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Chandigarh, North India - Nava's Travel (Part 2)

Hopefully, hope is life by the way, my biggest hope on the second day in Chandigarh? Please, a big full-stop to health issues please. Arrr, as it is, sightseeing didn't materialize the previous day (Chandigarh Part 1), and in case health cases are back to square one? Dang! Anyway, come or go whatever, going by our itinerary, we must return to New Delhi by tonight. Thankfully, so far so good. No "health is not wealth" casualties. Meanwhile, breakfast was broken by the usual hotel buffet breakfast. On my dead palates. Literally dead due to eating the same type of food for the last 6 days, for almost every other meal. Ahhhhh!!! (Kullu Manali & Shimla).

Having said that, I still ate. A tiny bit. For keeping my tummy warm, not out of greediness, and once clock ticked for signaling the end to breakfast, we left for our first ever Chandigarh sightseeing. Shukna Lake. Nestled at the foot of Shivalik Hills, created in year 1958, Sukhna Lake is a man made lake, which stretches at 3sq. km. Of course, of course, Sukhna is without a doubt a nature stunner. and for someone like me, water is sincerely a soul touching therapy. The weather in Chandigarh too, another appreciated soul therapy, winter bliss mild coziness. 

Now, did I clan-up with the majority of the tour members for boat ride? No, I didn't. Instead, I loved my me-time. Seated somewhere close to Sukhna lake, for the easy, unpressured mind moment, my mind wondering towards Sukhna Lake's water beauty. Apart from, later, heading from one stall to another, for food desire. Sadly though, these stalls were not ready in welcoming customers. As much as I tried, at my wittiness, charm and broad smiles? Neh! But I sure got the workers tickled. They unselfishly returning my smiles. By the next 2 hours or so, time out from Sukhna Lake, before we step foot in Rock Garden.

Rock Garden. The wow factor. Mesmerizing, rocking in and out of creativity and innovativeness. The sightseeing stealer in Chandigarh. It is, utterly. At least for someone like who admire those who come up with such brilliant ideas. Spreading over an area of 40 acres, sculptures made from recycled ceramic, and Rock Garden completely built out of industrial waste, home waste and thrown-away items. I truly, loved, loved whatever I saw, whatever captured on my camera, likewise, whatever captured in my mind memory bank. 

Up next? Rose Garden. Within a short distance from Rock Garden. Officially known as Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, named after the former president of India, Dr Zakir Hussain, Rose Garden was established in year 1967. The largest rose garden in Asia, spreading over an area of 40 acres, and exhibiting some of the rarest and exquisite varieties of roses. Indeed, gorgeous blooms of different colors, in different shapes as well, these roses parading themselves in their own stunning manner. Of course, in tandem to Ms.Nava. Hehehehe! 

2 hours in Rose Garden, next, food time. Lunch time. Same food story, as in all the previous days. Vegetarianism again. No, I have nothing to say. I'm not even mentioning the name of the restaurant, neither, the items I tucked into. By this lunch, the curtains in Chandigarh were slowly drawn together, for journeying back and arriving in New Delhi at about 10.30pm. What about dinner on this night, arranged in a nearby restaurant? Oh-please. Late meals are not for me, because I don't want to return home with extra kilos, and then, struggle in loosing them. 

Next change - New Delhi. 


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