Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tanjung Wellness Spa - Philea Resort (Malacca, Malaysia)

Before I left for Malacca Butterfly & ReptileSanctuary, I called Tanjung Wellness Spa and made an appointment for the "Tanjung Dream" package. The person who picked up my call noted down all the necessary info including my name and chalet number. I arrived at the spa 10 minutes earlier and patiently waited for my treatment. The therapist on the other hand looked lost and kept repeating like parrot that I didn't make an appointment because it was not listed in their appointment book. She was also indirectly and politely telling me to leave.  

I refused to budge. Another therapist came by and both were more interested in trying to explain my missing appointment which went on for 30 minutes. After all the turmoil, one of them agreed to start my treatment over the lame excuse that there's no other customers for the day. She then offered a drink and from those she mentioned, I opted for hot lemon grass. I almost lost my cool when she replied that the drink is not available. Instead of saying anything I gave up and followed her to the treatment room. 

My treatment consisted of a floral foot-bath, detox floral bath and lastly the full body aromatherapy massage.

I requested her to take a couple of pictures and sad that when I looked back at the pictures, it appeared as though I was in alien space.  
After the massage, I came back to the reception area.  Somehow from no way the lemon drink drink flew by like a big mystery. I drank, paid RM344.95 (after a 30% discount for staying in the chalet) and left. I came back to my chalet and couldn't stop complaining to my friends about the fumble of not jotting down my appointment, the attitude of the staff and the story behind the drink. The treatment was also nothing much to clap about for that amount I paid. 

I have been to other spa centres and this latest will be classified as a failure because of the unprofessional staff. For the time being Chi Spa in Rasa Sayang will remain as the number 1 on my list.   

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  1. My sister is spa fan, Looks like very relaxing.

  2. :( my body is aching and I need a good massage..

  3. What a relaxing atmosphere :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Such a relaxing place. Good place to rest and relax

  5. I love this place look's great!! i never been here but this place really attract me to go there!! :)

  6. What a disappointment! Sorry it wasn't just fabulous :( You can come to the Ritz here for the ULTIMATE experience

  7. So sorry about your disappointment! I would've been unhappy too.

  8. Hmmmm that is such bad attitude! I would have just stormed off and made my complain.


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