Saturday, December 23, 2023

Summerset Cafe: Love-Bonding with the Influence of Digital Marketing

Occasionally, if not every weekend, "Nava's Cooking" is set aside for our love-marriage food bonding escapades (K2 Kopitiam, Teluk Panglima Garang). In this culinary journey, I proudly wear the badge of the passionate foodie, leading to explore eateries through the dynamic realm of social media platforms, where the power of digital marketing unfolds its possibilities. Otherwise, my other half-half tends to steer us towards Indian cuisine (The Grand Mapillai, Sec 23, Shah Alam), relying on recommendations from his "Teh-Tarik Gang." Interestingly, my other half-half, not very immersed in social media, leans towards the simplicity of a WhatsApp family group. I see this preference as a generational choice for sharing information from social media and digital newsprints, fostering a belief of being a step ahead or part of an exclusive class in news sharing - even if, at times, the news happens to be outdated or fake.

About three weeks ago, our Sunday culinary adventure brought us to the Summerset Cafe (50-G, Jalan Eco Sanctuary 8/1B, Persiaran Eco Sanctuary, 42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor), nestled just 15-20 minutes from Nava’s Zen in Kemuning Greenville, Kota Kemuning.


Now, let's delve into the culinary highlights (speciality for the day, not the water though😀)

Coconut Pumpkin Soup (RM16.00)

The Hulk Lamb Shank (RM65.00)

Hot Filtered Water (RM2.00 each, 2x).


Picture this: The ambiance at Summerset Cafe is a fusion of simplicity and exclusivity, setting the stage for an appreciated dining experience. Starting with the Coconut Pumpkin Soup, the crispy, roasted coconut bits infused a delightful roasted taste - mildly bitter- into the elevated pumpkin soup, scattered with cheese bits. Served alongside an herb-infused, buttery toast, it was a symphony of flavors that left us saying, "Wow!"

Now, onto The Hulk Lamb Shank - a puffy, crispy pastry embracing an assortment of veggies, cocooning the tender lamb that gracefully parted from the bone. Paired with a brown sauce, a dash of spiciness, perhaps from pickled green chilies, could have taken it to new heights. Circles of yellow sauce around the plate and crushed black pepper at both corners added a visual flair, leaving room for a bit more sauce to awaken the palate.

A special shoutout to Ms. Jenny, the lady boss, whose impeccable customer service included not just menu explanations but engaging conversations about our business experiences. She embodies the frontline of public relations for a business.

In conclusion, our culinary rendezvous at Summerset Cafe was nothing short of a worthy food-hunting expedition, deepening our love-marriage bond. And, of course, let's raise a toast to the undeniable power of digital marketing in guiding our culinary adventures.

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