Saturday, December 9, 2023

Start-Up Solutions: Blogosphere as Your Website Alternative

Does an organization, regardless of its size and industry tenure, require a website? It's a compelling question, and from my perspective, there's no ambiguity - it's a necessity. Websites have become integral to businesses, serving various purposes, especially in showcasing products and services. One crucial function is establishing an online presence in the virtual and digital realms. Through a website, customers and clients can learn about your organization, its founders or team, philosophies, mission, and objective - essentially, the reasons for your existence in the business world and within a specific industry (Personal & Business Branding At Nava's Zen).

In simpler terms, a website is akin to a notebook or diary, where you jot down what your business does and offers. I could elaborate on numerous other reasons why a business should invest in a website, but for startups with tight budgets like Nava's Zen, there's an alternative - the blogosphere. Personally, I started my blog, nava-k, around 11 years ago as a personal space and hobby, sharing recipes and travel stories. Last year, I transformed it into Nava's Zen to align with my business, revamping the design, clearing irrelevant content, and positioning it as a business blog.

Now, my blog serves as a platform for business identity, encompassing relevant information about my endeavors. While many bloggers have shifted to social media platforms, branding themselves as social media influencers, my blog remains my business identity. For founders without a website, a blog is a viable option. You can start a blog for free, and if you desire a specific domain name, you can purchase one. In my case, I pay less than RM50.00 per year for my domain (domain name is still status quo, though blog name has been changed to Nava's Zen). Currently, I am content with my blog as my business website, given its easy maneuverability and the absence of the need for external management.

I find satisfaction in my blog serving as part of my corporate identity, making our presence known in the virtual and digital spheres, and contributing to our digital marketing efforts. As a business owner, it's worth considering a blog as a temporary or even a permanent solution, providing a cost-effective and manageable avenue to showcase your business.


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