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Cantonese Yee Mee

Cantonese Yee Mee. Chinese style noodle dish. Another variety to Chinese style cooking (Teochew Steamed Fish, Sichuan Chilli Prawns & Cantonese Fried Rice) noodles. Trust me, Chinese and their noodle dishes. Oh-my! They sure have it and know it and there's abundance of varieties and also each to its own meaning. I certainly can't nail why and what are the significance of the noodles dishes, but I sure am aware that Chinese and they eat for prosperity, longevity, happiness and what not (Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup, Lam Mee & Chinese Vegetarian Noodle Soup). What about Cantonese Yee Mee, are you asking me? Well, I cant say much. Must be some sort of significance as well or its just the Chinese noodle dish pleasure (Penang Curry Mee, Penang Assam Laksa & Penang Mee Yoke).

Cantonese Yee Mee for you information is my favourite as well. I just so love it and whenever I am at the Chinese noodle stalls, I can't resist Cantonese Yee Mee. I too love any kinda of Chinese soupy or wet noodles compared to the dried or stir fried ones (Char Kway Teow, Hokkien Mee, Chow Mein & Hakka Noodles) which by far seemingly my other half-half lovingly will tuck in. Anyway, instead of heading to the Chinese stalls and for ensuring that my other half-half can savour into too, I made this halal version. My other half-half and pork? Its a big no. Thus, a seafood version had to the best. How do we make Cantonese Yee Mee? Get ready the ingredients as listed below, including the coiled brown crunchy noodles, known as yee mee or ye mein, and the rest will will fall in place if you follow my recipe. Yee Mee soaking in a thick prawn based broth (Prawn Noodle Soup) and seafood and mustard green for completing Cantonese Yee Mee as a fantastic and satisfying Chinese noodle dish.

(For 2 people)
1/2 liter prawn
3-4 fish balls - cut into two
6 pieces medium size prawns - remove skin and de-vein 
1-2 squids - clean and cut into rings
4-5 stalks Chinese mustard green (or other green leafy veggies) - slice
Spring onion for garnishing
2 tbsp of corn flour (mix with water for a thick liquid)
2 rolls of yee mee noodles - gently rinse
2 eggs
Pepper and salt for taste
Simmer stock till heated through.
Season with salt and pepper.
Gently break eggs and poach one by one.
Slot out and atop the yee mee placed on a bowl or  plate.  
Into the stock, add prawns, fish balls and squids.
Simmer until cooked.
Add veggies and corn flour.
Stir to thicken the stock. 
Pour over yee mee and garnish with spring onion. .
Serve immediately with sliced red chillies in soy sauce.



  1. Love the presentation and flavors too.

  2. That looks absolutely delicious! I also love the dish you have used.
    We are rice -eaters too. Anything else makes me hungry before the night is over.:)

  3. Nava lovely clicks,love to try them.

  4. beautiful presentation nava.. like your food styling always.. very colorful..

  5. Wow Nava they look so wonderful.. such colorful clicks!

  6. lovely presentation and very very tempting....

  7. This looks like what we can 'sheng mee' in our local chinese zi char stalls. Some parts are crispy, some parts soft and wet (due to the stock).

  8. Yee mee looks like one complete meal! It has got eggs, noodles, greens, meat - wow!! Looks very delicious, fresh and perfectly exhibited. Love the poached egg on the top, ohh they taste perfect!
    Kinda reminds me of chopsuey recipe, only that this is liquidy! Also love the simple seasoning! Good that you guys get such complete meal in coffee shops, here we get only bakery items and sandwiches other than coffees in Coffee shops!
    Also nice clicks.

  9. U made is at home... Looks like you it directly from some 5 star restaurant...
    Keep in touch

  10. Looks very yummy.. A complete meal.. Tasty & healthy with greens & sea food :)

  11. I love seafood, this recipe is perfect! Great presentation, looks so delicious!

  12. you are drooling me on that first pic...simply loved that clear click

  13. Nava,u always write about fish balls and make me so curious I am still hunting for them in Asian groceries:)
    The seafood soup looks absolutely delicious.

  14. I love reading your writing, I always happy when got the opportunity to visit you here, you are always honest in portraying the reality of everyday life experienced by the people of Malaysia when it comes to what we eat ... I agree with you, If it's not rice, it has to be noodles ... and the creativity of someone like you that will bring a dish to the lowest place or to the top.

    Neeva, I have seen that you always put every dish is its most glorious place! I can feel the honesty in all that you have cooked and served to the family and all of us here ... I have to learn this from you ...

    May you be blessed with all things good. Neeva, happy sharing!

  15. Very colourful.. Lovely presentation..

  16. Interesting dish..lovely clicks as usual:)

  17. wow at first I thought it was chopseuy. New recipe, nicely presented.

  18. Awesome! You even plated it one 'old fashion' plates!

  19. Wow! Yee mee looks so tasty... Loved it Nava :-)

  20. Healthy and delicious one-pot meal. ! A satisfying meal in weekend :)

  21. yup...this is an all time delicious noodle dish....terrific if eat with cilipadi

  22. What a colourful and delicious seafood recipe :D


  23. I love these fish balls in this simple noodles dish, I never had enough :) beautiful color on this bowl :)

  24. Such a pretty presentation! I love all the different seafood and served on those crunchy noodles....looks delicious!

  25. this looks wonderful with so many flavours.....would make a delicious one pot meal ! great clicks and lovely presentation Nava !

  26. sounds your clicks

  27. Interesting, looks so colourful... lovely presentation dear :)

  28. So colorful and delicious. Awesome dear :)


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