Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spicy Crab Parathal

Oh-my! Ladies and gentlemen, today I have this spicy crab parathal recipe for you. I know it is not fair. I am making you salivate without giving you a chance to taste it. Impossible yea. Nevertheless, deep down I feel for you because I know what a torture it will be looking at such a dish, but unable to devour in. That's okay, take it from me. Take this recipe of mine, follow exactly, or tweet it but essentially I will appreciate if you can replicate. Its fresh crabs cooked with spices, chilli powder, tomato and the rest of the ingredients as listed below. Obviously, as the name suggests, it is a super crab dish for its spiciness and aroma of curry leaves. Dang please a million times, drench this spicy thick curry with Rasam and it will take you to heaven instantly.

5 flower crab - clean, cut into two, lightly crack claws and rinse thoroughly

Other Ingredients
1 tbsp plain chilli powder (or as needed)
1/2 tbsp fish curry powder (or as needed)
** Mix both with a bit of water for a thick paste
2 medium size tomatoes ( slice thinly)
Some spices (cinnamon, star anise & cardamom)
1 tbsp onion paste (or chopped onion)
1/2 tbsp ginger paste
1 tsp garlic paste.
3-4 sprigs curry leaves
Heat oil in a big wok.
When heated, add ginger paste, garlic paste and onion paste.
Sauté. Add curry paste and spices. 
Stir and cook till aromatic and oil floats. .  
Put in tomatoes, curry leaves, crab and salt. 
Stir and mix. 
Pour 1/4 cup of water (more if you prefer more gravy). 
Stir again and close with a lid. 
Just after 7-8 min, open lid and allow the gravy to dry up.
Off the heat and dish out. 

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