Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Never Waste Ingredients: Mathanga Thoran/Kerala Style Pumpkin Stir Fry

In my kitchen, I follow a golden rule - never waste ingredients. Every component in my pantry, fridge, and garden has a purpose, and I believe in making the most of every resource. This philosophy leads to creative culinary adventures, like the Mathanga Thoran, a Kerala (Kerala Pepper Chicken CurryStyle Pumpkin Stir Fry. The pumpkin used in this dish is what remained after preparing a delightful Pumpkin Fish Curry. Along with some curry leaves and green chilies from our urban garden at Nava's Zen.

The rest of the ingredients were sourced from my pantry and fridge. Without further ado, let's explore this sustainable and flavorful recipe.


1/2 medium-sized pumpkin (seeds removed, skin intact, cut into small pieces)

3 tbsp grated coconut

A handful of curry leaves

1 tbsp cumin seeds

3 shallots (sliced)

2 green chilies (slit into two and sliced)

2 tbsp oil

Salt to taste

A little water



Heat oil in a pan, then add all the ingredients except for salt and water. Stir to combine the ingredients.

Pour in some water and add salt. Stir and let the pumpkin soften.

Once the pumpkin is tender, remove it from the heat and serve.

This recipe embodies the essence of utilizing ingredients efficiently and minimizing food waste. Enjoy your sustainable and delicious meal!


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