Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oats Coated Fried Prawns

Every now and then, its nice to go back to yesteryears. The years you were so enthusiastic about cooking a splashing meal to impress your husband. Of course, during the beginning of your marriage steps or even maybe, 10 years down the road? Thereafter, you are only interested in cooking a basic meal. As long as home cooked, you know you are being the good wife. Regardless, the yesteryears does come into your marriage food picture. Not regularly, but like I have already told you, every now and then. Oats Coated Fried Prawns (Thai Prawn Red Curry, Goan Prawn Curry & Butter Prawns). Nothing new for me. Did it before, and today, somehow I thought let's bring back the prawn memory lane (Tamarind Prawn Curry, Sichuan Chilli Prawns & Prawn Sambal). Oats Coated Fried Prawns obviously is the fried stuff. The fried stuff which is really fab when eaten there and then (Chinese Prawn Fritters). As soon as out of the frying pan (Mee Goreng  Udang). Oats Coated Fried Prawns. Grab it while you can. Crunch!

10 medium size prawns - de-vein, leave the tail on and pat dry
Some salt
Some crushed black pepper
Mix these ingredients together

Other ingredient
1 egg white - whisk lightly
1/2 cup (more or less) rolled oats
Oil for frying

Toss prawns in egg white.
Then take one by one, roll over oats and deep fry.

Serve with chilli sauce or other dips.


  1. I love the prawns and the oat coating makes them even more tempting.

  2. Yumm looks crunchy and delicious

  3. The prawns look so cute, Nava! I'll probably finish them in seconds! xoxo

  4. I m reading a recipe like this for the first time on my blog.. looks super yummy and easy to make.. thanks fr sharing

  5. Awesome recipe..so easily made..Loved the crunchy prawns.

  6. I just can't resist ..these prawns look super yummy ...loved it

  7. Prawns are always a must have for me. Tempted


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