Friday, March 22, 2024

Women's Online Bullying: Exposing the Hidden Faces of Harassment

Yesterday, I shed light on the pervasive issue of Online Sexual Harassment, predominantly carried out by men. However, when the focus shifts to women, a different narrative emerges - they too can be the instigators of online bullying. Surprisingly, these women, some occupying esteemed positions in educated and professional fields, unleash a torrent of vile and disparaging comments. Upon receiving such hurtful remarks, I sometimes take a glimpse at their profiles, where they proudly tout their education and careers, some even associated with prestigious organizations.


The spectrum of comments I've faced as online bullying is truly staggering. Ranging from baseless accusations of soliciting the opposite sex, to being labeled as lonely, mentally unstable, and confused, the barrage of remarks knows no bounds. Some have gone as far as critiquing my appearance for my age, suggesting that I require an image consultant for appropriate dressing.


It's disheartening to witness such behavior, particularly when it emanates from unexpected sources like a school teacher who, ironically, was found sporting baggy clothes in her profile picture. She insinuated that at my age, I should be taking it easy instead of engaging in fitness activities like dancing. Others adorn their profile pictures with religious symbols, yet their conduct couldn't be farther from righteous. There are even those who conceal their heads with scarves while simultaneously engaging in disparaging commentary.

Once one woman initiates with a harsh comment, others swiftly follow suit, each remark escalating in brutality. It's almost as if an ugly soul attracts others of its kind (Abundance Of Mindfulness). But what motivates these women to resort to online bullying? Perhaps it stems from their difficulty in accepting an Indian woman like me being active on social media, particularly when I'm seen wearing yoga outfits and dancing.


Perhaps it's also rooted in the prevailing societal norms that dictate Indian women of my age should be focused on tending to grandchildren, clad in housecoats, and engrossed in watching Tamil serials, all while sowing discord among their children. The societal expectations placed upon women can be suffocating. Moreover, many of these women, as I've observed from their profile pictures, appear to harbor insecurities about their appearance, leading to feelings of envy, jealousy, and frustration (Mental Health Day).


Their lack of self-assurance and means of finding happiness materialize in targeting others, like me, with their hurtful remarks. Interestingly, all of these women fall within the age range of 30 and above, trapped in a mindset that equates aging with looking older than one's years.

I share this experience to underscore the importance of remaining vigilant against such individuals and their toxic behavior. What should you do in response? Ignore, refrain from reacting, or responding. In extreme cases, consider blocking them. The question remains - are you one of these women? While you may portray an angelic facade to the outside world, why direct your online ire towards women like me?


It's high time these women address their inner selves and seek empowerment through positive means like yoga (Aging By Holistic Wellness & The Power Of Yoga), which fosters self-love, clear thinking, and inner transformation. Remember, true beauty begins within, not in tearing down others.

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