Monday, May 27, 2024

Overcoming Weight Loss Roadblocks

Admitting we're overweight is tough, right? It's a struggle to face the truth. But once we do, we can start figuring out why. Here's the raw truth - honesty hurts, and it's not popular these days. People don't like hearing the truth about their shape and size (RECOGNISING OVERWEIGHT). 

But we need to dig deep and uncover the real reasons behind our weight.


In the yoga business, I've seen and hear it all. Laziness is a huge reason why we're overweight. It's pure laziness. We come up with all sorts of excuses:

"I can't wake up early for weekend yoga."

"I don't have time."

"I'm not into yoga or fitness."

"I'm contented being overweight."

These are just excuses. Working on our bodies takes effort, determination, and discipline. Laziness holds us back from putting in the work. It’s time to get real and face the facts.

Eating Healthy Contradiction

We're all about watching videos on healthy eating, sharing Ayurveda tips, and forwarding advice on what to eat or avoid. It's like we're saying, "It's okay to be overweight, but eating healthy is even better." We even fall for weight loss tips like drinking this or that. But if all these methods truly worked, why are so many people still ending up in hospitals and medical centers?


Let's be real here. If you're not stretching your muscles with yoga, which promotes blood circulation and heart health, you can eat anything and still claim to be healthy. Yet, deep down, you know you're overweight. So, are we really prioritizing our health, or are we just fooling ourselves with surface-level solutions?



The world is hooked on supplements. Whatever you need, there's a supplement for it. Slimming supplements? There are countless options. Taking a pill seems easier than working out, right? Even though there have been mishaps with slimming products, the demand is still high. People are willing to spend big bucks on these, sometimes paying three or four times more than they would for yoga.

If not supplements, there's always medicine. Doctors prescribe medications, and life goes on. But did you know the medical business is booming because people struggle with health issues related to being overweight? People shell out a fortune at the doctor's office and are okay with it. We have health insurance to cover our visits, so we keep going back.

But here's the kicker: medicines are remedies, not cures. Yet, when it comes to yoga, which is also a remedy and not a cure, we're not as convinced. I'm not saying yoga is better than seeing a doctor, but why not consider yoga? It's an excellent body therapy.



Socializing - attending birthdays, weddings, and other events - is a top priority. We always find time for it. But when it comes to yoga, laziness kicks in. Let's face it, the people we socialize with won't take care of us when we're sick, nor will they pay our bills.


Social Circles and Weight

Ever noticed how we tend to surround ourselves with people who share our weight struggles? It's like being in a comfort zone where most are overweight like us. We might even compare ourselves, thinking, "Well, at least I'm not as obese as them." But what if we mixed with those who prioritize fitness? How would that change our perspective?


Career Commitment

We're so committed to our careers. For some, it's about climbing the corporate ladder; for others, it's about making a living. But career commitments often become an excuse to skip yoga. We claim we're too busy, yet we find time to meet friends, stay glued to social media, and share every detail of our lives.


Maybe it's true that your career leaves little room for yoga. But if you accept that, you're also accepting being overweight. It’s time to rethink our priorities.

Funny how we use stress as an excuse to avoid yoga, not realizing that yoga is a natural remedy for destressing. Everyone is stressed these days, even kids. We somehow think yoga will stress us out even more, or we choose to struggle with stress instead of practicing yoga. Some of us might even prefer to stay stressed because it gives us a reason to seek sympathy and validation from others.



Maybe our spouse or partner loves us just the way we are, even if we're overweight. We might use this as an excuse to stay overweight, despite them suggesting yoga for weight loss. We ignore them, thinking they should accept us as we are.



Our priorities often revolve around our children and husband - being there for them, cooking, cleaning, and doing housework. We might feel it's okay to be overweight because our family comes first. We may even believe that being overweight shows we have better priorities compared to women who take time for yoga to lose weight.


Don’t Want to Pay for Yoga

Paying for yoga feels like a waste of money to us. Instead, we'd rather struggle to maintain an impressive lifestyle to boost our status and impress others. But when it comes to yoga, we question why we should pay. It seems easier to stay overweight because, as I mentioned before, being overweight is acceptable in today's society, but without status, no one will be impressed.

Our ego gets in the way of practicing yoga to lose weight. In yoga, we can't show off, and it makes us feel small when we can't perform certain poses due to lack of flexibility. But it's not just about physical limitations - it's also about pride.

Do you have other reasons why you're overweight? Please share, as I may not be aware or may have overlooked them. I genuinely want to hear from you. Drop your comments below. 

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