Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Casa del Rio Melaka

Been on my mind. Undeniably. Casa del Rio has already been sashed on my in-country-bound travel pail list. Maybe, let's say for the last 5 years or so, most probably because I have read, simultaneously picture awed Casa del Rio in the virtual world. Great reviews, spectacular pictures, utterly, I simply wanted to experience at least, one night will do in Casa del Rio. Nevertheless, due to distance, two hours drive to Melaka, and believe me, money does matter for Casa Del Rio, quite exclusively priced, I ditch it aside. Then again, you never know. Like they say, patience does pay, potentially, Casa del Rio still, stood still in my bold, profound thoughts.   

Eventually, akin your wish is my command, quietly whispered by my magic wand, I had my moment in time to Casa del Rio during this Melaka trip (Melaka Jonker Walk Part 1 & Portuguese Settlement) while we were on the verge of looking out for another overnight stay. I, to be honest, I didn't force push Casa del Rio on the elderly couple, my travel companions. I basically, merely suggested. Of course, repeated over and over again, I made sure they heard me loud and clear. They agreed. They did. So, we popped by in Casa del Rio, and once we hard swallowed their room rates, we had to decide. Should we or should we not? Worth paying that much? Finally, like a travelling friendship bargain, cheaper of course to split the bill into three, we agreed on sharing is caring. We paid for "Deluxe Lago/River Side Room". Why not? I didn't mind. I had no qualms I will be sleeping on the floor extra bed, I also opted out from buffet breakfast. I've never been a buffet person anyway. Not a big deal for me. I've had enough of hotel buffets. In fact, if its allowed, I usually say no to breakfast. 
Everything settled, money, what else, money indeed is the wonder to Casa del Rio Melaka (Philea Resort Melaka & Shangri La Rasa Sayang Penang) and where luxury is your pleasure and mine, within the next an hour, from Jonker Boutique Hotel, we landed in Casa del Rio's basement car park. Bags given a helping hand, while waiting for our keys, we sat at the patio across the pool. At this juncture, never in the slightest moment would we have imagined, we were served mango lime sorbet and hot scented towels. Oh-mama-mia! Can you like imagine right now? Gazing at the surrounding, the pool, as well as colorful showers of bougainvilleas smiling at you, as you demurely spoon into the luscious, tangy, sweet sorbet, before or after wiping your hands with the towel? Fantastica swastika! Unbelievable. We felt, believe me, as though we were the angels flying in heaven.  

Casa del Rio indeed, is an ultimate, splendour, gem of a getaway (Pathumwan Princess Bangkok & Hilton Niseko Village Hokkaido). Affirmed. The moment we walked into our room, of course bags followed, we looked at each other, we grinned, simultaneously, instantly, happiness conquered us. We burst into loud laughter happiness. My travel companions wouldn't stop thanking me. They then told me that spending a night in Casa del Rio must be regarded as a great gift for their wedding anniversary.
Marvelous. "Deluxe Lago/River Side Room" definitely is a marvel (Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang). Rustic, woody ambiance, bathroom as big as a medium size room, fully packed with, you name it, a whole lot of toiletries. Rubber ducky to keep you company in the long bath, I must specifically mention the bath salt and cinnamon soap. Additionally, a separate spacious, enclosed shower area and artistically crafted wooden window which opens up to the bedroom. Stunning. I think, I bet you will agree with me that this bathroom is fit for sleeping. Yes. You can also walk into bathroom from the narrow isle, just after the main door, where there is space for keeping your belongings and a mini pantry awaiting you.   

Two single beds decked up with thick, fluffy, feathery mattress takes center stage in the room, not where I will be sleeping through. On the cupboard shelf across and against the wall, you won't miss seeing the weather forecast note, and Ondeh Ondeh Melaka in a tiny cute covered plastic container, and you can hear light romantic music, streaming from the sound system. Wow! 

The other which literally glittered us was the “Tiga Lima” Buku/Book on the bed side table. I, especially, literally jumped. How can I forget this memory lane book? The provision shop and roti/bread man “accounting" holy book, back then during my growing up era. I had to, I grabbed the book which is now seated among the rest of my ornaments in my showcase.  
That is not all. The glee is all yours at the spacious balcony facing Melaka River. Wondrous view. Really. Potentially, just a suggestion, if you have booked yourself in Casa del Rio, you should forget about everything under the sun. Just sit back, rest and relax in this room for getting your money's worth. I mean, why pay for luxury if you are not going to make full use of it?  We did. We fixed a hot drink, we sat at the balcony, we loved the Melaka River (Malacca Travel By Nava K) water view, at the same time we couldn't take our eyes off the boats, cruising up and down every now and then (Golden Triangle Chiang Rai, Kerala Poovar Backwater CruiseFjord Cruise, Super Star Libra Cruise &  Halong Bay Cruise)

An hour plus doing nothing at the balcony, next, we walked around Casa del Rio, we went up to the roof top where the waterfront swimming pool is, but since we didn't bring along our swimming suits, sadly though, we couldn't dip in. We were also slightly crushed disappointed that we couldn't get an appointment for a spa treatment because spa was back to back packed for the day. By the time we returned to our room, my bed was already laid, balcony oil lamp lighted up and chocolates awaited us on the bed. Amazing! 

Back again to the room after cruising (Ayutthaya Cruise & Venice Cruise) down Melaka river (Melaka Jonker Walk Part 2 & Part 3), my travel companions showered and knocked off by 10pm. I on the other hand soaked in foam bath, bath salt and rubber ducky for an hour plus. I would have, sincerely, I wanted to stay put in long bath for the longest time. Then again, should I have dozed off, I bet it will down on my travel record as a holiday disaster. So, out of long bath, after changing in the bathroom itself, I sat at the balcony while sipping a hot drink till 1.00am. Melaka by this hour had quietened, in fact, pin drop silence, my imagination too started running wild. I was worried, what if all of a sudden, Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat or Hang Kasturi  “Keris” battled in front of me? Scary, isn't it? I know. I quickly bolted, I immediately blanketed on my bed, not until without ensuring that sliding door was really locked. Thank god, Hang Tuah didn’t walk through the door for sleeping beside me. Presumably, he wouldn't have had any problem because my bed was just beside the door. To tell you the truth, as it is sleep troubles me all the time, with Hang Tuah flashing on my mind constantly, I don't think I slept. Maybe, a cat nap. 
All came to an end, our one night in Casa del Rio was over by 11am next morning. With a heavy heart, despite cheekily asking the couple whether we should extend our stay, they in return laughed,  we departed for home. Casa del Rio will forever be one of the best overnight memories. For the ever longest time. 


  1. It seems you had an awesome time in Casa del Rio Melaka :) That's wonderful actually <3

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  2. I found the rooms are very cozy...nice review

  3. This place is so beautiful.. I wud not want to come back if I go there.. Haha.. lovely pics!

  4. Wow.. Casa Del Rio does look so exotic... glad u had such a good time:)

  5. Yes. It felt the same for me too. Very friendly service . Everything was perfect during our stay there. Even the rubber duckie

  6. Gosh, I miss staying in this hotel! Bet you had a great time, dear! xoxo

  7. The hotel looks good, I like their interior and ambiance.


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