Sunday, December 17, 2023

The WhatsApp Dilemma: Unmasking the Modern Social Disease

I mentioned WhatsApp in my previous article "Startup Lessons: The Unvarnished Truth." In this article, I'll be completely candid. WhatsApp has become a modern-day ailment, much like a contagious disease, and perhaps even worse. People now dedicate a significant chunk of their time to WhatsApp for various reasons. Let's dissect them.................

The Competition: It's quite peculiar. Whenever I post a picture of myself on my WhatsApp status, someone is quick to send me a photo in an attempt to prove that they look fantastic for their age. Did I inquire? Similarly, if I share a travel photo, they promptly forward me their travel pictures, complete with detailed travel plans. Did I request their input? The conclusion is either they're in competition with you or fervently desire to keep you informed about their life.

Good Morning Greetings: At one point, since my WhatsApp is used for business and my number is accessible, I received nearly 30 "good morning" messages. Imagine, the first thing in the morning, while attending to business matters, you have to delete 30 cheerful greetings. One might wonder whether these individuals extend the same courtesy to their family members.

Mindless Forwarding: Read something interesting? Forward it. Liked an article? Forward it. Even if the authenticity of the content remains unverified. These folks seem to have taken it upon themselves to educate you, as if you're oblivious to current events, and they serve as your exclusive source of information.

Double Sharing: These are individuals connected to you on social media. Despite you having seen and liked their posts on social media, they feel compelled to forward the same content to your WhatsApp. They also mirror this content on their WhatsApp status, under the assumption that you should pay undivided attention to their shares.


The Motivators: Daily motivational quotes flood your chat from these self-appointed life coaches. They operate under the belief that your life would crumble without their words of inspiration, as though they are your personal motivation gurus.

I could continue enumerating instances of what I've coined the "WhatsApp Disease," but these examples should suffice for now. The fundamental question to consider is: Do you fall into any of these categories I've outlined? If you do, it might be time for some introspection. Are you battling boredom, seeking attention, grappling with loneliness, or do you feel it's your duty to enlighten others?

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