Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sekinchan (Selangor) 1 Day Trip - Part 1

Sekinchan. I was told that Sekinchan located in Sabak Bernam, Selangor is a must do. Yes. Must do (Cameron Highlands Pahang). Do or die kinda, I shouldn't miss out on exploring Sekinchan (Alor Setar Revisited). Told by who by the way? Well. Those who have already, obviously explored Sekinchan and Sekinchan, obviously too, for your information, already profoundly known in the virtual world (Frasers Hill Pahang). What else was I told about Sekinchan? I was told that the primarily or central attraction in Sekinchan must be none other than the paddy fields. Paddy fields, especially when they are at their green-green or full blown yellow lush. Also, just before or right before harvesting. Honestly, to tell you the truth, I have been planning for a trip to Sekinchan for almost a year, but been put on hold due to the weather. Weather either unbearably burn-baby-burn hot or rainy season lashing merciless. Finally, somehow, taking into considering that weather can be tolerated, though still the hot season, me tripping to Sekinchan and prior to arriving in Sekinchan, we stopping by in Restoran Suang Le River (Tanjung Karang, Kuala Selangor) for lunch. 

How did lunch go in Restoran Suang Le River? Not bad actually. Seafood galore in this eatery on stilts (Pulau Ketam, Selangor), facing Suang Le River if I am not mistaken.

What did we tuck into? Kangkung Belacan, Soy Chilli Fish, Kam Heong Prawn and Steamed Ginger Lala/Clams. Of course, the drink must be Hot Chinese Tea for such a Chinese meal? 

Food verdict? Okay. Indeed. Without a doubt, a satisfying meal. Fresh catch from the river most probably, big portions more than enough for four of us and price-wise, affordable if you are asking me (around RM140.00).

Having said that, what didn't go down well with us? I'm actually lost for words because seeing the staff throwing the balance of the food into the river. Feeding the fish or what not? The other I must tell you is, please do not pay much attention to the cleanliness. Otherwise. I'm afraid you may not enjoy your meal.

After lunch, to Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay, Sekinchan. Booking done via Whatsapp and online payment. The second choice in fact after Padi Box which was fully booked, but no regrets. Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay. Awesome. Well maintained overall, open air roof top facing the paddy fields across the road, a mini pool you will see once you walk in and pantry right at the back. 

What about our container room? Fab. No complains whatsoever. Cozy to a certain extent and a comfort zone. More importantly, clean, spic and span. No fault almost at all and for RM100.00 per night, it's like the best bargain.

Spending the next 20 minutes for refreshing ourselves up, plus photo taking, thereafter, we drove for approximately 15 minutes to where the shop-lots are and randomly opting for Site B Coffee Shop for tea break. Fruit Rojak which was quite a delight, washed down with hot beverages. 

Up next? Sekinchan sightseeing. First stop. Ah Ma House. Ah Ma House? Resembling a traditional those years provision shop, and said as one of the attractions in Sekinchan. Outrightly, let me be honest. Just a hype and no temptation whatsoever for picking up any of the yesteryears food stuffs. Not at all. Of course, if you can't resist, you should go ahead and when in Sekinchan, why miss out on visiting Ah Ma House. For me personally, albeit I must admit Ah Ma House took me back down memory lane to my younger days (Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan) and it is definitely nice to look at, the food stuffs though, didn't tempt me because these can be bought elsewhere too. 10 minutes most to most, we were out of Ah Ma House. 

To be continued in Part 2. 

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