Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Butter Basil Prawns

Compared to fish (ikan asam pedas and Thai style steamed fish), prawn is a once a while affair(prawn in chilli oyster sauce and lemongrass prawn petai sambal). Usually cooked in small quantity because the seafood is super high in cholesterol. Also, the most we can eat is perhaps 3 or 4 pieces. When it came to another prawn dish, the only one that came to mind was butter prawns - a crowd pleaser in Chinese restaurants. Despite having cooked the dish before, I thought it will be good to try a different version. Here it is - tender prawn encased in crispy shell, with a buttery-eggy crumble and scented with basil leaves.  
15 medium size prawns - snip half of the head, make a small incision in between the body and pull out the veins. 
1 tbsp rice flour
1 egg yolk
Mix all together

3 yolks
3 tbsp milk
** lightly beat both together
5 garlic -chopped
2 tbsp salted butter
5-6 birds eye chillies - smashed
3-4 sprigs of basil leaves
(Note; can be replaced with curry leaves or other herbs)
Salt for taste (if needed)
Heat butter and fry prawns till crispy and dark pink in colour.
Remove and keep aside.
In the same butter liquid, fry garlic till golden brown. 
Pour in yolk-milk mixture. 
Quickly stir and scramble into small pieces.
Add back the fried prawns, then the basil leaves, chillies and salt (taste first before adding).
Stir a couple of time and dish out. 
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  1. Just started planting some basil at my in laws' place. Am hoping my lil herb garden grows so I can have my own herbs like you:D

  2. These prawns look so delicious!! Butter and basil is a fantastic combo!!

  3. Thats a new one for me.. Bookmarked.. Will surely try this out...

  4. Wow....butter prawns looks wonderful & delicious.. :-)

  5. Hello Nava...

    Your butter prawns look inviting. But I have never tried making them myself. Must give it a try one day. Oh I wonder when will that 'one day' be! Hihihi....

  6. Wow that looks so delectable ,I can almost dive into that plate...love.. love prawns, Nava!

  7. That is delicious dish, love that you made with homegrown basil.

  8. Nice Clicks


  9. That looks delicious, Nava! Such a wonderful way to enjoy prawns!

  10. Wow! Delicious basil prawns Nava :-)

  11. Lovely combination...looks yummy


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