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Vegetarian Fruity Bread Pudding: A Guilt-Free Delight

Let's take a flavorful journey into your kitchen, where bread isn't just a staple - it's a cherished necessity. In my home, it's not just for breakfast; it's the star of our light dinner meals. Picture this: two slices, perfectly complementing the savory curries or veggies we enjoyed for lunch. It's a simple joy, made even easier these days. Thanks to bread makers that churn out loaves effortlessly.

But what about those leftover slices? Ah, fear not! They can be frozen for future use, ensuring that no crumb goes to waste. Simply wrap them snugly in plastic or foil, or pop them into resealable bags to preserve their freshness. It's a small step towards mindful, sustainable living.

Now, before those bread slices bid adieu, why not give them a delicious encore?

Transform them into a variety of mouthwatering dishes like stir-fried bread with dried chilies, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and egg. Or, thaw them and add them to cutlets as a binding agent, or turn them into crispy croutons to elevate your salads to new heights of flavor.


And let's not forget the pi├Ęce de resistance - a delectable vegetarian fruity bread pudding. Effortless and oh-so-satisfying, it's made with simple ingredients like canned peaches and raisins. Raisins are not only naturally sweet but also packed with health benefits. They're rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, aiding digestion, boosting iron levels, and keeping your bones strong. With the natural sweetness of raisins and peaches, it's a guilt-free indulgence that's as good for your taste buds as it is for your health.


And here's a secret: you're in control of the sweetness. Use the syrup from the can to your liking, or skip it altogether for a healthier option.


Shall we dive into the recipe together? Here's what you'll need:


Ingredients (ingredients are estimates - plus or minus)

4 slices of bread

2 cups of milk

2 tablespoons of melted butter

2 tablespoons of raisins

1/2 can of peaches with syrup



Tear the bread into pieces and distribute them into ramekins or a baking container. Scatter raisins over the bread.

Whisk together milk and melted butter, then pour over the bread, ensuring even distribution.
Bake at 170°C for approximately 25 minutes until golden brown.

For a warm treat, top with peaches and syrup immediately after baking. Otherwise, chill first and add the peach topping later.

And there you have it -  a delightful treat made with simple ingredients, born from the heart of your kitchen. Shall we indulge together?

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