Friday, November 14, 2014

The Flam Railway - Norway

Finally oh-boy, I was glad the almost two hours Fjord Cruise was over when we arrived at Flam. Back again to rush-push standing in the long the queue in the toilet as well as for the buffet lunch. Definitely not something I liked but what to do, this place draws tourists from all over and they sure were hungry as wolves. Food filled up, food vanished, you stand there staring and take whatever available. 

The dining area cramped up with tables and chairs so close knocking until hardly space to walk and in. So better you take as much of food because going again for another round you wouldn't want unless of course you don't mind. The buffet - choices there but as said, food just disappeared. 

Quickly we eat, came outside, ordered coffee, definitely more relaxing and that we had another 1 1/2 hours before the train comes calling for the scenic ride to Voss via Myrdal, ranked high on the lists of the most beautiful train trips in the world. 

The 20km long ride I agree a life time experience -  majestic, scenic and drop dead beautiful via the tight turns, 20 tunnels, lush valleys, picturesque villages, a quick stop not only at one of the largest waterfalls but at other points too.

An hour, we arrived at Myral and off to the next destination - Bergen.

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  1. the scene is beautiful , no wonder you couldn't take your eyes off it
    i like the lovey dovy pic :)
    keep in touch

  2. I would have loved to go on that train ride too! What a view!
    Oh and I love that umbrella!!

  3. living life to the fullest!!! that's way your pics says :)

  4. Lovely view. Wah very windy there. :)

  5. The place was super amazing.. loved ur clicks.. :)

  6. Stunning landscape! Would love to visit some day ......... Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  7. wow!!! such a beautiful place Navs... Loved your clicks <3

  8. wow such a pretty place nava and wonderful clicks

  9. Hi Nava, amazing and breathtaking scenic view! You sure know how to enjoy life, huh... Will definitely include Norway in my itinerary for my next holidays. Thanks for sharing and stay happy and cheerful always :)


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