Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tanjung Wellness Spa - Philea Resort (Malacca, Malaysia)

Before I left for Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary, I made a call to Tanjung Wellness Spa, situated within the vicinity of Philea Resort for a reservation. From the spa's treatment menu placed in my chalet, I booked the "Tanjung Dream" package. The staff noted down my chalet number, name, time of appointment and the spa package.  

I came back from my sightseeing, rested and called for buggy service to take me to the spa. I arrived 10 minutes earlier and gave my details to the therapist who attended to me.  What a big joke it was because my reservation wasn't jotted down in their appointment book; not sure what  sure what went wrong but I made a mistake of not asking for the name of the person I spoke to when I made the reservation. 
The therapist kept repeating that my appointment isn't listed but I refused to budge.  I insisted that I called. She on the other hand was more interested in making calls and flipping the appointment book over and over. Another therapist came by and both were more interested in trying to explain my missing appointment.  This went on for 30 minutes or so.  I did not give up because there was nothing much to do at the resort at that time. 

After all the turmoil, one of the therapist agreed to start my treatment. Her so called kind intervention: no other customers waiting. My temperature shot up. Yet I kept my cool.  She offered a drink and from the drinks she mentioned, I opted for lemon grass hot drink which according to her was not available. I gave up on having a drink and followed her to the treatment room. 

The first for my treatment was floral footbath, than detoxification floral bath and lastly the full body aromatherapy massage.

I requested for one of the staff to take a couple of pictures and; all turned out blur. 
After the massage, I changed into my clothes and walked back to the reception area.  The lemon grass hot drink which wasn't available earlier appeared in front of me now.  How puzzling it was??    

How did I feel paying RM344.95 (after a 30% discount for staying in the chalet)???   I have been to quite a number of spas  elsewhere before and this one was nothing to shout about, usual and normal I would say.  The disappointment was the 1/2 hour of waiting to sort out my reservation and the flip flops about the lemon grass drink. I also did not like the attitude of the therapist who sounded as though she did me a favor by attending to my spa treatment.  

Well, I took it as part of a learning experience. For next round of pampering myself at any other spas, I will certainly get the name of the person I spoke to for a reservation.  I wonder whether the two staff who attended to me are still working at the spa????.

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  1. My sister is spa fan, Looks like very relaxing.

  2. :( my body is aching and I need a good massage..

  3. What a relaxing atmosphere :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Such a relaxing place. Good place to rest and relax

  5. I love this place look's great!! i never been here but this place really attract me to go there!! :)

  6. What a disappointment! Sorry it wasn't just fabulous :( You can come to the Ritz here for the ULTIMATE experience

  7. So sorry about your disappointment! I would've been unhappy too.

  8. Hmmmm that is such bad attitude! I would have just stormed off and made my complain.


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