Saturday, March 2, 2024

Toyo Bowl Delights: Supporting Local Taste

In every collaboration at Nava's Zen, I maintain the tradition of treating my collaborator to a meal - a small token of gratitude for their time and contributions to my growth. I usually opt for online ordering, focusing on healthy food. Despite established choices in the healthy food industry, my recent preference was deliberately a smaller-scale restaurant. This decision aligns with my commitment to supporting small businesses, recognizing the impact of mutual support in our growth journeys.

Using Grab, I ordered from Toyo Bowl (Jalan Kenari, Puchong Jaya), selecting Lemongrass Lime Chicken (RM24.90) and Veg Portobello Bowl (RM18.90). 

The Lemongrass Lime Chicken, accompanied by brown rice, sriracha sauce, edamame beans, corn, sunflower seeds, bits of carrot, and salad, offered a delightful experience. Similarly, the Veg Portobello, featuring a salad mix and lemon herb sauce, proved to be a winner. Both dishes were generously portioned, suitable for sharing. The freshness of the ingredients and the vegetables retaining their crunchiness added to the enjoyment. We truly relished these two bowl concept foods.

For dessert, I opted for Berry Nutty Overnight Oats (RM15.90) - oats and chia seeds topped with blueberries and pecans. Although usually a breakfast choice, we thoroughly enjoyed it as our dessert. The natural sweet burst, crunchiness, and softness made each scoop delightful.

As a complimentary addition, we received green tea.

Toyo Bowl Restaurant's performance showcased that small businesses can compete with big food delivery companies. This was a stark contrast to my past experiences with well-known establishments that had delivery mishaps and wrong orders. Toyo Bowl emerged as a clear winner. I encourage you to consider supporting such small businesses in your future choices. Your support plays a crucial role in their growth, unlike the big players that often overlook feedback and fail to apologize for their mishaps. 

What's your take on supporting local small businesses for a change? Have you had any noteworthy experiences or preferences when it comes to choosing between big players and smaller establishments for your meals?

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