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Ikan Balado

Guys, where is our recipe heading to today? Brace yourself because on our menu today is this Indonesian style spicy fish. Indonesian style fish? Oh-my-goodness. When we speak about Indonesian savory dishes on the whole, what comes to our mind? Of course chillies and sambal, wouldn't you agree? And I, as you know, have already been crowned as the sambal queen (Sambal Udang Petai) Whether its our Malaysian sambal or sambal from elsewhere, basically, its about spiciness of chillies and pretty much, how different can an Indonesian style sambal be? Don't you think it must trend really close or can be said as a close cousin of our Malaysian sambal or (Assam Curry Fish & Ikan Assam Pedas)? Almost the same ingredients, maybe a tiny bit of changes here and there, but overall, if you are asking me, major similarities are there.

Spiciness of course is a must as well from our neighboring countries (Singapore LaksaMoroccan Chicken Stew & Shahi Mutton Curry) and spiciness by far can be the outcome from spices and other ingredients as well (Malabar Fish CurryVietnamese Steamed FishUnagi KabayakiThai Crispy Fish, Teochew Steamed Fish, Bengali Fish Curry, Hong Kong Steamed FishIndian-Spiced Salmon). How do we make this Indonesian Ikan Balado. The choice to the type of fish is solely yours of course and fish will be fried after lathering with cornflour, rice flour, corn flour and salt. Thereafter making the spicy, tangy and mildly sweet sambal balado and tipping it atop fish (Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf, Chilli Soy Fish, Chilli Lime Fish, Spicy Grilled Fish & Crispy Chilli Fish).

For fish
1 medium size (about 400g) black pompret - de-gut and make incisions on both sides
1/2 tbsp corn flour
1/2 tbsp rice flour
Salt for taste
Oil as needed
For the sauce
5 garlic - chopped
5 shallots - chopped
2 tomatoes - chopped 
1 tbsp blended/grounded dried chilli paste
2-3 red/birds eye chillies - sliced (optional)
1 tsp belacan powder/roasted and pounded belacan/shrimp paste
Lime juice - as needed 
2-3 sprigs coriander leaves - sliced
Salt for taste

Rub/lather fish with rice flour, corn flour and salt. 
Deep fry, remove and place on a serving plate.
In the same pan, leave about 2 tbsp of oil.
Saute shallots and garlic.
Add tomatoes, chilli paste and belacan powder. 
Cook till oil splits. 
Pour 3 to 4 tbsp of water.
Season with salt and lime juice.
Off the heat and stir in birds eye chillies and coriander leaves.
Tip sambal balado over fish.  


  1. Wow that pomfret curry looks wonderful....i love pomfret and this recipe is so easy. I will give it a shot. I love the ingredients that u r using it for making it crispy.... Nice shot :-)

  2. This curry looks delicious. I love pomfrets any color.

  3. Veg plz... I would love if you do the beauty blogger tag.. :)
    Keep in touch,

  4. oh mine love that pomfret with that curry on top...a glass of wine and a plate of this will do for me for a relaxed sat night

  5. Wow Pomfret is one of my favorite.. would love to eat it in any form.

  6. love pomfrets...the gravy on top looks real yummy

  7. The fish looks very delicious. I love the sauce you have poured on top of the fish. I must try making this recipe.
    I dont eat fish if it smells like fish:) Funny right. I love pompfret & I mostly shallow fry them with my mangalore style masala. I find Pompfret quite cheap in singapore & get these for less then $10 dollars. Infact I find fish cheaper here in singapore then India. Luckly I have this market very close to where i stay & quite cheap compared to other markets.

  8. This is one of the favorite way my Parents would prepare this dish. I don't like deep drying in my house so I always go back to my parents when they prepare this dish. :) But usually they add a sweet and sour sauce with chopped pickle vegetables. So good. I love spicy food so I can't wait to try this spicy sauce version.

  9. This looks real delish!!! Pompret fish is one of my favourite home cook dish!

  10. omg.. this looks amazing... never tried a pomfret, with this kind of a tomato and chilli... my mouth is watering here... bookmarked to try in the coming weekend...

  11. Wow! Another Pompret dish. Just love it! The sauce looks so vibrant and has lovely flavours to it. It is a feast for the eyes and the palate!

  12. Such a simple and amazing looking dish. We love to est fish on weekends and shall surely try this version.

  13. umm..delicious! looking so perfect!

  14. The first thing I noticed is the brightly colored sauce over the steamed pomfret. Beautifully cooked - the spices, herbs especially the sliced garlic adds volume to the exotic and flavorsome sauce.
    Love the idea of steam cooking fish/pomfret and pouring in the sauce, I think it is a typical Malaysian way!
    Very nice clicks and the presentation speaks for itself! I think vegetarians can easily use the same sauce over fried tofu/paneer!

  15. Its the smell of the fish that sometimes holds me from trying the recipes even if I try rubbing turmeric or dipping in milk or any other tip. Or its just my nose that I am too picky about the smell. This dish is something that's pleasing my eyes and I am looking forward to make. I am sure the tomato paste, chillies and the frying part all cover up the fishy smell.

  16. With that tomato chilli on top, this fish looks incredibly delicious :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  17. Looks delicious..:-) The sauce over is drool worthy Nava

  18. I'am a big fan of all your "fish recipe" such a mouthwatering dish,,,,I need a bowl of rice blend with that sauce :)

  19. Nava, thanks for visiting my blog, i pay a visit to your blog also. hi... nice blog. love your dish. yummy... will follow your blog.

  20. One of my fave fishes! Normally have it steamed or fried. This preparation was only when gram was alive. Should do it soon...and end up with extra rice in my tummy!

  21. Beautiful dish! I'll surely tend to over-eat with a curry like this!

  22. thats an awesome pomfret dish !

  23. Hi Nava,I love black pomfret. Yours look so appetizing and delicious. I need extra rice for this fish dish. :))

    Best Regards.

  24. Haa.. Fried fish with the suce looks amazing !! I too dont like cooking slightly old fish as no matter how great u make the gravy, it will still have a lesser grade feel !

  25. Colorful curry, so delicious.. and gorgeous presentation as always!

  26. The presentation looks divine and the combination of ingredients perfect for the palatte

  27. My men's favourite... I got some today t...will marinate with spices and batter fry


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