Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Vegetarian Delight: Indulge in Coconut Creamed Spinach

There's a common saying that inner beauty outweighs outer beauty. Yet, when faced with hole-ridden spinach, doubts arise (Spinach Lentil). Allow me to clarify - these holes signify freedom from pesticides, a testament to natural produce. Despite this reassurance, some remain hesitant, while others embrace it (Brazilian Spinach Stir Fry).

The irony of comparing inner and outer beauty becomes apparent. Interestingly, pesticide-free produce not only boasts rich nutrients (Malay Style Vegetarian Coconut Milk Spinach)but also offers a delightful taste. Next time you shop for leafy greens, consider whether you prefer flawless, glossy ones or those with imperfections, signaling authenticity (Spinach Cottage Cheese & Spinach Turmeric). Now, shall we delve into yoga mindfulness (Quieting The Mind).


As for the spinach harvested in our Zen, Nava's Zen, here's the recipe for Coconut Creamed Spinach.

Ingredients (as needed/as per taste):

1 bunch spinach (roots removed, soaked, rinsed, and sliced, including the stems)


Shallots (skins removed),

Garlic (skins removed),

Dried red chilies


Coconut milk




Heat ghee, sauté shallots, garlic, and chilies.

Add spinach, stir, and add a bit of water to soften.

Pour in coconut milk and cook to your preferred texture, adding salt as needed.

Let's savor this dish mindfully.

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