Monday, March 18, 2024

KKSV Restaurant: Malaysian Coffeeshop Eating Culture

Formerly recognized as Restoran Poh Yap, this establishment underwent refurbishment a few months ago and now goes by the name KKSV Restaurant. The makeover includes an expanded, air-conditioned dining area. While some familiar stalls, like the Pork Noodles, remain, new additions have also been introduced, creating an exciting blend of the traditional and the novel (Exploring A Kopitiam).

Venturing in after the revamp, possibly under new ownership, my husband decided on Thai Fried Rice, while I opted for Pan Mee during our lunch outing. To complement our choices, we ordered Chinese Tea, a perfect way to counter the richness of the dishes.

The Thai Fried Rice, a seafood version with added frozen mixed vegetables, long beans, spring onions, chilies, onions, and eggs in soy-coated rice, received a mixed review from my husband. Although not a clear winner, he deemed it edible, citing a slightly dry texture.

As for my choice, the Pan Mee, served with a spicy dip, won my heart with its flavorful broth, complemented by sweet leaves (cekur manis), mushrooms, fried anchovies, and noodles. The delicate interplay of flavors in the dish made for a delightful experience.

Price-wise, KKSV Restaurant aligns with typical coffee shop rates, considering the upward trend due to increased ingredient costs. Despite the economic challenges, the overall dining experience proves worthwhile, urging us to plan a return visit to explore other offerings from various stalls. The dynamic menu of this Chinese coffee shop continues to be a source of culinary adventure, ensuring that each visit promises a new gastronomic discovery (Asian Fusion Seafood Noodles).



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