just scatter the seeds on the ground or in pots, and they’ll sprout with little effort. The seeds come in pods, and there are plenty of them. I'm growing them along the fence in my fitness area, Nava’s Zen, and they thrive even without much attention

If you're an urban gardener like me, you should definitely consider these beautiful flowers. They bloom in stunning shades of purple or dark blue. No fertilizer is needed; just water them. Plus, these flowers are packed with antioxidants and offer various health benefits, such as aiding in weight loss, improving blood sugar control, and enhancing hair and skin health.


The Butterfly Blue Pea flower is versatile and has very few side effects, making it a great addition to your diet. However, it's important to enjoy it in moderation and check for any potential side effects, as what's good for one person might not work for another.

Friday, June 9, 2023

My Weight Journey: Overcoming Setbacks and Rediscovering Self-Confidence

For the longest time, I never considered myself overweight. Being an active person, practicing flow yoga, and tending to my beloved Zen blooming garden, I always maintained a healthy weight. However, in mid-2020, things took a turn. The scale showed a sudden increase from 48kg to 52kg, and the consequences became evident as my clothes no longer fit comfortably. 

The weight gain was primarily due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which limited my urban gardening activities and consumed my time with preparations for the launch of Nava'z Zen. It was a wake-up call, as I had taken for granted that my yoga practice alone would prevent weight gain, oblivious to the fact that I wasn't burning enough calories while indulging in snacks during my planning sessions.

Ethical and health impacts of dietary supplements: Critical analysis

Author Ms. Nava, a former lecturer with over 22 years of experience, including 13 years at Curtin University of Technology Perth, Australia,...