Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Weighty Issues: Challenges in Healthcare Wellness

Two months ago, my husband was hospitalized for dengue fever. During his week-long stay at the medical center, I couldn't help but notice something concerning among the staff - quite a number were overweight or obese. This raised a red flag as even some doctors displayed protruding stomachs and sluggish movements. It's ironic that while doctors advise patients on diet and exercise, they themselves struggle with obesity.

I've encountered clients who work as nurses in medical centers, hospitals, and clinics, and a considerable number of them are obese and suffer from severe back pain due to the physical demands of their job. They often have to lift patients, push trolleys, and stand for long hours. Additionally, some nurses are overworked due to staff shortages, with Malaysian nurses leaving for Middle Eastern countries for better salaries. These nurses sometimes have to cover multiple shifts, leaving them with no time for self-care activities like yoga (Beyond Yoga Poses). It's a stressful situation for them, as they feel stuck in their jobs due to financial obligations.

Even doctors are not spared from being overworked, perhaps explaining the prevalence of obesity among them, as they lack time for yoga fitness and work-life balance (Abundance Of Mindfulness) Moreover, I've noticed employees, particularly those in customer service, exhibiting long faces and unresponsive behavior. It's unclear whether this stems from workplace unhappiness, feeling overworked, or other factors.


This highlights the unfortunate reality of the medical industry and the challenges faced by healthcare workers in maintaining their own health and well-being. The question arises: why is the medical industry facing such a situation? Is it due to more people succumbing to the rat race lifestyle compared to before, or is it due to shortages of medical centers and government hospitals?


Does this suggest that the medical industry is solely focused on the bottom line, driven by profit? What about their policies for employee well-being?

Please share your insights on why such a situation exists in the healthcare industry and what can be done to mitigate it.

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