Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hilton Niseko Village - (Hokkaido - Day 2)

One of the most difficult things for us when we travel is catching up on our beauty sleep (Colombo Sri Lanka & Chiang Rai Thailand). As it is, even back home, sleeping sometimes is a struggle, but worst it can be in different hotels compared to the comfort of our own bed and unlike some people who can easily doze off literally almost anywhere. Therefore, despite a tiring long haul and immediately embarking on sightseeing the next morning upon arrival at Chitose, we couldn't easily shut down for the day even at the luxurious Hilton Niseko Village.

Tossing and turning, maybe we slept for 4 to 5 hours, still, we made it in the nick of time for the plenty of choices between the typical Japanese and Western dishes buffet breakfast. Tucking in heartily yet sparingly instead of greedily piling up our plates and wasting, next was what should be the agenda on this free and easy day and for which we have to pay on our own. 


As the skiing enthusiasts left for the up-up-away mountain adventure, we journeyed to another nearby area for the mobile snow ride in the wild nature of Hokkaido. Fellow tour buddies seemingly coped well in the heavy snow whereas I trembled crazily not only in the blistering snow but out of fear after putting on the helmet, spikes and gloves. I was worried if I can handle the 4 times heavier than me mobile since my other half opted out from the 2 person mobile ride. Guess I didn't have a choice. furthermore, I myself wanted to give it a try, so, enthusiastically I started off by maneuvering the mobile via the narrow uphill slope. 

Noticing I was holding up everyone behind me, the Japanese guys practically pushed the mobile for me to reach the hill top where we rested for around 10 minutes. On the way down hill, the rest were signaled to go first whereas I was the last in the line. Quite embarrassing actually, also, such a harrowing experience (Rickshaw Ride Vietnam), but, yeh!. I returned in one piece feeling a sense of overwhelming achievement at the witty grin of my other half.
Gripping me tightly, in fact perhaps the tightness grip after many years of marriage, he then quickly whisked me to the nearby tiny stall. As we sipped into the hot milk, he burst out in laughter because I wouldn’t stop talking about how I thought of jumping out of the mobile half way through the ride to save my life. What an unforgettable adventure I will remember for the longest time (Halong Bay Vietnam, Hot Air Balloon Turkey & Cape Town South Africa).  
Within the next 10 minutes or so, we departed and arrived at Yukitei Niseko Restaurant to hungrily tuck into the individually served and adorably presented pot of steaming broth with seafood and precisely sliced Japanese vegetables, accompanied with rice, bento box side dishes and hot Japanese tea. 

Certainly a delectable meal in a clean traditional Japanese ambiance, subsequently we returned to Niseko Village. But the eagerness of seeing the outside surrounding area fizzled too soon due to the heavy snow and biting wind. Instead, we leisurely walked within the inside area before dining at Yotei Restaurant over the all you can eat or eat till you drop buffet dinner. We ate and by the next hour, we were back to the room to wash up and force ourselves to sleep, knowing well it is going to be an earlier morning wake up call to pack and depart to Noboribetsu after breakfast.    

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  1. Always a treat to see your travel posts, Nava. The food looks lovely. But I try to stay away from cold places (I haven't travelled much and I'm referring to snowbound areas in India) as I find it extremely difficult to cope with cold temps. But of course snow-clad mountains and rooftops always look so beautiful!:)

  2. WOW! Everything in this post looks so beautiful!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome time. I have not yet been to the place with snow

  4. Holidays are perfect time to relax, unwind and catch up on sleep.. looks like u enjoyed this trip thoroughly.. I am yet to experience the snow fun in my life

  5. OMG, you look super cool in that bike! I wanna revisit Hokkaido, dear! xoxo


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