Sunday, December 3, 2023

Radiant Resilience: Ms. Nava's Journey Through Personal Branding Triumphs

Let's talk about branding today, focusing on personal branding and business branding. When it comes to business branding, it's about the identity associated with your products or services. This branding is often linked to the founder's philosophy, values, or beliefs. However, a business brand can exist independently of the founder, representing the brand itself, and that's perfectly acceptable. As I ventured into the business world with the establishment of Nava's Zen, I discovered the significance of personal branding, intricately connected to my business identity. Despite neglecting personal branding over the years, my role as a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Small Business at Curtin University Twinning Program (via back then known as Metropolitan College) compelled me to share knowledge on business branding with my students.

Even during this period, as I created my online space, originally known as "nava-k" and now transformed into Nava's Zen, my personal branding started to take shape. Recognized as the food blogger passionate about cooking, I fortified my culinary skills and gained knowledge in the art and science of cooking. 

Today, my blog, Nava's Zen, proudly bears my name as an integral part of my personal branding. Diving into personal branding, I am continuously shaping a distinct identity, introducing people to Ms. Nava—the woman who transitioned into a woman entrepreneur. Personal branding is a crucial aspect that I am actively developing, associating my personal brand with a powerful message (Life Coaching For Personal & Business Branding).


Starting my fitness venture, Nava's Zen, at the age of 58, my personal brand conveys the message that age is never a barrier to pursuing one's dreams. Embracing Yoga Fitness, championing Sustainable Development, and drawing from my experience as an avid gardener, I've seamlessly integrated these elements into the nature-inspired fitness concept of Nava's Zen. My personal branding niche is defined as an older woman presenting herself with vitality, courtesy of the transformative power of yoga. This philosophy aligns with Nava's Zen, where wholesome practices, including sharing plant-based recipes and exploring the synergy of food with holistic wellness, take center stage.

To promote this personal branding, I leverage short videos highlighting yoga fitness (Yoga Dance), ensuring every description resonates with the essence of yoga. It's heartening to see an audience among the older generation, connecting with the message that age is not a hindrance to achieving health and fitness through yoga. The transition from a food blogger to a promoter of yoga and sustainable development is indeed a challenging journey (Startup Lesson: The Unvarnished Truth), yet I embrace it wholeheartedly.

Stay tuned for the next installment where I will delve into business branding, drawing parallels between business and personal branding and sharing insightful perspectives. Make sure you follow through on this exciting journey.

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