Monday, March 11, 2024

Plant-Based Salads: Sustainability from Pantry to Plate

Back in the early days when I ventured into blogging to share my recipes, I used to purchase numerous new ingredients, often intended for a single recipe. This was especially true for baking and when experimenting with recipes shared by others. These ingredients would accumulate in my pantry and fridge, sometimes forgotten until I checked, only to find them expired (Pakistani Vegetarian Briyani).

Over the subsequent years, I came to realize that cooking should commence with the ingredients already at home (Pumpkin Stir Fry). Imported ingredients aren't cheap, and it's crucial to utilize them, especially the fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the first step in my cooking routine involves checking my fridge and pantry (Vegetarian Long Beans) to utilize any remaining ingredients, aligning with our commitment to sustainable eating.

I then craft dishes using these ingredients, complemented by a visit to Nava's Zen for fresh organic herbs, vegetables, and fruits (Lemongrass Tea & Moringa Stir Fry).

Among the plant-based salads I've prepared are:

Avocado Pomegranate Salad. 

Featuring avocado, pomegranate, mixed salad leaves, plant-based cheese, olive oil, pepper, and salt.

Tempeh Salad.
Comprising grilled tempeh, raw red capsicum, tomatoes, salad leaves, and cabbage, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Orange Crouton Salad.
With homemade croutons, oranges, arugula leaves, coconut oil, pepper, and salt.

Tofu Salad.

Showcasing grilled tofu, avocado, cucumber, mixed salad leaves, chili sauce, and salt.

These salad recipes serve as a guide; feel free to modify, adapt, or replace ingredients according to what you have on hand. 

I encourage you to try them out! I'm also keen to hear about your approach to sustainable eating. Please share your preferences.

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