Thursday, July 25, 2019

Cameron Highlands - Pahang (Nava K Travelling Gram)

Cameron Highlands. Let me recall. My last trip to Cameron Highlands? Oh my goodness me mamma-mia! Back then in my teens. Like, 30 over years ago. Years and years back then. Ages ago for a fact precisely (Perak Travel). To tell you the truth, I can't even remember what I did  or where I went in Cameron Highlands. Duh! Anyway, that was then and after all these years, I returned to Cameron Highlands again. Cameron Highlands, by the way, for your information, is now a travelling show stealer (Pulau Ketam Selangor). Obviously, the travelling momentum in Cameron Highlands has picked up tremendously. I was told by my friends who have already explored Cameron Highlands that, traffic jam during public holidays, school holidays and weekends is crazily massive. Until it can halt your driving throughout this hilly, mountainous, cool and fresh weather district located in Pahang. Aside to traffic, Cameron Highlands clearly had already obtained its badge, furthermore, stamped as the escape route out of our stressful city life. Stress and city life! Tell me about it (Kuantan Pahang).

Our 2 nights 3 days in Cameron Highlands during this weekday off peak season? Driving out of Shah Alam on Tuesday and back home on Thursday. Plus, for our overnight stay, hotel prior booked via Agoda two weeks earlier and while on our way to Cameron Highlands, we detoured to Tanjung Malim and at random, opted for GH Corner Restaurant for our early lunch. We being the first two customers in this comfortable and attractively set up halal eatery and the Mushroom Soup, Lamb Chops, as well as Beriyani Kambing/Lamb, washed down with Cappuccino and Sky Juice? Honest to goodness, not a let down. Indeed, tasty food. Also, kudos to the service.

Hunger put into perspective, subsequently, back to driving, and just as we were passing by Lata Iskandar, I insisted we pullover. Well, Nava K and her love for nature water wonder world? No matter where. Of course. The love for sound of water. The love for nature water therapy. Crystal clear water cascading from up above and flowing at its own whims, fancies and wishes. Wow!
15 minutes most the most, thereafter, we hit the road again. All the way up and down the twinning narrow road to Century Pines Resort, Tanah Rata. Only us at the reception and the needed for checking-in over and done within 10 minutes, prior to us entering our smoking room. Room facing the garden lined with pine trees and room by itself. Just nice in space for two people and I must say a comfort zone. Nothing nor to complain neither to pick on. Clean, spic and span, and wifi speed pretty much acceptable, though, every now and then, wifi had to show its colors.

What did we do next? Pretty much, nothing. Just lazing around, every now and then staring at the outside view and after like, an hour, walking the walk, within the distance of 10 minutes to Tanah Rata town. The town. Just a small town lined with eateries, and shops selling all those common things like clothes, shoes and what not, plus I also noticed some offices and hotels.

First thing first. Tea break in Nasi Kandar Mamu Ismail. Roti Canai and Teh Tarik. How? Basically, the same as elsewhere. Honestly, you don't have to come this far to Tanah Rata for your roti canai fix and outwardly, Restoran looking quite gloomy and, well, unassuming pretty much. 

Up next. Walking back and forth, to and fro, along the row of shops. and later pampering out legs. Foot reflexology in Pusat Reflexology Palace. Our legs being massaged for the next an hour and in between, some friendly chic-chat with the staff, whist being amongst mostly the older group of Westerners who were also at pampering their feet. Rating for food reflexology? What should I say? Pass!

How about dinner for the day? I skipped dinner due to the late tea break I had. My other half-half on the other hand tucked into Tosai in Restoran Seri Brinchang. Tosai? Tosai basically to curb your hunger and according to my other half-half, just okay.

What else for us on this first day in Cameron Highlands? Nothing much actually. Taking a slow walk back to the hotel and just like that. In other words, resting and relaxing in our room. The much needed to ditch our stress. Anyway, there's only so much in Tanah Rata. Having said that, we truly loved the weather (Frasers Hill Pahang). Truly comforting compared to the sweaty weather in the city. Cool and breezy, and there was no need for air-cond at night. Oh, we still needed the fan, and since we had earlier made arrangement with the taxi driver to fetch us for sightseeing (Attractions In Penang) the next day, pretty much? The end of day 1 in Cameron Highlands.

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