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Bentong, Pahang (Nava K's Discovery)

Bentong and not Betong. Betong (Thailand Nava K's Tripping). Yep sure. I admit. Honestly, I never knew Betong existed. Not anymore though. I can now confidently tell you the highs and lows or even spill the whole truth to Betong (Betong Episode 3). Bentong on the other hand? Of course. To a certain extent due to Bentong in Pahang is country known fact and also due to me having headed to Bentong. Lets say maybe like 4 to five times so far. However, nothing much really explored because when you head to Bentong for functions and like return home immediately. Regardless, after this weekday trip of mine towards Bentong discovery alongside my two friends. An unhurried, without putting any deadline pressure to driving for a stress relieving trip. Really, we didn't want to rush and we really yearning for, lets take our time in discovering Bentong. No itinerary whatsoever. Neither did we book our overnight stay. Basically, a going with the flow, free and easy trip and we agreeing that we shall decide on the next course of our travelling action once we arrive in Bentong.

Bentong! No, no. Not a sleepy town. Like how you may have perceived or like how others would have said. No. Definitely a big no. Not as far as I have already ventured. You should by far expect the expected. Traffic and parking limitation if you are at the heart of Bentong. Though not as crazy and miserable as in the city we are living. Still. Number of cars in Bentong obviously have mounted and and parking madness. Seriously, caught us off guard actually. We going round and round in the somewhat traffic, and mind you, there are hell drivers in Bentong too, and the moment we spotted a parking spot. We parked prior to allowing our legs and eyes to lead the way. All the way till until where the coffee shop eateries are. Of course then, next? Us Malaysians wherever we land ourselves. Whether we are hungry or not. Yes. Food. Food glorious food and our first meal taking place in Kopitiam Thong Kee. Packed. Literally by the hour we stepped in. 11.00am. We ordering and tucking into Wanton Mee, Pan Mee, Chicken Rice and washed down by hot beverages.

How? A meal you must not miss out? A must try? Must I blow the trumpets for highly recommending Kopitiam Thong Kee? Not really. A decent meal alright. Yet. Not something you will be deprived in other parts of Malaysia or even within your neighbourhood and not really affordable as you may have perceived. Subsequently, what else in store for us in Bentong? We walking further and further and at the same time checking out the shops. Mostly shops selling food stuffs and we too stopping by at the Indian temple.

While at walking, we going in and out of a couple of hotels. Hotels. All I can say is that, if you are not fussy or you are a budget traveller who can put your head anywhere under the sky at the end of the day, you won't think twice. We? Nope. No. No. Not to our comfort terms. We definitely thought and knew we deserve better and the better due to we can afford as well. Henceforth, we shot off to erya by Suria Hot Spring Bentong which is by the way quite a distance deeper and inside further. Our three to a room booked and to our room on the second floor at the block at the back. God! Given the wrong room card and me returning to the lobby for sorting out this matter before entering our room. Room. Pretty much a comfort zone. Let alone nothing could be faulted except the death of wifi and water heater troubling us, and speaking to staff about water heater was like banging our heads against a hard wall. Eventually, thank god. We fiddling and figuring out the what and how to water heater ourselves.

Resting and relaxing for the next hour, we then had tea. Tea in their one and only dining area and later, gearing for dipping in the hot spring. Ohhhh! So much of excitement. But within a short while, rain started pouring worst than wild dogs and cats. Halted. A permanent halt to dipping for reaping the benefits of the hot water bubbling from under ground. Sadly! Unfortunately! Dipping gone with the rain and we having fried mee for dinner and before calling it a night in Bentong.

We could have, if we wanted to, dip in the hot spring first thing first in the morning. Then again? We didn't. Instead, we started our day with buffet breakfast. Wah! Appreciated.

Not a huge selection, yet, quite satisfying and Erya by Suria Hot Spring Bentong on the whole? You will be happy. A nice place for winding down. Subsequently, by 9.00am, we checking out and driving to Bentong market.

Bentong market. A must do? Neh! Like any wet market within Malaysia. Of course, where you can buy the known as natural, organic and the best ginger in Malaysia. Bentong Ginger.
Grabbing a few pieces and idling our next half an hour within and around the same area, bye to Bentong and here we are coming for you Fraser's Hill. 


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