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Perth, Australia: Cruises, Parks, and Culinary Experiences

Perth (PERTH PART 1).  My journey wasn't over yet. Eager for more, I decided to explore some sights. I checked online and picked a few spots at random - no set plan, just ready for whatever came my way. Besides sightseeing, I was keen to try the food. Ah, the foodie in me couldn't wait! Let's get started.

Cruising Adventures in Mandurah

By mid-morning, I found myself in Mandurah, just an hour's drive from Perth. Getting there wasn't without its little bumps, but hey, I made it in one piece. Opting for the Dolphin Lunch Cruise turned out to be a fantastic idea. I've always had a thing for being near water, and this cruise didn't disappoint. The views were mesmerizing, and the Fish and Chips they served up were just perfect - crispy on the outside, tender inside. Dining against such a picturesque backdrop really took the whole experience up a notch.

I couldn't help but feel excited as I waited for the dolphins to show up. At first, I wasn't sure if they'd make an appearance, but my patience paid off. These majestic creatures soon graced us with their playful presence, enchanting us with their graceful movements. As we sailed through Mandurah, I couldn't help but be amazed by the elegant waterfront houses. The trip back to the pier was just as delightful, with scenic views along the way making the whole experience equally memorable.


Exploring Nature's Haven at Kings Park 

After my trip from Mandurah, I found myself in Kings Park, a natural gem for nature lovers. It wasn't dull at all; the park's vast green spaces, tall trees, and lively grasslands kept me captivated. Besides its natural beauty, the park has a long history, felt in its peaceful vibe and pretty spots. While there, I even stumbled upon a wedding, adding to the park's romantic charm. Seeing people scattered around, some enjoying the peace while others snapping pictures, showed just how much everyone loves this place.


Did you know that from Kings Park, you can see stunning views of Swan Lake and get a panoramic look at Perth city from high spots? It shows how beautiful the park is and why it's a must-visit for anyone who loves nature. Kings Park is a true testament to Perth's natural beauty, inviting visitors to enjoy its timeless charm and make special memories in its green surroundings. As evening approached and feeling a bit tired, I decided to head back to the hotel. After ordering some food and taking a nice shower, I called it a night.

Culinary Adventures in Perth 

Besides trying out Aussie food, which offers a taste of the West, I really dug into the pastries from local bakeries and the hotel buffet breakfast. It was a nice change from my usual Malaysian breakfast routine.


But let me tell you, Perth's got a whole lot more than just Aussie grub. The Asian food scene here is buzzing! I hit up spots in Murray Street and Northbridge where I got to taste everything from Japanese tempura to steamboat and North Indian dishes. Sure, these meals might cost a bit more when you convert them to Malaysian currency, but as a food lover, I couldn't resist trying them firsthand rather than just hearing about them from others.


San Churro (Northbridge)

One standout spot I checked out was San Churro in Northbridge, bustling with customers on a Saturday night. Despite the limited seating, I snagged a spot outside to try their milkshake and churros with white chocolate and dark chocolate dips. While the treats were tasty, I found them too sweet and ended up needing lots of water afterward. Still, the crispy, fluffy churros were a hit, even without the sugary dips.

Govinda's (Northbridge) 

Govinda's in Northbridge was a pleasant surprise. When my Malaysian friend, who now lives in Perth, suggested it, I was hesitant at first. But I'm always up for trying new things, so I gave it a go, and it was fantastic. Arriving just past 12pm, we caught the dishes making their way from the kitchen to the food counter. The vegetarian meal was absolutely delicious, with a variety of flavorful dishes. The dessert, whose name I can't recall, was a delightful addition to the meal. The atmosphere at this Hare Rama Restaurant, where you pay for a good cause, was truly inviting. The food was simply marvelous, absolutely fabulous, and superb.

I definitely wasn't done yet. Despite my days being jam-packed with activities, not to mention the time spent figuring out how to get around and flagging down cabs, I was starting to feel a bit worn out. Sure, I could have just stayed in my hotel and rested, but hey, I don't get the chance to be in Perth every day. Who knows if I'll ever come back? So I thought, why not seize the moment? The next day, being Sunday and knowing it's usually bustling everywhere, I still decided to head out to Fremantle. Stay tuned for the next update.


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