Thursday, March 21, 2024

Sexual Harassment Online: Stay Vigilant

Despite ongoing discussions about sexual harassment online, the issue persists across all age groups, including myself in my golden years. The perception of being seen in yoga outfits on social media platforms has led to unwelcome assumptions and advances, prompting me to remove my phone number from my accounts. Yet, it's impossible to avoid sharing my phone number in certain instances, where it's necessary. However, this hasn't stopped some individuals from resorting to messaging and calling me from social media platform connections. Today, let's explore the behavior of men in particular. In the next sharing, I will tell you about the women. Not as in sexuality, but as online bullies. 

Men, they move on to inappropriate advances, ranging from sending semi-nude pictures to making suggestive comments under the guise of yoga inquiries. Some even ask about if yoga can help sexual libidos and get a thrill from continuing on this topic. Some even make explicit sounds during phone calls.

There are also those who assume I'm lonely due to the absence of information about my husband online and attempt to exploit this perceived vulnerability. Asking me if I am looking for companionship, wanting to meet, etc. 

Even former students, much younger than me, have made inappropriate advances, like going for a holiday as part of sexual rendezvous, telling me they love older women like me, and suggesting services I should include services ranging from massage therapy to social escorting in my business. 

People say I should report them. Should I? Remember, it's not difficult for these people to find out where I am staying, let alone my business premises, and what if they resort to unwarranted action? Can the enforcement protect me and for how long? And for male clients who insist on one-on-one yoga sessions, at this stage I think they are my potential clients, but still, I ensure my husband is present to deter any inappropriate behaviors, and guess what, they never return to be my clients.


My response to such advances? 

I simply block and move on, refusing to engage or acknowledge their behavior (Quieting The Mind).


Are you aware of what your children are doing online? Can they be potential predators? What about your spouse's behavior with their phone? It's crucial to remain vigilant regarding online interactions, especially when it comes to protecting our children and spouses from potential predators.

What can mitigate or be a remedy or even cure for such online sexual harassment characters or even you, for keeping vigilant on what to do and how to handle online harassment (Bay Leaf Healing Therapy). The practice of yoga (Power Of Yoga) by which you will discover who you are, instill values in your mind, being able to differentiate what is appropriate and not. and the consequences of being online sexual harassment characters.

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