Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Safaa (Taipan, Subang Jaya): Middle Eastern Cuisine

It's fascinating how much attention people give to food. Some folks are really particular about what they eat, unlike Ms. Nava, who's pretty laid-back about it. She might not fancy herself a food expert, but her choices speak for themselves. While some claim to be culinary adventurers, they still stick to their preferences most of the time. Sure, some people have dietary restrictions due to health reasons, but for others, it's simply a matter of being picky. They stick to what they know and love, avoiding adventurous new dishes. They frequent the same restaurants, order the same meals, yet still consider themselves food enthusiasts. Could Indians be included in this group? Let me know if I'm mistaken.

That's why, whenever I have collaborations at Nava’s Zen, and include a meal as a small gesture, I always check in with everyone about their food preferences. When I decided to order from Safaa, a Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant located in Taipan, Subang Jaya, I made sure to confirm with everyone beforehand. With one vegetarian in the mix that day, I wanted to ensure everyone was accommodated. Ordering through Grab, my trusted platform, I selected Safaa randomly but also took a moment to review their ratings for added assurance.


The dishes were ordered a day in advance for a 12:30 PM arrival, and they showed up 5 minutes early.


Here's what I got:

Lamb Shank Briyani 
A generous portion of fragrant, vibrant rice atop a large, tender lamb shank. The meat fell off the bone effortlessly, without any unpleasant gaminess. It could easily feed three small appetites. Served with a simple sambal on the side (though the picture went missing), it was a hit with us. I even shared some with my husband (who happens to live next door to Nava’s Zen), and he loved it too. Definitely worth raving about.

Vegetarian Fried Rice 
This dish didn't disappoint either. The basmati rice was cooked just right, with a satisfying al dente texture. It was fried up with an assortment of veggies, though I should note that if you're into bold, punchy flavors, this might not be your thing.

Hummus with Bread 
A delightful blend of chickpeas and tahini, topped with a drizzle of olive oil. I couldn't resist and ended up polishing off the entire serving, using the bread as the perfect pairing.

Fatoosh Salad 
The salad came with two different dressings packed separately, ready to pour over and dig into. While there were no complaints, it's worth noting that salads like this are best enjoyed fresh, and the delivery experience might affect the freshness a bit.

Cream Caramel 
We thoroughly enjoyed this dessert, although there's something to be said about the online delivery experience. The caramel sauce seemed to have melded into the custard, losing some of its distinctiveness compared to the jiggly, caramel-drenched treat you'd get in a restaurant. Still, it hit the spot and didn't disappoint.

Safaa really exceeded my expectations. I was anticipating a tasty meal, but I didn't expect it to be as delicious as it turned out to be. It's got me thinking I might have to pay their restaurant a visit if I'm ever in the neighborhood.


For those of you in the online food service business, Safaa sets a great example. They delivered on time, maintained the deliciousness of their food, and made the whole ordering process super convenient. If your service isn't garnering similar rave reviews, perhaps it's time to reassess and analyze your online food delivery approach.

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