Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pucuk Ubi Masak Lemak (Tapioca leaf In Coconut Gravy)

The other door to a Malay style coconut stew (Masak Lemak Ikan Masin Nenas & Sardin Masak Lemak Cili Padi). In fact, a close cousin to our Indian Sodhi. The main vegetable key to this version of masak lemak? Pretty much tapioca leaf/pucuk ubi which trust me, can be effortlessly grown. Just plant the roots after cooking and within time, you have it all. The rest of the ingredients? How far further can we get when its a Malay coconut stew? The, more or less within the context of our pantry friendly ingredients and maybe you need to buy them. Pucuk Ubi Masak Lemak (Tapioca leaf In Coconut Gravy). Malay style truly a sensational delight. 

1 bunch of tapioca/pucuk ubi leaves - pluck the leaves and discard the stems
1/2 cup thick coconut milk
2 tbsp of oil
Salt to taste

For the paste (coarsely pounded/blended)
6 fresh red chillies
1 inch fresh turmeric/kunyit
4 shallots
2 tbps dried prawns - soak and rinse
1 lemongrass
1/2 inch roasted belacan/shrimp paste
Heat oil.
Fry the paste till aromatic.
Pour enough water for gravy.
Simmer and add the leaves.
Cook to soften
Season with salt.
Pour coconut milk, stir and simmer just to heat through.
Off the heat.


  1. I do not know if I could find these ingredients where I live and is a pity because the looks amazing to try.

  2. Sounds nice Navneetham.never heard of this but worth a try

  3. looks like a great winter dish
    keep in touch

  4. Beautiful snaps..... very interesting recipe..... I never tried any recipe with tapioca leaf..... thanks for sharing..... :)

  5. Never cooked with tapioco leaves ..First time i am seeing these too.The curry looks really awesome with coconut milk.

  6. That's a beautiful cane basket Nava :) Also, the recipe is so simple andf easy. Love that color too!

  7. This looks so delicious! Never tried these leaves but I am sure they taste really good and are healthy too!!

  8. What a lovely presentation and flavorful recipe. Loved it!

  9. Taste great with rice...if got sambal..perfect

  10. very interesting recipe...looks very delicious

  11. Interesting. I never knew they used tapioca leaves in curries. I love seeing food from different places. This looks delicious! :) Erika


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