Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Cameron Highlands - Pahang (Nava K Travelling Gram) Day 2

Cameron Highlands and sightseeing? Of course. Without a doubt. Pretty much, and me enthusiastically looking forward to Cameron Highlands and yes, coming with it, parcelled and packaged together sightseeing. Sightseeing. Honest to goodness everyone, I so, so love sightseeing. No matter where I travel to (Bentong Pahang, Melaka & Langkawi) and the places I have in fact travelled to so far (Osaka Japan, Surakarta & Betong Thailand). Whether in country Malaysia bound or across the sea traveling. For me personally, travelling is a not a complete platform without sightseeing. Said it all supposedly. By 11.00am next morning, we hopping into the cab. Prior arrangement made the day earlier (Cameron Highlands Part 1), also, we agreeing to pay RM40.00 per hour.

Having said that, we could have if we wanted to, opt for the tour packages offered by the travel agents located in Tanah Rata, but we didn't. Why are you asking me? Well, because we didn't want to join other people and considering that some of the activities in the packages are not what we are apt for. Like mountain tracking or early morning sunrise watching. Henceforth, we customised our own sightseeing and since I have already done much homework on the sightseeing spots in Cameron Highlands, taxi driver basically driving us to these spots located in Brinchang. By the way for your information, the distance between Tanah Rata and Brinchang is not really far. Just within, let's say, 20 minutes.  

Cameron Lavender Garden 
Oh-my-my! What a wonderland. Lavender plants of course taking centre stage, including Hokkaido lavender, plus, other various types of plants and bright sunshiny colorful flowers. Cameron Lavender Garden. All for your eye and mind soothing viewing. Of course, needless to say, picturing? Do I have to say anything more and I must tell you that, Cameron Lavender Garden winning me over like nobody’s business. Beautiful!  And when in Cameron Lavender Garden, you must give a go to the lavender ice-cream. Super smooth creaminess, super scent of lavender and light purplish color of ice cream so deliciously exciting to my palates. I also couldn’t resist picking up lavender oil, lavender pouch, lavender lotion, lavender shower gel, lavender soap and what from the retail outlet. Didn't cost me a bomb mind you. All in all, I paid around RM200.00 and the other you can consider is buying back some plants, sold at the shops.  


Rose Centre 
Roses, roses and lotsa roses. Various colors, various spices, various sizes and these amazingly smelling roses. Rows and rows of roses within this, yes, can be considered, more or less, a large area. Suffice to say, yes absolutely, worth the RM5.00 entrance fee for your moment in time being in this rose paradise. Wow! Seeing so many gorgeous roses at one go and as though, these roses, in return, smiling and greeting you. 

Ee Eng Gu Bee Farm
Bees and honey. Oh sure. Pretty much, obviously, why it's a bee farm. Busy bees and honey making within the outside garden area. Where besides seeing the bees in and around the wooden boxes, you can also admire the nature surrounding as well. To tell you the truth, I didn't dare get close to the boxes. No. No please. Me standing at a safe zone for a distance watching and honestly, sure, an experience no doubt, but I wasn't like over hyped up. In other words, okay, some knowledge thirsting on honey making. Even so, like what else? Regardless, when you are in a bee farm. Whether this one or or the other two? Honey buying. Between the different types, for body ache, well-being, skin nourishment and what not? I bought. I did. Especially when you are assured theses are pure honey and price wise, affordable.  

BOH Sungai Palas Tea Centre
A visit to Cameron, no, not at all is complete I'm telling you, if you don't visit any one of the tea plantations. You should. Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose being in Cameron Highlands? The one we visited. BOH Sungai Palas Tea Centre. First twenty minutes in the tea factory. Guided and listening to the staff, furthermore, seeing how tea is processed. Processed to the different types of tea leaves. Thereafter, to the cafe area where you can of course a cuppa of tea and some snacks and simultaneously admire or just stand at the height for an umbrella view, or helicopter view of this tea valley. The finale in BOH Sungai Palas Tea Centre will be walking downwards via the steps before existing out. 

Butterfly Farm
Located in Kea Farm and once you have paid the entrance fee, walk the walk in this live insect sanctuary and zoological garden. And then? Butterflies of course. Lotsa of them in this rather limited in space farm, but I vouch, its still a fantastic fabulous experience. These butterflies utterly will make you appreciate nature and will, trust me, put a smile on your face. 

Time Tunnel Museum
Time Tunnel Museum. Oh yes, believe me. As though you are going backward in a tunnel to return you to your yesterdays.Your childhood yesteryears, or even back then to your parents and grandparents era once you walk in after paying the entrance fee. Though, in quite a small area, I just wouldn't  leave. I couldn't get enough of seeing all those stuffs or things especially. Of course I made it a point in reading about Cameron Highlands history, but those things? I kept walking round and round, to and fro, back and forth for looking at the things over and over again. As if I was glued to Time Tunnel Museum or it wouldn't let me go. Nice! 


Taman Agro Tourism
Also known as Big Red Strawberry Farm. Obviously, what else in Taman Ago Tourism? Strawberries. All the way on both sides, and if I am not mistaken some other plants as well. Right up to where the cafe is. Cafe overlooking this strawberry farm and whole place swarmed by lotsa of people. Even during this weekday? At the cafe, if you want to, order and pay for the drinks and food stuffs between those listed on the wall menu and thereafter take your sit. I had strawberry yogurt honey and my other half-half, a cuppa of hot tea. Berries are of course for sale too. 

Conclusively, Cameron Highlands and sightseeing. There are also other places for you to explore too, but like I have earlier told you, since nature tracking and mountain climbing are not for us, we narrowed to these sightseeing spots. Aside to sightseeing, what I appreciated the most was Cameron and its weather. The weather primarily until I left Cameron Highlands with a heavy heart and toying with the idea if we should relocate to this part of Malaysia.   

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