Friday, February 8, 2013

Basil Dried Prawn Paste Sandwich

To be honest, I don't like anything about bread, or even sandwiches (Dory Fish Sandwich, Egg Cheesy Bun & Malaysian Egg Benedict). Don't ask why, its been like that for the longest time. Give me rice with spicy dishes (Sambal Ayam Serai/Chicken Lemongrass Sauce) or noodles with chillies (Prawn Mee Hoon Soup), I glow happily. In fact, these sandwiches were for a small time informal meet-up with friends at my place. The same friends who at first wanted to dine out as well as have a couple of drinks. Then you know-lah how it is like when 5 women plan an outing? Plenty of trivial issues from who is driving, what to wear, I don't like this food, I don't like that food and a whole list of lame excuses. 

To cut short, I agreed for them to come over. I made these sandwiches and they didn't mind bringing their own bottles. Surprisingly too all agreed to hop into one car and as usual, Malaysians don't know what is punctuality. Small party started off well but before the night ended, tears of joy and tears of unhappiness became the scene. Well, glasses of wine does make a difference to our emotions, agree? Of course, I must say. Regardless, these sandwiches were polished off. Next day, our home meal was sandwich again, well, I was feeling so lethargic until I couldn't pull myself to cook. So, the balance of prawn paste, made with dried prawns (Kam Heong Prawns, Nasi Lemak, Prawn Fritters, Mee Siam, Nyonya Curry Laksa & Thai Prawn Spaghetti), and scented with basil leaves (Pepper Basil Crabs) or you can replace with curry leaves, was spread over toasted wholemeal sliced loaf, topped with cucumber and tomato. My other half of course was happy. 

For the paste
1 cup dried prawns - soaked in water for 15 mins, drain off water and pound/ground prawns coarsely.
2-3 tbsp fresh red chilli paste (or as needed)
1 tbsp shallot paste (or chopped shallots)
1/2 tbsp ginger paste (or chopped ginger)
2 tbsp tamarind/asam juice
A small handful of basil leaves (or any other suitable herbs)
3 tbsp oil
Powdered palm sugar - as needed (or white sugar will do too)
Salt for taste
When oil is heated, fry chilli paste, shallot paste and ginger paste.
Stir and cook till oil splits.
Add prawns and cook while stirring for another 2 to 3 minutes. 
Pour in tamarind juice.
Season with sugar and salt.
Simmer for a thick paste. 
Off the heat, combine in basil leaves and cool down the paste. .
To make the sandwiches, spread the paste on toasted bread. 
Top with cucumber slices and tomatoes.
Optional: another slice of bread can go atop as well.  
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  1. Prawn paste mouthwatering.... :-)

  2. I absolutely love this sandwich, it looks ridiculously delicious :D
    Definitely a priority :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. hi nava, you are making me smile, who would ever thought of makingdried prawn paste sandwich,,looks very delicious and original :))

  4. I love this sandwich paste, looks perfect Nava, I need to find these kind of sandwiches.

  5. That toasted wheat bread looks utterly delicious, replace the filling with non seafod (for allergic people) or just eating the bread will taste just as good I'll bet, as the sides look good too


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