Friday, March 15, 2024

Nava's Zen: A Harmonious Haven for Nature's Melody

Birds naturally gravitate toward Nava's Zen, already a mini eco-world (Eco Living) in a residential area where squirrels, butterflies, and even stray cats coexist with nature, adding to its natural charm. The charm lies in the beauty of the universe, consisting of nature, animals, and of course, humans.

The presence of birds and their chirping is such an amazing sound. Listening to the crisp chirping breaks down mental barriers and brings a soft rush of calmness to the mind, acting as natural therapy (Quieting The Mind). The presence of bird nests in your compound indicates that your environment is in harmony with nature, portraying a healthy and inviting ecosystem. This is considered a positive omen, symbolizing the renewal of life and affirming that your surroundings provide a safe and suitable environment for nesting and raising offspring.


The previous bird nests didn't last due to heavy lashing of rain and wind, which blew them away. Observing the birds meticulously gathering twigs and branches for their nests, step by step, mirrors the reality of my business journey- a slow, steady process rather than overnight success. Learning from birds teaches us principles of life and business endeavours. This grounded perspective aligns with the gradual progress in my endeavours.

Additionally, witnessing the birds sitting inside their nests and chirping away is a truly remarkable experience. Advocating for sustainable development, including efforts to save the earth and nurture Mother Earth, becomes a profoundly meaningful endeavour that touches the essence of breath, body, mind, and soul (Radiant Aging).

It's a true commitment from humans, but sadly, due to life in the fast lane, nurturing Mother Earth has been set aside. Many don't have time to think about nature; instead, they focus on success, making it big in life, whereas others are not willing to put in the hours to nurture nature through gardening (Plant Based Salads).


What contributions do you make to promote sustainability in nature?

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