Saturday, June 7, 2014

Deluxcious Spa - Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (Penang)

Within an hour, the over excitement and jumping on the bed at Premium Suite Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang slowly fizzled off. I was getting restless whereas my other half was trying to catch up on his sleep. To stop me from needling him, he suggested I should go for a spa. Why not I thought since he is paying and I can continue with more luxury which doesn't come always. At E & O Hotel there's no spa but they will arrange for you at the highly recommended Deluxcious spa. I called the hotel, confirmed on the "Mediterranean Spa Journey" package and the time.

Transport was included from the hotel and I was chauffeur driven to the spa. The spa as you walk upstairs is impressive - wooden flooring and partitions, rattan deco, nice flowing curtains, locker to keep your things and the settee across the work area where you sip the hot herbal tea while waiting for the masseur.

The foreign masseur ushered me within 5 minutes to the treatment room. The set up of the room is almost similar as the waiting area, clean and well maintained. Wood is still the word to describe the set up. I then changed for the start with foot spa.
My feet was washed, massaged and patted dry while and after soaking in the warm water with rose petals. Really a nice relaxed feeling, before the next treatment, I requested the masseur to take some pictures but she was not comfortable with the camera. Didn't matter and I didn't want to push either. Next was the massage which I thought was a bit odd. As far as I know from the spa treatments I've experienced before (Jentayu SpaChakras CentreChi Spa Penang & Tanjung Wellness Spa Malacca)  massage is always the last. I tried to reason out with the masseur but she insisted that's how they do it at this spa. 

Anyway, I didn't want to waste my time talking to her and laid down. The one hour massage wasn't anything superb though she knew what she was doing.  

Next was the body mask, followed by the facial and after the face mask, a 20 minutes interval before she returned to wash/cleanse off my body and face. 
Then I was told to shower and finally the herbal bath. This is when I started fuming. No shower cap and she has already left the room. I quickly washed my body and soaked in the bath tub for only 15 minutes because I was worried about getting my hair wet. The herbal bath was okay but since my mood was swinging like a pendulum, I wiped my body and waited.

The masseur returned and told me that the treatment was over. I knew she had forgotten about the steam bath but I kept quiet, got dressed and returned to the reception to settle the bill. I then demanded to see the manager because this pampering session by far sad to say one of the worst. I mean I was suppose to pay RM680.00.  Really? I should pay? Goodness me!!
The manager came by and after speaking my mind, she agreed I pay half the price. Of course an apology was thrown in which didn't really matter to me. On the way back to the hotel, the person who drove me wanted to know how I felt about the spa treatment. Well, when you are angry, its just human nature to cough out everything. He offered a free dinner but I refused. 

Certainly another not a good memory just like the previous at Tanjung Wellness Spa.  

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  1. Sorry about the bad experience!

  2. Going by the pictures I thought you'd go on to describe that the treatment was great. What a shame...and how disappointing that must have been!

  3. Would you recommend me to go to a spa while being in KL. Do you have a suggestion?


  4. awesome! seems like you had a great experience.

  5. Oh dear, that's such a bad experience! I was initially impressed to think the spa actually provided pick-up service from your hotel.

  6. What a lovely environment ....a must for having spa :)

  7. Ohh my m sorry to know u had a bad experience.. pathetic service I fathom from what u wrote in the post!


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