Friday, November 17, 2023

Life Coaching for Personal and Business Branding Excellence

Reflecting on our earlier discussion (The Essence Of Coaching) about the rush to adopt the coach title, it's apparent that more individuals are associating themselves with coaching without credible credentials - a disconcerting trend. From fitness instructors adopting the term wellness coaches, to individuals in direct selling labeling themselves as wellness coaches, and even those qualified as mental health responders embracing the title of mental health coaches, the situation is disheartening. This misuse extends to various fields, including consultancy, event management, and marketing, where individuals assume the coach title without authentic coaching credentials.

For clarification, as a "Certified Professional Coach" (MIM), I want to emphasize a crucial point: being a coach doesn't necessitate expertise in the coachee's subject matter. Unfortunately, many individuals without recognized coaching credentials engage in mentoring, counseling, advice-giving, and other activities wrongly labeled as coaching. This not only misrepresents the essence of coaching but also undermines the credibility of certified coaches like myself.

Now, let's explore life coaching. A life coach is someone who can guide you in any aspect without bias or prejudice. Coaches possess the skills and knowledge to assist with business and personal branding through effective coaching techniques, including questioning, probing and validating. Observing body language and maintaining silence during sessions are crucial aspects of coaching, ensuring the coachee's authentic self-reflection.

Before seeking guidance, it's essential to clarify your needs. Do you require mentoring, counseling, consulting, or ideas for personal and business branding? For those seeking a deeper understanding of their goals, certified professional coaches like Ms. Nava can provide valuable insights. I urge you to consider your decision carefully, as impulsive choices may lead to wasted resources. Let's foster a true understanding of coaching and appreciate the expertise of certified professionals in the field.


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