Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tempe Orek (Indonesian Spicy Fermented Soy Beans)

Indonesian Food (Ikan Cabe Ijo). Indonesian Cuisine (Terong Balado Pedas Manis). Indonesian Cooking (Sayur Lodeh). Yes I am. I am the star. The number one, glittering, shining star. The star as an avid, number one fan of Indonesian food or Indonesian cuisine. I am also the glossy, twinkling and lighted up star as well to Indonesian cooking (Sambal Goreng Teri). Of course. I know. Self praise is a disgrace. Then again? Who cares? I don't because if you don't praise yourself, like what? You are waiting for others to praise you? Oh please. Cut the crab. Anyway, I am without a doubt, the cooking star in my kitchen. In my own ways as the Indonesian chef in my house. But not like kinda, I have cooked a whole, long stretch of Indonesian dishes. The essentials though. The most probably, famed ones though (Ikan Balado) and my trip to Indonesia a couple of years ago? Oh-My-My-Love (Surakarta/Solo). The daily food love affair to Indonesian food happiness, which included the various types of tempe dishes (Yogyakarta Indonesia). 

Tempe, or tempeh, also known as fermented soy beans? The open love affair of my life of course. In fact, tempe can be day in, day out. Tempe. The popularity amongst our Malaysian Malays and other Malaysians like me, and tempe is a nourishing good source of vegetarian protein. In fact, tempeh by itself, mixed/tossed with some turmeric powder and salt, and fried to crispiness? Wowwww! Try! You must! You can! You should! Crispy fried tempe. As your accomplishment or condiment or side dish for your rice meal or as your finger food or snack, eaten by dipping into chilli sauce, or the famed Indonesian spicy dip (Sambal Terasi). Powwww! Yesss! Trust me. Crispy fried tempe is the moment of truth to tempe delightfulness. Alright. To the recipe. The tempe recipe of the day. The Indonesian style of cooking tempe. Pretty much. Obviously, by this “The Crazy Lover’ in her “My Fifty Six Life”. Right on.

1 packet tempe/fermented soybean – cut into squares. Size as per your liking 
Red chilies (per taste) - slice 
Green chilies (per taste) – slice 
Birds eye chilies (optional or per taste) - slice 
6 garlic – slice 
5 shallots – slice 
½  inch galangal – smash/bruise 
2 bay leaves 
Sweet thick soy sauce – as needed 
Salt per taste 
Oil – as needed 

Fry tempe in heated oil. 
Dish out and set aside. 
Reduce the amount of oil. 
Saute chilies, garlic, shallots, galangal and bay leaves. 
Pour soy sauce. 
Add tempe.  
Add salt if needed. 
Stir fry and dish out.


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