Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pretoria City Tour - Gauteng Province (South Africa)

Two more days in South Africa after touring Cape Town, Johannesburg and Sun City, no doubt I didn't mind returning home despite the fact that it is gonna be back to the daily grind. Still, compared to the great moments while holidaying, home will always be where the heart is and nothing like the comfort of my own bed and home cooked meals. Logically, as always, every tour must end with a cut-off point, today we embarked on a city tour of Pretoria. Basically peeping out of the coach to see the significant buildings and picturesque stops, Pretoria is South Africa's administrative capital and home to government departments, ministries, foreign embassies and diplomatic missions. 

Somewhat similar to our Putrajaya. Pretoria a quiet-calm city which was once at the heart of the apartheid regime with its very name a symbol of oppression, there are also a number of gracious old houses, large suburbs and the wide streets are lined with a purple haze of jacarandas in October and November. Perfect timing, we awed at the purple flowers while passing by Kruger House, Church State, State/Opera House and the universities, thereafter stopped outside the Union Buildings to admire the view, picturing and another journey for lunch at a nearby restaurant.  



The next stop was at Voortrekker Monument located on a hill in the 240ha nature reserve. Known as Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site, South of Pretoria, this monument commemorate the bravery and persistence of the Voortrekker/Afrikaner pioneers, who embarked north on the Great Trek between 1835 and 1854, from the British-controlled Cape Colony.

Designed by Gerard Moerdijk, the 40m-tall granite Voortrekker Monument opened on 16 December 1949. Ringed by 64 granite ox-wagons and with five massive statues of Boer leaders, and another by Anton Von Wouw of a Boer woman and her 2 children on the outside, inside it features a historical frieze and cenotaph, which is lit every 16 December by a shaft of sunlight through an opening in the roof. The granite frieze depicting the heroics of the trekkers on 27 bas-relief panels is the largest in the world, whereas an indigenous garden and an open-air amphitheatre are on the grounds.  

Departing from the monument within the next 1 1/2 hours, we then spend the next few hours at Sandton City Shopping Complex. A one-of-a-kind premier fashion and leisure destination and an energetic hub of Afro-cosmopolitan glamour, Sandton offers world’s most desirable brands with close to 300 leading local and international retailers. 
Regardless of walking around hoping for best bargains, except for buying some chocolates and Rooibos Tea, we felt that it is rather expensive to shop at this mall. Thus, for the next 2 hours or so, we relaxed over some refreshments at the cafe across the huge Mandela statue. 
Returning to the hotel after dinner, next morning we visited the diamond factory, sat through a short documentary on how the precious stones are harvested and then of course, you can purchase the stones. For me, previous stones neither diamonds have never been my best friends, so out of the factory and within the next 2 hours, bye-bye to this 10 days 7 night tour to South Africa, a long haul flight via Singapore and we returned home quite exhausted but certainly with fond memories. 

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  1. such beautiful green city
    Keep in touch

  2. A really lovely collection of photos. Fascinated by the architecture and the wide spaces. You look good!!

  3. Love the beautiful post! TGIF, my dear! xoxo

  4. Gorgeous! I want to visit South Africa! And we must meet whenever I am back to KL. I don't know why we haven't met :)

  5. Nava, you look gorgeous and stunning. Very nice place to visit. I have one of my classmate who works and stays there in Gauteng. He loves the place. Have heard quite a lot from him. Your post gave a visual tour.

  6. :) love the pose...seems u had a nice time...keep going gal

  7. The pictures look great ! Am so tempted to go back on vacation now.

  8. Amazing clicks. Looks like you had a great time :-)

  9. lovely clicks...good to know about other places more...looks like you had a great time :)


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