Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sen Tay Ho (West Lake Lotus) Restaurant - Hanoi, Vietnam

Morning was broken like the first morning at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum for the first 3 hours. Thereafter to One-Pillar Pagoda and The Temple of Literature before food and leg brekkie at this restaurant. Definitely not the place for people like me who hate waiting in long queue with a plate in hand as though begging for a meal. No doubt, aplenty and huge varieties of Western, Asian, Vietnamese and vegetarian dishes but disappeared as quickly as they were refilled. None cared if the other has eaten as plates were pile up leaving nothing behind. Thus, patience must be the game before you squeeze in between the elbow to elbow dining area in the name of enjoying of a good meal at this free wheel,  all walks of life, bus-loads of tourists restaurant. 

Good food I admit, admittedly thumbs up to the typical traditional Vietnamese desserts. Waiting patiently is still the virtue, but worth every waiting minute for the steamed sticky cake wrapped in banana leaves, black bean paste sweet porridge, two varieties of steamed custards and palm sugar with peanuts and candied ginger. These must be applauded for the deliciousness, eat as much as you want and then make sure you hop back into the coach.  

A solid hour for lunch, then a long winding drive to Halong Bay - one of the best highlights in Vietnam. 

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  1. Such a huge spread, so many fruits .. Yummyyyy
    Keep in touch

  2. With a lot of choices sometimes it becomes difficult to choose what to eat!!

  3. You must have had a wonderful feast ...Yeah deciding of what to eat in this type of restaurants is difficult sometimes ...including marriage celebs too..

  4. wow...lots of choices navneet...n everything looks yummy...
    beautiful clicks n post navi

    my recent one :http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/2014/02/mua-britain-irelands-next-top-model-palette-review-swatches-look.html

  5. Yum! Everything looks so good...
    Thanks for sharing all this pictures Nava...have a great week :D

  6. Yummy pictures loved it Navs <3

  7. Sounds a festive all you can eat!!!
    i usually endded to picked someting that i've not known before....

  8. soo many choices...i love ur clicks dear..
    Great place to visit..

    my recent one :http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/2014/02/mua-britain-irelands-next-top-model-palette-review-swatches-look.html#

  9. So many choices. I wonder where to start :)

  10. What a great range of delicious choices, it is a beautiful cuisine :D

    Choc Chip Uru

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